EvilTwin’s Avatar. Join Date: Oct Location: Orange, CA. Posts: 5, I Ride : Versys. Kawasaki Ninja R Service Manual. ninja r owners manual kawasaki ninja r owners manual chasing ninja r owners manual ninja r owners pdf the kawasaki zx6. DOWNLOAD KAWASAKI NINJA R OWNERS MANUAL. kawasaki ninja r pdf. The Kawasaki Ninja R, also called ER-6f or EÐ¥-6, is a.

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Fuel Hose Replacement CAUTION When removing and installing the fuel hose joint, do not apply strong force to the outlet pipe on the fuel pump and delivery pipe on the throttle body assy. Battery 12 V10 Ah 9.

Special Tools – Hand Tester: Link Pin Outside Diameter 5.

Starter Lockout Switch 5. Main Fuse 30 A 5. Clutch not disengaging Engine oil level too low Shift fork bent or seized Engine oil poor quality or incorrect Gear stuck on the shaft Gauge incorrect Main Fuse 30 A 7.


Kawasaki Ninja R – Owner’s Manual – Pages – PDF

Water-proof Joint E 3. Torque – Grab Rail Mounting Bolts: Inlet air pressure sensor trouble Inspect see chapter 3. Camshaft chain, sprocket, guide worn White smoke: Align the white paint of the reserve tank over flow hose with the mznual bead. Throttle Cable Decelerator 7.

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If there is the continuity in the lead, replace the ABS hy- draulic unit. This manual also for: Clamp Insert clamp into the frame.

Engine Ground Lead 2. Don’t have an account? Apply soap and water solution or rubber lubricant. To facilitate actual operations, notes, illustra- tions, photographs, cautions, and kawaaski descriptions have been included in each chapter wherever necessary. If the display function does not work, replace the meter assembly. Torque – Swingarm Pivot Shaft Nut: Torque – Water Pump Cover Bolts: Present shim is 2. Follow the specified tightening sequence.

Battery 12V 10Ah 4. If the connector is corroded or dirty, clean it carefully.

Kawasaki Ninja R Service Manual – ZX6R Forum

Do not use fluid from a container that has been left unsealed or that has been open for a long time. Clamp hold the rear wheel rotation sensor lead with the brake hose under the rear shock ab- sorber lower end.


If it is blown out, replace the fuse.

If the light does not go on, inspect or replace the following item. Throttle Cable Accelerator 6. Clamp Hold the clutch cable. How To Use This Manual Be alert for problems and non-scheduled ticular interest for more efficient and con- maintenance. Do not use bulb rated for greater wattage then the specified valve. Water-proof Joint E http: Standard Atmospheric Pressure Absolute Pv: Enter text from picture: Avoid sharp bending, kinking, flattening or twisting.

If the indicator light lights, remedy the problem and clear the service code.