View and Download Polaris RZR service manual online. RZR Offroad Vehicle pdf manual download. Also for: ranger rzr, Rzr View and Download Polaris RZR owner’s manual online. RZR Offroad Offroad Vehicle Polaris RANGER RZR Service Manual. (20 pages). Service manual on CD for Polaris RZR XP Turbo () UTV models. Polaris RZR EFI Ranger Service Repair Manual, Razor CD. $

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Failure to follow the safety precautions could result in serious injury or death. Be sure to visit us online at www.

The original polaros for this vehicle are in English.


Other languages are provided as translations of the original instructions. Familiarize yourself with all laws and regulations concerning the operation of this vehicle in your area. The following signal words and symbols appear throughout this manual and on your vehicle. Your safety is involved when these words and sym- bols are used. Failure to heed the warnings and safety precautions contained in this manual can mabual in severe injury or death.

This vehicle handles differently than cars, trucks or other off-road vehicles. Record your vehicle’s identification numbers and key number in the spaces provided. Remove the spare ownners and store it in a safe place. An ignition key can be duplicated only by ordering a POLARIS key blank using your key number and mating it with one of your existing keys. To access this valuable training, visit www.

Helmet Helmet Wearing a helmet can prevent a severe head injury.

Department of Transportation DOT label. Eye Protection Do not depend on eyeglasses or sunglasses for eye protection.

RZR Manuals

The part number is printed on the label. Hands and arms could be crushed or seriously injured in event of rollover. Always perform the pre-ride inspection before each use of your vehicle to make sure it’s in safe operating condition. A passenger must always be seated in a passenger seat with seat belt secured.

Never allow a passenger to ride in the cargo box. A passenger must always be seated in the passenger seat with seat belt secured. Never turn while applying heavy throttle. Never polagis abrupt steering maneuvers. Improper procedure could cause loss of control or rollover.

Avoid crossing the side of any hill unless absolutely necessary. If crossing a hillside is unavoidable, always follow proper procedures as described in this owner’s manual. Always follow proper operating procedures as outlined in this manual. Before shifting into reverse gear, always check for obstacles or people behind the vehicle. Never operate in fast-flowing water or polsris water that exceeds the floor level of the vehicle.


Never start the engine or let it run in an enclosed area. Operate this vehicle only outdoors or in well-ventilated areas. Hot Exhaust Systems Exhaust system components are very hot during and after use of the vehicle. Modifications to your vehicle may negatively impact vehicle stability.

Failure of critical machine components may result from operation with any modifications, especially those that increase speed or power.

This vehicle may become less stable at speeds higher than those for which it is designed. Trailer towing equipment is not supplied with this vehicle. To avoid injury and property damage, always heed the warnings and towing capacities outlined on pages Remove the seats to access the service panel.

Remove the ser- vice panel to access serviceable engine components and clutches. Lift and hold the steering wheel adjustment lever while moving the steering wheel upward or down- ward. Release the lever when the steering wheel is Ezr Lever at the desired position. Grasp the upper hood edge and pull upward to disengage the hood from the vehicle. Use the strap adjusters to tighten any loose straps. Promptly replace worn or damaged cab nets and latches with new cab nets and latches.

Always make sure the seat belts are secured for the operator and all passengers before riding. To wear the seat belt properly, follow this procedure: If the light remains on after starting the engine, the EPS system is inoperative. Use the ignition switch to start the engine. See page 50 for starting procedures. The key can be removed from the switch when it is in owmers OFF position. The engine is off. High Gear To change gears, stop the vehicle, and with the engine idling, move the lever to the desired gear.

Do not attempt to shift gears with engine speed above idle or while the vehicle Gear Manjal is moving.

Owner’s Manuals | Polaris

No device can assure occupant protection in the event of a rollover. When the switch is on 2X4, the vehi- cle is in two-wheel drive at all times. When the switch is on AWD, the vehicle is in all wheel drive and the 4X4 indicator in the instrument cluster will be on. High water pressure may damage components. Wash the vehicle by hand or with a garden hose using mild soap. Certain products, including insect repellents and chemicals, will damage the speedometer lens and other plastic surfaces.

Do not use alcohol to clean the instrument cluster.

If the light remains on, the EPS system is inoperative. Neutral This lamp illuminates when the transmission is in neutral and the ignition key is in the Ownerd position. The information center is set to display standard units of measurement and a hour clock at the factory. Fuel Gauge – The segments of the fuel gauge show the level of fuel in the fuel tank. When the last segment clears, a low fuel warning is activated.


All segments including the fuel icon will flash. To polairs the set-up mode, turn the key off. The clock must be reset any time the battery has been disconnected or dis- charged.

Turn the key to the ON position. Use the MODE button to toggle to the odometer display. Trip Meter Mode The trip meter records the distance traveled by the vehicle if reset before each trip. Polagis reset, select the trip meter mode. Press and hold the MODE button until the meter resets to manuaal.

The diagnostic mode is accessible only when the check engine warning indicator activates after the key has been turned on. Leave the key on if you want to view the active code failure code. Record the three numbers displayed in the gear position, clock and odometer displays.

Press the MODE button to advance to the next error code. Press and hold the MODE button to exit the diagnostics msnual menu. No single action on your part is as important as a proper break-in period. Fill the fuel tank with gasoline. Always exercise extreme caution whenever handling gasoline.

Check the oil level. Add the recommended oil as needed to maintain the oil level in the safe operating range. Engine exhaust fumes are poisonous. Operate this vehicle off-road only. Never operate the vehicle on pavement or on any public street, road or highway, including dirt and gravel roads. Position the vehicle on a level surface outdoors or in a well-venti- lated area. Sit in the driver’s seat and fasten the seat belt.

Secure the cab nets. Place the transmission in PARK. Respect the environment in which you ride your vehicle. Help keep our trails open for recreational vehicle use. As an off-road enthusiast, you represent the sport and can set a good example or a poor example for others to follow.

Polaris RZR 800 Owner’s Manual

Read and understand the owner’s manual and all warning and instruction labels before operating this vehicle. Apply the brakes and shift into low gear. Check your surroundings and determine your path of travel. Keeping owenrs hands on the steering wheel, slowly release the brakes and depress the throttle with your right foot to begin driving. Complete the New Operator Driving Procedures outlined on pages