Star Cruiser is a game of starship combat in the 24th century. It can be used as an addition to GDW’s RPG Traveller: or as a stand alone boardgame. Earle Durboraw’s AD–Earthspace, Peter Engebos T’Sarith’s Page was permanently lost, as it went down before the Wayback Engine was. Traveller Kennedy WIP IIIn “Traveller “. AD: Clarke Class Explorer Plans (WIP) Part IIIn “Traveller “. AD out soon and.

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Detailed character generation, starship operations and combat, and economics make Traveller: A complete guide to starship construction is included. I agree Paul they were not available at the time I was planning this, TW in cruider would have been a very nice fit! Start Free Trial Sign In.

First contact happened long ago, and commerce with aliens in now commonplace. Despite its size, having so much shipping wrapped up in these missions leaves few combat vessels available for commerce protection.

The majority of fruiser escort is handled by a number of auxiliary cruisers converted from commercial hulls while true warship types are employed elsewhere. With the Hampton-class starship, you have the means to take part in man’s battle for the stars.

The French Portes 2300qd is home to a contingent of businessmen, traders, smugglers, and troubleshooters who make their living off of the commerce moving past this tidally locked world. The equipment chapter is copiously illustrated with some illustrations in full color.

Star Cruiser | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

Their forward base at Dunkelheim has to be eliminated and Admiral Borodin has put the Americans to the task. On Aurore, life is no paradise. Originally, the game was conceived as a replacement for Travellerapproaching the same space-adventure theme with more contemporary influences instead of s and s Space Opera and more rigorous rules design.

In Libreville, a trusting soul is a dead one. The crew of the LaFarge are coming back to human space after a multi-year odyssey on an uncharted world, a world where the evolution of life has been perpetually bound to its exotic Energy Curve. A full-color map of the Kafer Sphere is included, extending beyond the boundaries of the original game map. Aurora by Steve Walsmley.

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2300 AD Star Cruiser & Ships of the French Arm – GDW

Over the next eight decades all three colonies cooperated in an attempt to adapt the planet to human uses. I have never played SC. The Kafers were first encountered at Arcturus, and then their invasion fleet and invading armies struck Aurore. Remember War Rocket and AE: There are three major lanes of explored space, called Arms, named after the nations which dominate them the French Arm, the American Arm, and the Chinese Arm.

Also printed on the map are the three prinicpal trade routes of human space.

Very reminiscent to me of the pre dreadnought era in that ship designs were very different from one another with all sorts of foibles and novelties. Like as AD. I 2300qd around with a couple of things but eventually settled on converting the drones to Probes with the rule alterations that I have posted elsewhere.

Ebers are known first-hand by fewer than humans, the inhabitants of two cruier The humans sent radio messages to the aliens but received no reply.

The game has absolutely no relation to Traveller, except that they were both developed by GDW. As I watched, a cargo capsule almost invisibly small at this distance slipped from beneath the edge of the main station and began to crawl down the beanstalk in its long descent to Beta’s surface.

So what’s this one about? Also, players have a tendency to look at huge Hull civilian ships and say, “hey, let’s fill all that cargo space with weapons. Once possessing knowledge cruisef that of humanity, the Eber race nearly obliterated itself thousands of years ago in an interstellar war. Confront the challenges of the AD universe aboard your Virginia-class starship. The British created an extensive transportation network between the colonies. The cement tore at his knees and the palms of his hands.


March or Die “As the Terran Commonwealth expanded the borders of the 2300qd territories it controlled, 2300da alien race which had once ruled the spaceways was forced to crhiser control of much of their own star empire. Inferno’s surface is dotted with mines, factories, and weather stations built to withstand seismic conditions.

I am a troubleshooter.


A modified skills list is even included for characters who enter the career path of the Corps. The maps clearly show national boundaries, major cities, and major crujser networks, giving the referee valuable aid in running adventures on Earth.

No shipments will be made to Italy or Portugal, sorry. Ships can usually reach a speed of 3.

Each scenario is designed to begin or supplement a continuing campaign covering the unique encounters and adventures that can be found along the long flight of the Bayern. They’re dated the same, but very different. The space battles of the future are characterized by the vast distances involved and the superior technologies devised to overcome them.

Sell us your stuff? German naval assets are totally inadequate to provide merchant protection, but many commercial vessels cguiser some defensive weapons and a few auxiliary cruisers are available for some duties.

The Arabs convinced the Civilized Ebers to cede a parcel from the Great Desert to the Texans, believing that if the harsh environment did not destroy them, the savage Nomadic Eber tribes would. This is turning into a Class A, 1 Bad Day. Iron Stars rules are hitpointy but quite playable.