Find out if you are eligible to claim a deduction under section 80DD or not. Check out the conditions you must meet to avail this deduction for ay. Income Tax Deduction Under Section 80DD: Know eligibility criteria, terms Form IA: If the disabled dependant is suffering from autism, cerebral palsy or. Form 10IA is a document that must be submitted for claiming section 80DD deduction for disability like autism, cerebral palsy and multiple.

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Deduction under section 80DD

Knowledge Center Income Tax Guides Guides that help you file your taxes and help understand everything 80dd tax calculations U.

Any amount paid as premium for a specific insurance policy designed for such cases. So, you should take help of tax experts for this job. Any expenditure made towards medical treatment, nursing, training, rehabilitation of a dependent person with disability. This deduction is offered to help you take care of your disabled family member who is dependent on you.

Deduction allowed varies depending on whether the dependent person has disability or severe disability.

In case your disabled dependant is suffering from Autism, Cerebral Palsy or multiple disabilities, you will need to produce form number IA. If the disabled dependent predeceases the person claiming deduction under this section, then an amount equal to the amount of premium paid shall be considered to be the income of the claimer for previous year i.


You also need to furnish a self-declaration certificate stating the expenses incurred by you on your handicapped dependant for his medical treatment including nursingtraining and rehabilitation.

The policy must satisfy the conditions mentioned in the law. The disabled person should not have claimed deduction under section 80U. Visit Our Tax Forum. Deduction Amount Deduction allowed varies depending on whether the dependent person has disability or severe disability.

The fogm person should be dependent on the person claiming deduction. The following kinds of medical authorities can certify a person to be disabled: This is where we come into the picture.

If the individual himself is suffering from a disability, then he can claim tax benefits under section 80U.

Section 80DD: Deduction on Medical Expenses of Disabled Individuals

Just like section 80DD, there are several other tax saving provisions covered under the Income Tax Act, but you might fail to claim the tax benefits in the absence of proper knowledge and procedures. You can visit any of our retail offices to get your taxes filed and avail year-round support in tax related matters. If you have a dependent person in your family who is suffering from a disability, then you can avail tax benefit under section 80DD.

Since self-declaration certificate is enough for claiming most expenses, you do not need to keep actual receipts of those expenses.

Click here to download Form IA in word format. You can claim the full amount of Rs. I have spent Rs. Receipts of Insurance Premium Paid: Related Guides November 2, Saving taxes and gorm income tax return accurately becomes very easy when you have professional help. However, if you want to claim any deduction payment towards any insurance policies taken for a disabled dependant, then you need actual receipts of expenses.


Hence, the individual taking care of the medical expenses of dependent person with severe disability can get tax forj of Rs. Who can certify a person as a disabled person? Hence, the individual taking care of the medical expenses of dependent person with disability can get tax deduction of Rs. Tax Filing Guides Useful and informative US tax content to help you be aware of everything you need to know. The Income tax department is fprm towards the taxpayers who have a disability or have a disabled family member dependent on them.

Who can claim a deduction under section 80DD?

Email Me This Guide. You will require the following documents to claim tax 80cd of section 80DD. Click here to download Form IA in pdf format.

Deduction on medical expenses of disabled dependent. Please check your email for guide in PDF format. Tax Filing in India Get your U.