Many books have been written on seduction in recent years, es- pecially after the release of Neil Strauss’s The Game: Penetrating the. Secret Society of Pickup. In his latest book Minimal Game: The No-Nonsense Guide to Getting Girls, a fast- paced page read, Aaron Sleazy starts off with a refreshing, commonsense. Aaron Sleazy is a blogger and long time manosphere writer. He runs a blog at Men, Women, & Society where he writes about dating, culture.

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And he’s handling arguments very coldheaded and in very collective kind of way. I asked about some specific case of mine and he’s been nothing but helpful. I don’t think I need to write long anymore. That was years ago. I totally agree with this. It can provide inspiration however and a good glimpse into Sleazy’s mind.

You don’t actually need to approach that many women to get laid, as long as you pick ones who are already interested in you, so being completely fearless is not necessary. On to the seduction, overall seems Sleazy is suggesting a much more “organic” kind of way. But you should be able to order it in less than two weeks.

Truly, if you are going to compile a history book on the development of pick-up community, which will be a massive volume, must be done by the Cambridge University, I would say Sleazy is one of the three greatest pick-up masters that ever revolutionize this field.

Minimal Game: The No-Nonsense Guide to Getting Girls by Aaron Sleazy

Posted by Aaron Sleazy at There are some things you just have to know and that will come with time, experience, and knowledge.


Also there’re lots of yame parts in the book that is unanswered. Only a member of this blog may post a comment. I was kinda frustrated to certain extend, then I read some sleazy’s reports.

You can be good looking but yet you suck at seduction. This review is probably well suited to those who just begin. We went sarging together routinely and I didn’t even see his problem approaching anyone.

Obvious when you think about it but something that many neglect nonetheless.

Aaron has rational and realistic advice about a topic where much advice out there is useless or misguided to say waron least. No, nothing is everything but they do mean a lot especially for one night stands.

Couple of years slazy forward, I was invited to his wedding. On here, I always thought of him as the dude that uses the moral high ground he gets by slamming everything that went before, to promote his own book.

Minimal Game: The No-Nonsense Guide to Getting Girls – Aaron Sleazy – Google Books

Also sleazy claimed that he’s all around well balanced person, that include confidence. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. To see what your friends sleeazy of this book, please sign up. I wouldn’t have a problem with Sleazy if he didn’t bash everyone else who teaches pickup or teaches a different style of pickup. Preview — Minimal Game by Aaron Mininal. And yeah because of his reports I switched my style and keep improving my body language. Check out Minimal Game if you’re lost with women: I might add some minor details that just struck on me about “emotional responsiveness”.

Travis marked it as to-read Nov 10, It has been in the making for over two years, but it is done now: Aaron Sleazy November 5, at 6: This aarln has zero fluff in it, and it contains simple, mknimal by step instructions to help you make the most of your situation. Grey zone are girls who will sleep with you without a better option. I’m not gonna lie. And it’s not like both books actually told you that it’s much as important as the “game” itself.


Apr 09, Ahmad Ebaid rated it really liked it Shelves: Fast forward to recent years, she didn’t change a lot! His stories book nothing special either, if you really want to read some incredible good stories aaeon and read any guy from the MASF archives.

Minimal Game by Aaron Sleazy Review

Aaron has a much more realistic and natural approach to picking up women that he explains in his book Minimal Game. His style is very aggressive and no-nonsense nor time wasting. View all 8 comments. He married to a flight attendant and boy she’s really a quality woman.

Marco marked it as to-read Sep 14, I don’t perceive “get in shape” is suggested anywhere in the method. It was kinda hard to find his report from the archives back then but then heard that he’s writing book. Dress well, and you’ll do well.

I hope that era is bygone now and he is much calmer in his attitude towards our community. Perhaps I am East Asian so I find it extremely repugnant, but disrespect the elders is really beyond any zone of tolerance.