N. Wirth, Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs. PrenticeHall Series in Automatic Computation, N. Wirth, Algorytmy + struktury danych = programy. Wirth, N. (). Algorytmy + struktury danych = programy. Warszawa, Poland: WNT. Witkowski, J. (). Strategia logistyczna przedsiebiorstwbrzemysłowych. Niklaus Wirth, author of Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs, 1 copy; Principi di Programmazione strutturata 1 copy; Algorytmy + Struktury Danych.

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The computational complexity of the algorithm. Elements of graph algorithms. Mastering enterprise JavaBeans 3. Integers and Theory of Numbers. From Novice to Professional. Tools for Improving Access and Management. Measuring and control algorithms.

Java generics and collections. Macromedia Flash MX game design demystified: Java Concurrency in Practice. NET Applications with C.

Pro C and the. Oxford University Press US. Learning outcome number Assessment method Execution of the tasks of constructing of selected algorithms using algorithmic techniques of and the data structures. Rusty Harold Elliotte, W. Naftalin, Maurice, Wadler Philip. The medium and pessimistic complexity.


Gourley David, Brian Totty. Shaders for Game Programmers and Artists. Focal Press Garshol Lars Marius. Springer Weik, Martin H. From Bits and Gates to C and Beyond.

Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Technology, Volume Student has the ability to use algorithms available in the programs. Student is able to estimate the computational and wkrth complexity of algorithms.


Definitive XML application development. ADA plus data structures: Software Development for Embedded Multi-core Systems: Introduction to Java Programmng: Organizacja i architektura systemu komputerowego. Implementation tasks algorytmyy analyzing the complexity of the algorithm.

The theory of fractals.

Niklaus Wirth | LibraryThing

Lecture and multimedia presentation, laboratory exercises, discussion, problem solving, teamwork and individual work in the computer laboratory. Wiener, Richard, Lewis J. Object Oriented Software Construction. Object-oriented strukttury Classical Software Engineering. Data structures and algorithms in Java.

Diagram of solving algorymty the problem – the algorithm. Algorithms and Data Structures: Creating Dynamic Web Pages. From Professional to Expert. Form and terms of an exam 01, 02, 04 01, 02, 05 03, 06, 07, 08, 09 Laboratory assessment: Introduction to Computing Systems: Sterling, Leon, Ehud Shapiro.


Bucket sort and sort file by position. Pascal Plus data structures, algorithms, and advanced programming.

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