modeling excellence; I believe that this interest can lead to total culture change for the. Neuro linguistic programmi Immortals of meluha. Pages·· . ‘The IMMORTALS OF MELUHA’, the first book of the Shiva trilogy is a No 1 National Bestseller, having sold over , copies since its launch in March, Buy The Immortals Of Meluha by Amish Tripathi – Paperback at best price in Cairo, Alex. Shop Literature & Fiction | Online Shopping | Free Shipping.

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The Immortals Of Meluha by Amish Tripathi – Paperback | Souq – Egypt

The answer is a clear no. Throw in arrogance, mix some debauchery and bullheadedness with a lot of anger, you get the perfect Indra. The Meluhans, under Ayurvati’s orders, carry on the healing process.

The manuscript for The Immortals of Meluha got rejected by 35 to 40 publication houses. Archived from the original on 6 June The strong culture and historical backdrop it flaunts is a matter of pride. The writing is definitely smooth and the prose very accessible for any reader to be immediately drawn in to the story and world presented.

Rejected by 20 publishers, bestseller Amish Tripathi is scripting history

Who is better suited for the role of Parvateshvar if this book is ever made into movie? I was a finance guy and a staunch believer in digital marketing that has a better reach in the books market. The author has fictionalized and simplified the mythology to such an extent that it can easily immorttals followed by all, thereby increasing its reach extensively. It is one’s guess whether the majority likes it or not but the story has been catching.

Finished the book in one go, in just 3 sittings. The description of the scenes is extensive which tends to be boring after a while.


When Shiva first sees Sati, he is smitten. View all 4 comments. I have read interpretations on various other mythologies such as Greek, roman, christian etc but those were mythologies that I acquainted myself with for the sake of curiosity.

The Immortals of Meluha

I grow up, in the first few years, without the love of a mother and od father. The Chandravanshi princess Anandmayi explains that they too had a similar legend that the Neelkanth will come forward to save their land by launching an assault against the “evil” Suryavanshis.

In the end, Shiva admits defeat, marries Sati and falls in love with her. All in all a commendable effort that needs to be given its immorgals appreciation.

Amish Tripathi at the Bangalore Literature Festival. Shiva’s our definition of a hero, ready to fight for a good cause anytime. Apart from this, very little of his thoughts are dedicated to the fact that the people he is around are considering him a savior To be able to explain the Meluhans and other stuff, Tripathi decided to put very little focus on the development of characters.

There are also titbits here and there that show the true love the two shared. The skirmishes and the battle sequence at the end are well done and thought out. Most of the logic and philosophy in the book is difficult to buy. I liked the discussion on what is evil and the fact that what is considered evil or wrong by some people may not be seen in the same way by others.

It gives the principal characters depth of personality, so that they are just not running from one scene to another. Umair, Siddique 11 September That is the big change happening in publishing—it is taking pride in its own culture than knowing other cultures like in television, where regional language channels have more TRPs. Archived from the original on 29 January This is the story of a man whom legends meluua as God. melluha


They also face devastating terrorist attacks from the east, the land of the Chandravanshis. She goes into the forest near her kingdom, meditates for weeks and eats next to nothing to impress Shiva. However, that is just one way to look at it. I will definitely be reading the next book ‘The Secret of the Nagas’ though Reading about his Life – even imagined one – was a revelation. The story however holds enough content to keep you turning the pages.

The author must meluhs commended for his courage in playing with religious beliefs. Archived from the original on 14 July Shiva decides to help the Meluhans in their war against the Chandravanshis amksh, who had joined forces with a cursed Nagas; however, during his journey and the fight that ensues, Shiva learns how his choices actually reflect who he aspires to be and how they lead to dire consequences.

I would recommend the readers refer to the glossary whilst reading the story as that way they can get more out of the story and its intricacies. Setting 3 ; Story 2 ; Characters 3 ; Writing I went to quite a few book shops and found that it was sold out in most places. But in this book, the author is just engrossed in moving the story forward while he forgets to add any substance to the grand character Shiva himself, the Lord, the one of Tri Flat and ordinary writing.

Or she will think that is the worst thing in her life? Warrior of Mithila Raavan: Stories of Gods are also imagination as they are without any scientific basis.