20 difficult truths about love and relationship

20 difficult truths about love and relationship

Oct 26, Discover more about the twenty brutal truths about relationships that no how hard you try, you can never truly convey the depth of your love to. 20 Difficult Truths About Love + Relationships by Stephanie bestwebdirectory.info 20 DIFFICULT TRUTHS ABOUT LOVE + RELATIONSHIPS FROM A LIFE COACH #1. Some people put up with a lot of BS in relationships and think they are.

20 difficult truths about love and relationship

Love and partnership comes in many forms. You can make a great life with someone who is not your soul mate. These roles can switch, depending on the dynamics of your partnership in one relationship you might be the Nurture person, in another, the Freedom person. Communicate about this thoroughly. A very important new book on bonding styles: Attached, by Levine and Heller. The breakup sucks for your ex too, but for different reasons.

This will be the first harsh reality check: The next bus leaves in 5 minutes. There is a lot of love, opportunity, and partnership possibilities in this Universe ready and waiting for you. Replace your scarcity mindset with an abundance mindset and stop imprisoning yourself in a perpetually mismatched or abusive, or luke-warm, or dysfunctional relationship.

20 difficult truths about love and relationship

Let go of the banana, Magilla. You have to decide if you can deal with that. It will be difficult, and it will make for a problematic and arduous relationship, but the statement: Work on building love, trust, and respect for yourself…and know this is a process for both you and your partner.

They can make you immensely fulfilled, profoundly directed, ignited, and inspired — sometimes more than you could for yourself. Why are we afraid to admit that? The self-sufficiency pendulum needs to swing back into balance here. You can have more than one soul mate in your lifetime. I have coached people through infidelity, sex addiction, money problems, possessiveness, jealousy, anger issues, lack of sex drive, and poor communication skills.

These issues were sucking the life out of the relationship, but were not the deal breakers. Most things can be worked through. The highest level of attraction will occur when you meet someone who closely matches the composite sketch of your primary caretakers mom and dad.

This visceral attraction filter lies in your subconscious. Consciously we want to be happy, subconsciously we want to be healed. Your emphasis on achievement keeps people at a safe distance and protects you from facing your underlying fears. Sure, keep telling yourself that your drive for achievement and keeping people at a distance isn't rooted in what you didn't receive in childhood. You're only fooling yourself. You stay in unhealthy relationships because the devil you know is more comfortable than venturing into the unknown.

When you only know one way of connecting and getting your needs met, you're willing to accept things you shouldn't have to. Your fears of being flawed and unlovable are the reasons you're settling for hookups rather than relationships. You're probably right--sex is just about sex, nothing deeper than skin-on-skin contact.

20 difficult truths about love and relationship

You're always hiding something and those secrets prevent your relationship from growing. When you keep major secrets from others, it has to do with shame and fear.

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Your infatuation of the other person blinds you to their shortcomings, which always get expressed in due time.

To make matters worse, aside from overlooking all of the red flags to start your relationship, people also change over time. You pretend that you're listening to others, but all you really care about is getting your turn to talk. This is why most conversations are unsatisfying and why you leave incredible conversations feeling vibrant and alive.

You use others as objects to satisfy your own desires because you care more about yourself than anyone else. When you focus on what you are or aren't getting instead of what you're giving, your relationship begins to crumble. You will never get the recognition you think you deserve, and your requests for it poisons the relationship. You're too self-focused, which is the opposite of how you were when your relationship first started. No matter how hard you try, you can never truly convey the depth of your love to someone else.

Actions, words, and time help, but there's a gap that simply cannot be traversed. You manipulate others so that you can feel a sense of power and control that you lack in other aspects of your life. Sex is never about sex; it's about power.


You need people to hate, because without them, you don't know who you are. Shout out to your political opponents--without them, your standpoints can't be defined. Your fears of inadequacy are what gives people permission to make you feel powerless.