2012 150 horsepower and torque relationship

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2012 150 horsepower and torque relationship

The Ford F SVT Raptor is a one-of-a-kind truck. Raptor's liter -hp and lb-ft V-8 offers up plenty of grunt with an abundance of torque spread throughout the rev range. We have a good relationship. A car with hp and a flat torque curve will out perform an equal weight car with .. say you need an average power somewhere near hp during your acceleration. . Ankit Patil, B.E. Mechanical Engineering, Nagpur University ( ). Thank you for your interest in the new F Included . This free- breathing beast delivers the most horsepower and torque available on any engine in the.

Our two test trucks came equipped with the SuperCab configuration which includes a mini half door behind the full size front door. While that door was handy for entry and exit to our pound canine co-road tester, humans might find getting in the back seat a little harder. If you want full size adult comfort and ease of entry go for the four door SuperCrew model as it also gives you lots more rear seat legroom and interior storage space.

2012 150 horsepower and torque relationship

Interior, Pricing and Specification Interior, Pricing and Specification Quite simply, the Ford F has the best interior in its class with a dashboard that is positively architectural in its design and enough optional extras, gadgets and gizmos to shame any luxury car. Base pricing for the EcoBoost and 5. No one ever said full size pickup trucks were cheap.

One way many people could save a bit on their new F would be to skip ordering a 4x4 model unless you plan on actually using it for some off-road, heavy duty work.

No other brand offers such a high quality interior, depth and breadth of options or all around capability of the Ford F Compared to the F, those GM trucks feel like they have been around since the Eisenhower administration. We think right before Bill Clinton but what do we know? We just review cars and trucks. These two trucks both come with 11, lb.

Both are best in class.

2012 Ford F-150 Engine Comparison Test Review: V-8 vs. V-6 EcoBoost

So which truck is better? Log in to post comments By Dan dantes not verified on 11 Feb permalink Please advise me which 3. One with N-m rpm or the one with N-m rpm? Log in to post comments By edison alerta not verified on 11 Feb permalink This might be a stupid wuestion but i dont understand how a lower COM will help, doesnt a closer COM mean lesser radius thus implying lesser moment of inertia?

Log in to post comments By Roemer Timbre not verified on 25 Jul permalink All that you people are saying is bullshit.

2012 150 horsepower and torque relationship

If you want to know the scientific and true meanings of these terms read this my post. Torque is NOT the figure you should be looking at although most people do look at it. This is typical of most petrol engines which generally have more power than comparable same displacements Diesel engines. This is not an oversimplification.

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You can look at specific cars with the same model and various engines, then compare the overal acceleration and top speed.

Log in to post comments By Tawanda not verified on 24 Oct permalink Compare Mercedes e gasoline to e cdi diesel. They have same displacement but the petrol has more POWER, better acceleration and higher top speed despite the fact that the diesel has more torque.

2012 150 horsepower and torque relationship

The higher torque of the cdi is more than overcome by the higher RPM of the petrol version giving the petrol version more power overal. Log in to post comments By Tawanda not verified on 25 Oct permalink I would like to know the torque and power of the HZJ80R Toyota Landcruiser Log in to post comments By Stan not verified on 31 Oct permalink Let me know of torque required to crank engine to start it.

Thank you, Log in to post comments By Sahasranaman not verified on 14 Jan permalink in 1 second? I'm not sure I buy that. It would be pulling over 2.

2012 150 horsepower and torque relationship

Without downforce, wouldn't that require an impossible amount of friction between the tires and the road? Log in to post comments By Patrick not verified on 01 Feb permalink No, it doesn't require an impossible amount of friction, because there is no limit to friction on non-smooth surfaces - the tyres are soft and sticky and literally mould themselves to the track. Top fuel dragsters do in around 0.

They aren't road legal, of course! Log in to post comments By Spence not verified on 02 Feb permalink good information thank you Log in to post comments By juan not verified on 09 Apr permalink Larger diameter wheels and tires will decrease acceleration and increase top speed, they will not improve acceleration as noted in your article. Log in to post comments By bob not verified on 07 Jun permalink This seems to go on forever?

You need the same model 2. Line them up on the street and run from idle the responsive set up would smash the top speed set up and belt it around the twisty stuff, I think: Log in to post comments By Peter not verified on 06 Nov permalink You wouldn't use a turbo for responsiveness, you'd use a bigger engine or a supercharger.

Log in to post comments By Wow not verified on 06 Nov permalink Dudes, please stop repeating what you heard on a petrolhead website and understand it first. On the flat, you expend no power at speed. What dissipates power is road friction, engine friction, air friction.

Air friction depends on aerodynamics of the shape, not the engine, and velocity squared. So far, the diesel engine experiences less need for power at high speed.

2012 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor SuperCrew First Test

All other factors than RPM can be identical between the two types of car. If you have insufficient torque, you will be unable to accelerate beyond that point at which your friction-induced torque equals the generated torque by the engine. Diesels have the advantage here, too. If you want to know more about it, ask a professional pilot about negative p-sub-s.

You can find yourself in a region where you have plenty of spare energy but are unable to generate any acceleration and will drop in speed. No matter how hard the engine works. Now the limit of acceleration is how you develop the engine torque into acceleration on the ground. And bigger wheels can let a high torque translate into higher acceleration. Look at the drag racers. They will also be stickier, which means a better rate of acceleration, but being sticky, they generate much more friction, and your top speed and fuel economy is tanked.

So to acceleration, it's whatever is left over from the engine to the ground, top speed is where your dissipated power equals the various power losses in moving at that speed. And the heavier the vehicle, the more torque required to accelerate at the same speed. Which is why you get diesel, not petrol, trains. Not for fuel economy, but because they're so heavy the limit is the torque generated by the engine.

Meanwhile for much lighter vehicles, the limit is how much you can pull off without wheelspin. Engine torque is much less of a problem in achieving maximum acceleration. Your claims for petrol are mostly BS caused by a simplistic ideal of what a car does to go. They are true for a reason other than the one you claim. Finally, because petrol is induced combustion, it can be overdriven much easier than diesel spontaneous combustion, therefore RPM is easier to attain, as long as you don't give a monkeys about the engine lifetime or fuel economy.

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And for formula-X racing cars, they are designed to extract downforce to ensure that the driving wheels can maintain traction, meaning diesel would be able to perform better if you plonked a street car road legal engine in it.

But they can run 10,RPM in a petrol engine, but are limited to half that for diesel designs. That may be able to be improved by ignition chamber designs, but it's easier to be right at upping the RPM to get more top speed out. And with MASSIVELY sticky tires you need a full lap at high speed to warm them up or they don't work for shit, ask Richard Hammondagain, top speed limits will appear because of power output limits, not torque.

A small twisty track like Monaco would show a diesel engine off very well. Instead of repeating what you've heard, try looking at the situation as to what is physically going on. You won't repeat tired old myths anywhere near as much then.

Log in to post comments By Wow not verified on 07 Nov permalink Diesels also have a problem for racing in that they have a narrow power band, therefore you need a lot of gear changes, though you get less finickity power out on your gear change timing.

Petrol you need to near-redline it to get the maximum acceleration, and redline before changing up at a speed too high to keep up.