A walk to remember landon and jamie relationship tips

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a walk to remember landon and jamie relationship tips

In A Walk To Remember, Landon finds Jamie at a point in her life where she had finally made peace with the fact that she was dying. Jamie is. Aug 25, A Walk To Remember | Landon Carter & Jamie Sullivan. If I would A Walk To Remember Quotes This is by far my favorite Nicholas Sparks book. Nicholas Sparks, Relationship Goals Funny, Life Goals, Cute Relationships. And how does Landon change from what he was like before Jamie? In the book Landon is completely transformed through his relationship with Jamie. how one's actions affect other people and in many ways how to be a good person . 20 educator answers; Sorry, I'm trying to remember the name of a book (or movie.

This great love story shows us that it all comes down to who is by your side and who is willing to stand up for love even when it seems impossible. As I mentioned in the notes, this is the most frequently asked question I receive. There are a number of things that I have to explain before I get into the answer so you can understand my reasoning.

Part of it goes back to Message in a Bottle. In a nutshell, while many readers loved the ending of that novel, a great many were furious with me for it. This was on my mind while writing Walk, and part of me thought that if I killed off another major character, my readers would never forgive me.

a walk to remember landon and jamie relationship tips

Nonetheless, when I started the novel, I knew that Jamie was going to die. Every page, every scene, every chapter was written with that idea and it continued to proceed that way right up until the end of the novel, when the time came to write those words.

I marveled at her strength and faith, and I was proud of everything for which she stood.

a walk to remember landon and jamie relationship tips

So I found myself in a dilemma. Also, keep in mind that the story was also inspired by my sister, who was very much alive as I neared the end of the novel. But because of all that I had written with her death in mind, because she was growing weaker and weaker throughout the story, it would have been dishonest and frankly, very manipulativeto have Jamie suddenly cured.

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I could imagine some readers reaching the end and thinking, if that was the case, why the big build-up with her sickness? Others might close the book and think the entire novel was believable … up until that point.

So what was I to do? I opted for the only solution, the solution that best described the feeling I had about my gravely ill sister at that point: I wanted readers to finish with the hope that Jamie lived.

Jamie Sullivan

If you wanted Jamie to live, she lived. If you knew that Jamie would die, she died. At least, I hoped so.

a walk to remember landon and jamie relationship tips

They have known each other since kindergarten. Eric is captain of the football team and has twice led the team to state titles. He teases Landon about his friendship with Jamie, and sometimes his humor has a cruel edge. He also collects four hundred dollars to donate to the orphanage.

Jenkins is the director of the orphanage. He is a kind man who has known Jamie for a long time. Eddie Jones Eddie Jones is a skinny boy with pimples who offers to play the character Tom Thornton in the play. However, he is not good at the part and is having second thoughts about it, so he does not mind giving way when Landon offers to take over the role.

Lew Lew is a twenty-year-old mechanic who starts to date Angela Clark after Angela ends her relationship with Landon. Lew is an aggressive young man who almost picks a fight with Landon at the homecoming dance. He spikes the punch but deserts Angela when she gets drunk.

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His memory of his former employer has soured his relationship with the entire Carter family. Hegbert married late and was in his mid-fifties when Jamie was born. His wife died in childbirth and Hegbert has raised Jamie on his own. Hegbert is very protective of his young daughter but also inspires her with a love of God.

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However, as Landon shows that he is capable of behaving responsibility, Hegbert attitude toward him softens. There is an innocence about her. She usually wears an old brown cardigan and puts her hair up in a bun.

a walk to remember landon and jamie relationship tips

She appears to have no friends. She and Landon have known each other since second grade, but they barely talk to each other. Landon joins in with his friends in poking fun at her, and he takes her to the homecoming dance only because there is no one else available.

As they slowly begin to become friends, Landon is embarrassed to be seen with her and continues to believe that he does not really like her. But eventually her positive qualities win him over.

a walk to remember landon and jamie relationship tips

She is kind, patient, considerate, and optimistic, with an unshakeable religious faith.