Adama and roslyn relationship quizzes

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adama and roslyn relationship quizzes

In Battlestar Galactica Laura Roslin eventually wins over Adama, earning his The audience only learns about their relationship in a flashback in Season She says that according to several surveys sexual activity remains a. Geekerrific · Adama and Roslin Mary Mcdonnell, Babylon 5, I Ship It, Battlestar Galactica, .. BSG: Adama and Laura Tv Couples, Buffy, All About Time, Star Trek. Commander Adama and his son, Lee, were boxing, Kara Thrace 4 The fleet was short on fuel, and Laura Roslin held a press conference to tell the Aaron Doral, the persona of Number Five, was previously the fleet's public relations officer.

When the ship disregards these orders and nuclear weapons are detected aboard, Roslin and Adama reluctantly give orders that the ship be destroyed.

When Kara Thrace walked in, he gave her a look, a couple crude comments, and suggested that she might want to sit next to which person? Lee Adama The good doctor, in no good mood, was out to make Starbuck look the fool.

However, Kara politely declined the offer to play cards and walked away. The tension created in the room made everyone else wonder what exactly had happened between the two.

What did he say was "the only thing more boring than blood samples. Only until the Six in his head gave him an idea of some of the positive aspects did he change his mind.

The sensor went off, and once again, they had made a monumental discovery: But what problem was preventing them from extracting the much needed ore? The Cylons already had a base and mining facility on the asteroid.

After the short-lived celebration, Boomer saw a formation of Cylon Raiders heading for them, so they scattered. It was really unfortunate that the only likely Tylium they were going to find was being processed and protected by the Cylons.

When the information got back to Commander Adama, he decided that Galactica was going to take the asteroid by force. But for Billy there was another motive than some time with Dee. What else was he there for? To pump Dualla for information about Commander Adama The two shared a romantic moment enhanced by the show-off fly-by the Viper pilots pulled because they knew she was in there.

Unfortunately for Billy, Roslin wanted him to gather information on Adama. He gathered that Adama was making off-log calls and acting stranger than usual. Was Adama a Cylon? Adama chose Starbuck for the job. He chose her because this model's style of tactics was what?

He used lies, half-truths, and philosophies to manipulate his enemy's mind Known for "mix[ing] lies with truth", Leoben Conoy had been met by Commander Adama first at the Ragnor Anchorage station in the Miniseries. After spending some time with him not knowing he was a Cylon at the momentAdama was subjected to his tactics, but was strong-minded enough not to fall for his tricks.

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The commander believed that Starbuck had the same strength of mind to deal with the Cylon. After she tried, and failed, to walk, what unfortunate circumstance did Doc Cottle say he was inflicting upon her? He was going to take away her pain meds Several people tried to get her out of her bed, including Colonel Tigh.

When Kara's latest attempt failed, the doc told her, "I'm weaning you off the magic pills. She eventually got up to help the Chief figure out the Cylon Raider. They decided to search the moon to see if she had been pulled in there, and because of the its atmospheric conditions, how would the pilots have to search the planet known as 'mark one eyeball'?

By eye in their Vipers "Mark one eyeball", or searching by eye in their cockpits, the Viper and Raptor pilots looked for Starbuck but had little luck. Because their engines had to continually run, their ships were constantly being put out of commission.

The search was not going well considering how little of the moon they were actually covering. Adama knew that she would be hesitant due to the fact that her ex-lover, Zac Adama, had been killed in a landing accident. What was the secret about the accident that Adama did not know? Kara had passed Zac through basic flight even though he wasn't ready.

We found out earlier in the show that Kara had failed Zac and that the only reason she had passed him was because they were seeing each other. She admitted to Lee this truth, but did not tell Commander Adama. Kara accepted the responsibility thrown upon her with the added pressure of not passing anyone who wasn't ready.

But how to do such a thing? Careful not to create a situation in which the criminals became slaves, Laura Roslin and Lee Adama wanted to institute what policy?

The prisoners could earn points which would add up to their freedom. Lee came up with the idea that the prisoners could work toward their freedom. Not only would this help separate the good from the bad, but it would give the fleet some much needed labor. Alas, when his plans were offered to the prisoners, they were dashed by the notorious Tom Zarek.

The bulk of my score throughout these scenes is simply transitional material. However, I realized that the character themes alone would not be enough. I needed a new musical identity that could represent them all, and signify the flashbacks as well. But it is perfectly appropriate here. The rest of the score is comprised of variations and developments of familiar themes with already established meaning. The first of these developmental theme fragments is heard in the opening seconds.

On a first viewing, this might go unnoticed. But it is, of course, a clue about the symbolic meaning of the bird. The first flashback centers on Adama, speaking with someone.

The music sneaks in as they first kiss right after he admits to not knowing her name. However, Baltar gets a phone call that clearly upsets him. I wanted to create a sense of urgency, to mislead the audience into thinking that the phone call was about a failure in the defense mainframe.

I wanted to help create a surprise when we reveal later that it is, in fact, an extremely private and personal matter. The music transitions us to Laura with her two younger sisters after a baby shower. As they sit on the couch together, the bansuri plays a simple and light version of the Flashback Theme that opened the show. So, the Flashback Theme was very useful. I used it represent their happier, halcyon days.

The score then transitions us to Kara, in her kitchen. This theme has a long and complex history. I have frequently used it to represent the morally complex and dark character she can become. You will hear all five Kara-centric themes later in this episode, but the Starbuck Theme was the perfect and obvious choice here.

That innocence was captured perfectly by the Starbuck Theme in this context. Tragically, one can already see the immediate chemistry between her and Lee. At the end of the scene, she kisses Zak, but the score instead states the Lee and Kara Love Theme, because the scene is actually about the relationship forming between her and Lee.

We return to Gaius Baltar and meet his father, Julius. His dad is a pitiful and cantankerous old man, who appears to take great joy from making those around him miserable. Gaius snaps and yells at his father in front of Six. This scene reveals more about Gaius than most of the rest of the series put together. We see him at his most defenseless and vulnerable. This theme is technically just another statement of the Baltar theme, but one that is uniquely warm and heartbreaking.

I must confess that I found this scene brutally upsetting. I was nearly moved to tears scoring it. I think most people have someone in their lives ageing like poor old Julius and it can be tempting to break down and yell at them as Gaius does.

Of course, it does nothing but make us feel worse. The final flashback scene in the first act centers on Laura learning that her father and sisters were killed by a drunk driver.

The entire sequence is scored with variations of the Roslin Religious Theme: Elongated and muted contrapuntal lines in the strings build intensity as she packs up the presents from the party, not knowing what to do with herself. As she goes outside, the music swells and modulates to a new key.

Moving lines become more active and subtle percussion enters.


A quiet statement of the theme hesitates as she stands at the edge of the water. When she steps in, the score builds with iv-I progressions, reminiscent of religious hymns to highlight the baptismal imagery. Finally, when she steps beneath the falling water, the full orchestra erupts into a huge statement of her theme. Beneath the soaring melody, the second violins and violas play cascading phrases, descending in rapid arpeggios representing the waterfall.

This melody is closely associated with funerals and death and serves as a reminder that her end is near. So, using the theme here was fair game. It sounds somehow dissonant and off-balance. I wanted this cue to feel more bittersweet and uncomfortable, rather than overtly sad or melancholy. Baltar learns that she has set up his father in a care facility.

The story takes us to the colony. This theme was originally written for the Sharon model who would become Athena, but the melody has since evolved to represent all three characters. Later in the episode, it will be featured in key scenes involving all three of them. The next major scene involves Adama in the memorial hallway.

This moment is a big shift in his character, the episode and ultimately the series. This is where he decides to sacrifice whatever necessary to save Hera. Complex, contrapuntal lines in the strings weave upwards as he turns to leave and then hesitate on a high, suspenseful note as he stops.

The first thing he does is go to Anders to learn the location of the colony. We return to the present and the score crashes in with sitars, tabla and the Final Four Theme: The intense orchestration contrasts the difference between the young, promising athlete of the past and bizarre hybrid of the present. In the following scene, Baltar tries to convince Lee that his people should be represented in the government. This is the beginning of an episode-long arc where Baltar must decide whether he is a hero or a coward.

This theme, like this scene itself, represents his best intentions, even though his actions generally fall short of them. I like this montage because the essential information is conveyed through a series of rumors spreading through the ship, rather than in a long and expositional speech from Adama.

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The score starts simply, and continues to build energy throughout the whole montage. I introduced this aggressive string riff: This string riff is essentially the only theme in the cue, except for a statement of the Final Four Theme as Tory and Ellen walk through the hallway. When Tigh commands everyone in CIC to declare themselves in person to the old man, the percussion kicks in and I added to the mix the shamisen, biwa and tsuzumi.

The string riff sneaks back in as we cut to black on an ominous note. We take a quick detour with flashbacks to Roslin recovering from the family tragedy and agreeing to go on a blind date. As he builds intensity, the orchestra and ethnic soloists are gradually introduced.

Using it here, I wanted the progression to subconsciously remind audiences that these volunteers are lining up for a suicide mission. I also must confess, I had completely forgotten how cool this B-Section was until an astute reader on this blog asked if I was ever going to expand it thanks, luvabmw!

So, I found a place for it! The biggest moment occurs when Roslin appears and Adama escorts her to the front of the line. The episode ends on an ominous and dark note.

Thanks to the recon information gathered by Skulls and Racetrack, Adama is informed of the difficulty of the task facing them. Rather than with the full orchestra, it is played simply by the bansuri and erhu. We are taken into the heart of a noisy strip club, where Adama and Tigh discuss career possibilities.

The strip club scenes in this episode are filled with songs that have layers of meaning to the series. In this first scene, the strippers dance to a kick-ass rock song blaring over the sound system.

adama and roslyn relationship quizzes

There was only one problem. Because Brendan had written it for Season 4, the lyrics are all about the attack on the colonies! When Will the Work Be Done? How do I rationalize this glaring oversight, you ask? So, of course it would be his voice at the strip club, singing an encoded warning of the events to come. At its heart, this scene is an important shift where Adama realizes that his place is among the stars.

The bansuri, duduk and tanbur each take turns playing the Flashback Theme, underlining the joy and elation he feels looking up into the night sky.

As elegant as all that sounds, one must admire the context in which Ron Moore and Michael Rymer put this scene. Adama stumbles into a grimy alley, falls into a filthy puddle and pukes on himself! Picard or Han Solo ever doing that! This scene was always a little upsetting to me, because as a fan of the show, I know that the character promoted to Admiral should have always been Gaeta.

He was with us from the beginning, and, though I like Hoshi, we really know nothing about him. Still, he was the best of limited options since Gaeta was killed and all the other major characters were needed for the battle. I underscored this promotion with the Military Theme, played by the bansuri and set against light snare drums. This arrangement was very common in Season One, and I used it to underscore how important a shift in power this is.

Notice the bad-ass T-shirt! Adama turns and walks into the CIC, now overhauled with crazy cylon pipes and wires. In the background, the tabla and sitars add an energetic accompaniment.

adama and roslyn relationship quizzes

My goal was to highlight how upsetting this is for Adama. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Back in the hangar deck, the Military Theme sends off the new President and Admiral, then Baltar takes the first step toward redeeming himself and volunteers to stay behind. The Baltar Religious Theme accompanies plays in the gamelan as he frees himself from Paula and his followers.

This theme has come to represent the better side of his personality: In the final countdown to battle, Adama makes one last bad-ass speech. Here, the signature drum groove from previous montages return, but augmented with more aggressive string writing. The tension is rising. After completing the score for the first hour, I was ready to tackle the next minute chunk: The Battle at the Colony. To thank are the producers and executives working behind the scenes to provide the budget to cover the incredible costs of assembling a live orchestra.

Thanks to the quick thinking of Todd Sharp at the studio, a small amount of music budget had been set aside early on to cover orchestral costs for the finale. In late January, the producers and I began to track down more money to pay for the orchestra. And it was proving difficult.

The episode and the series as a whole were incredibly over-budget and I was unfortunately asking too late. Every other department had already made their requests, and music was going to suffer because it was the last in the chain.

The studio was honest about the situation and was able to provide what they could. In an unprecedented move, the producers and I each pitched in personally to make this happen.

adama and roslyn relationship quizzes

Leonard, myself and several others. Thankfully, by the time I got to the big battle sequences, the budget issues were resolved and I was ready to tackle the action cues. The battle begins as we zoom in on the colony. The taiko drums and orchestra crescendo and accelerate wildly: Galactica launches her vipers and the battle is underway. Essentially, the entire action sequence can be divided into two storylines: The bagpipes can only play nine pitches, either in the key of A or Bb depending on which instrument he plays.