Alexander siddig and nana visitor relationship

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alexander siddig and nana visitor relationship

Alexander Siddig and Nana Visitor with their son Django Nana Visitor, Star Trek .. Nana Visitor, Fic, Star Trek Characters, Beautiful People, Relationships, Star. So, naturally, there are bound to be some relationships that form between cast 15 Together In Real Life: Alexander Siddig and Nana Visitor. TIL Alexander Siddig (Dr Bashir) and Nana Visitor (Kira) were married for a Siddig laughed that his relationship with costar Colm Meaney.

In fact, their characters only married on the show because Farrell and Dorn wanted more scenes together.

alexander siddig and nana visitor relationship

Alexander Siddig, who played Julian Bashir, and Nana Visitor, who played Major Kira Nerys, were married from to before eventually separating. Before getting married, they also had a son together named Django. They still see each other at least twice a year. According to Visitor, they also talk constantly and were jointly involved in raising their son when he was still a child. The Next Generation and were able to spend much more time with them in the four movies that followed.

Thankfully, in real life, McFadden is not a widow. When she and her partner welcomed their first child back inThe Next Generation was still ongoing. She named Spiner the godfather of her child, a huge responsibility and a sign of a true friend. Both have since moved on and married other people. In the Trek universe, the characters are married with one daughter.

What Makes Alexander Siddig Gay? Fact That He Had A Wife & Family?

So we have a lot to do with each other. So Siddig is in London at the moment?

alexander siddig and nana visitor relationship

Fans of the show have been incredibly vocal — to this day — about wanting to see more of it. But I know that it would be — I think it would be a great film, I really do — a great movie. It would be a strong cast, and I think it could be a strong storyline. Do you think that harmed the series?

alexander siddig and nana visitor relationship

It was dark, and I think that was our problem. Do you think it has been unfairly maligned? Were you consciously aware of that when you were filming it?

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So you gotta bring it! Ira Behr and Ronald D. Did you feel that created tension between the show-runners and the studio? We were protected from a lot of that. There was tension on set too, we were that kind of show. It was dark, and there were problems, and there were scenes when there was dischord.

Well I found out about it on a stage at a convention! But that was a little bizarre. Nana recalls how she first found out about Michael Dorn Worf being added to the cast from a fan at a convention! When the show ended did you feel that there any other places that you wanted to go with Kira? So they had the unique thing that they really were brought up on the set, it was like everyday stuff for them.

alexander siddig and nana visitor relationship

I thought that was a very interesting role. Who didn't get along with whom? Which interviews supposedly indicate this? Everything I've ever read indicates the opposite, and when you see them at conventions, they seem very friendly and happy to see each other no, I haven't been at conventions, but I've read lots of reports and seen videos. The only time I've ever heard anything about someone not getting along was a few months ago when someone here on the forum said that Michael Dorn allegedly thought Avery Brooks was "too serious".

But other cast members have said that Brooks was very nice and gracious to everyone on the set. It's a big cast, they can't all be close to each other, but generally, it seems that most of the actors were the closest with people they worked with the most, which makes sense.

It's happened to me even with close friends or relatives, physical proximity is quite an important factor in staying in touch. I know that Alaimo and Combs are neighbors in addition to being good friends, but in some other cases, people live far apart and are busy doing other stuff Yet they all, or most of them, seem very friendly to each other at conventions and have great fun.

Unless it's just a great act?

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Not just because I was part of this television show that people still follow, but because of Siddig, us having a child, and the people that I met 15 years ago that I still keep up with, that I still hear from all the time. You form friendships that last the rest of your lives. Star Trek is the only acting experience I have had where this many friendships have formed and this many have stayed.