Aljur and kris relationship quiz

How to court a girl Filipino way?

aljur and kris relationship quiz

With this news came rumors that the two actors are in relationships with other people. Aljur has been linked to co-star Bianca King and StarStruck batchmate Rich Asuncion, while Kris is said to be developing good relations with The Last Prince co-star Daniel Matsunaga. Is this really the quiz right here on Female Network!. EXCLUSIVE. Aljur Abrenica confirms rekindled relationship with Kylie Padilla" ( in Filipino). . Directed by Ricky Davao, it stars Kris Bernal and Aljur Abrenica. Anywhere she goes, she is Versace. Even though she isn't, really. Even though she cultivates none of the fame or the celebrity or the drama.

It is the only way you can show her that you care without being too overbearing. Filipino girls will appreciate you more if you make the lives of those you interact with that much easier.

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Kindness is also a precursor of love, a measure of how tender you can be without losing your macho. You can show kindness in many ways, a thank you to a waitress or a simple hello to the guard at the door; subtle things that speak volumes. Be a Gentleman Before you get to let loose around her and start cursing and using language that is by norm harsh, you have to show her that you are a gentleman. This means using proper and respectful language. Having good manners around others and being able to command a level of respect among other people.

You should not be the weasel that is looking to harass the waiter, rather be the guy that says thank you and wishes people that offer services to you a good day.

Show her that you know what it means to be a gentleman, which in summary is a combination of all the qualities recommended in this article. Take things slow, slower still How to court a girl Filipino way is an exercise in patience. A Filipino girl is as conservative as one can be.

Do not expect to hold hands on the first day or any public display of affection anytime soon. When you are starting out, it will take a bit of time before she is comfortable enough with you to hold hands and you can get that first kiss you have been looking forward to from the moment you saw her.

Make her laugh Come on, you thought this would not be here? Humour is one of the best ways to make a girl comfortable around you.

aljur and kris relationship quiz

It highlights places where your thinking intercepts, in the absurd or the intelligent is no matter. When you are funny, you are more relatable and when someone is more relatable it is easier to be open and comfortable around them.

This is what you want, right? The sense of humour she has and yours will most likely shift and morph into something that is a little bit of both of you. That being said, you should recognize her attempts at humour and laugh at her jokes.

Keep things fun and respectful. Communicate Communication is the only way a woman will get to understand you. So, say as much as you can without over-explaining.

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Be direct when the moment requires it and speak your mind honestly at all times. Tell her your intentions with her.

aljur and kris relationship quiz

This will let her know how serious you are and that you are unafraid to say it. This applies to know how to court a girl in chat when you both know the other's intentions then it is easy to talk more openly.

Learn her culture If that is too much to ask then at least express an interest in whatever she does. What is your ideal scent?

Seductive suits my personality. The name pa lang, e, Magnetism--it means sexy and [it's] catchy.

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What scent do you like on girls? Simple lang, ayaw ko ng matapang 'yung amoy.

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How would you describe your personal style? Simpleng maong, T-shirt, sapatos, okay na ako. Pero ['yung] fashion minsan, kailangan, e. Ako naman, kahit anong ipasuot sa akin okay siya, pero 'yung personality ko simple lang, maging presentable lang.

Do you have any particular fashion items you like to collect? I love Bench and 'yun nga, 'yung Magnetism.

aljur and kris relationship quiz

Bumibili ako ng madaming products for my family and friends [dahil] gusto nila ['yung] amoy Aljur daw. What kind of outfits do you like seeing on girls? Sobrang nakaka-catch ng attention ko 'yung dress, 'yung sexy dress. Parang pambabae talaga [siya]. Jeans, okay lang for sports, pero kung ganitong mga formal and casual [occasion], dress talaga. What kind of outfits do you wish girls would stop wearing?

Ayaw na ayaw ko nun--'di ba parang, nagdamit ka pa?

The sad life of Allegra Versace: The mysterious but reluctant heiress to Versace's throne.

Respeto lang sa sarili na 'wag magsuot ng ganun. Siguro may binabagayan, 'wag lang sa ganitong lugar. And 'yung damit na spaghetti [straps] yata How far would you let a girlfriend dictate your fashion sense?

aljur and kris relationship quiz

Hangga't kaya ko; to try different styles naman, 'di 'yung opinion mo lang. Maganda rin na kinukuha mo 'yung opinion ng iba, like your girlfriend.