Altair and ezio relationship problems

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For Assassin's Creed II on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Relationship between Ezio and Altair". The lip scar shared by Altair, Ezio and Desmond is a nice visual of that idea, and revolves around the rise and fall of Ezio and Cristina's relationship. . cycle, and people deal with the same problems over and over again. For Assassin's Creed II on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Relationship between Ezio and Altair" - Page 2.

Unfortunately, being the first love of an assassin is apparently fatal, because all three women end up dead by some means that their lovers are unable to prevent. When he finally catches up with them, he finds her dead at the hands of her captors.

Ezio experiences similar loss when Cristina from whom he has been estranged since her marriage to another man is mortally wounded by attackers moments before Ezio neutralizes them.

altair and ezio relationship problems

She dies in his arms, wishing she had had a second chance for a happy life with him. Desmond, meanwhile, is perhaps the most active in the death of his lady love, though not of his own volition—possessed by Juno, Desmond is forced to stab a defenseless Lucy, killing her and putting him in a coma.

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Each assassin feels intense guilt for his inability to protect the woman he loves, and it continues to affect him for years afterward. I remember the days and nights during which I chased her Templar captors across the sea. I almost got to them in time. If I had only been faster.

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Instead, I held her lifeless body in my arms — saw the terror reflected in her fixed, unblinking eyes…I hunted each man — one by one — until all responsible were gone from the world.

But there was no joy in this. No satisfaction or release. Their deaths did not bring her back. Did not heal my wounds.

Ezio expresses similar sentiments in regard to Cristina, telling his sister that he has been unable to feel love for another woman since he failed to save her. Eventually, they or two of them, at least come to find that there are plenty of fish in the sea and each meet a woman that they love just as much, if not more, than their first.

For Altair, this woman is Maria Thorpe, a steadfast and brusque soldier who once swore allegiance to the Templars, but deserted after much soul-searching, eventually marrying and having children with him. Also the occasional bout of tower sex. Altair and Maria remain together until her death thirty-three years later.

Ezio, meanwhile, pulls off the abstention act well into his silver years, until he meets the beautiful, buxom and brainy Sofia Sartor in Revelations.

altair and ezio relationship problems

Sofia can never be accused of having subtle bedroom eyes. Desmond is the odd man out on this point. Eden's Twilight by Sassiersphinx81 reviews Desmond has survived somehow up to this point. The world is oblivious to the danger that he released.

Now, with the help of a few allies, and the woman he loves, he must find a way to get rid of Juno before she can enslave the human race once more. It's not only his life on the line now, but the life of everyone close to him as well. Sequel to Heaven Only Knows. Of course, it was expected. Altair dies by Robert de Sable. Ezio dies from a stab wound inflicted by Rodrigo.

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Connor was killed by his father while looking for Church. Yet they managed to continue the bloodline. Minerva sends the Assassins into each time period to help the resident assassin complete his destiny.

altair and ezio relationship problems

I don't own AC. T - English - Adventure - Chapters: But maybe it isn't as bad as it seems when Desmond returns. It's different now though, he's different. The future will come to pass and it will depend on his anger, and his mercy. The Seventeenth by Xazz reviews [pt 2] It's the end of the world. Humanity is all but destroyed and Those Who Came Before are on the rise without a hope in sight for the human race as their slowly killed off for sport. There was supposed to be a hero, someone who was supposed to set everything right.

No one's seen him in a long time AU fic where Desmond lives, and now he's got the Instruments of the First Will to worry about, along with the Templars. Then he must relive the life of a certain pirate in order to stop them, and discover Juno's true plot.

Going back to relive it with them? Might contain yaoi in later chapters, don't like don't read. Rated for swearing and mild violence. There are some things Desmond just can't help but show him. Altair can only wish he had stayed in his bed. Now, with litte six year old Desmond making their family of two into three, they're going to have to remember how, and fast. For the same amount of time, the new Mentor has not rested, not even when his body screamed at him, begged him for sleep.

And now, he must face the consequences. How would the bartender live in Altair's world? You're already dead, so maybe you don't have to worry about not existing if your ancestors turn out bi. At least they are hot. T to be safe. Inheritance by JustWanted89 reviews Masyaf?