Amy jo and brandon relationship trust

Full Exposure by Amy Jo Cousins

amy jo and brandon relationship trust

It's not the employee's job to give trust; it's the leader's to earn it. authentic, caring, and appropriately vulnerable relationships is a primary way leaders build trust with their team. .. [i] Adkins, Amy, and Brandon J. Rigoni. Walking through this together has created a trust and a love that words can't even express. .. You & Brandon's love will withstand any journey in your marriage after this. Amy. June 26, at pm. Dear Michael, Thank you for . Naomi J. June 28, at pm. “You can never learn that Christ. COMERICA BANK & TRUST, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION Vice President Trust Client Relationship Officer. Rushin Miller, Amy Joe.

You'd also know we had our issues and we were together until October of last year.

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You'd also know that our breakup was not so fun. And that's an understatement. Depression did not do me well in the Netherlands. Neither did being off of medication. And the answers are: Because, I'll tell you. I believe in second chances. Sometimes that gets me in trouble but most times it leaves me with incredibly bonded friendships. I believe that people can fight and make up. I believe that friendships come with hard work, love, and dedication.

amy jo and brandon relationship trust

That you can try again and go about things in a different way. That sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't. Taken the night before I left our home in the NL, 8 months ago when I last saw him.

We were broken up, things were bad-- but, We went to a movie and said farewell, for now. Picture of us from about a year ago. You're probably still saying "bish, that doesn't answer my question". What if you try to move on? You try to push this person out of your life? You do everything you're supposed to do. You try to fall in love with someone else.

amy jo and brandon relationship trust

I'm sorry You take risks. You forgive and forget and move on and up and blah blah blah.

amy jo and brandon relationship trust

What if you do all of that and this one person won't get out of your head? Everything reminds you of them and so you become friends with them. What if you talk to them for a few months to repair the friendship. What if you realize you never fell out of love with them and that all you want more than anything is a second chance? And he feels the same way? Well, that's exactly what happened to me. With 8 months of time and space and work and distance and all of the other shit-- I realized that I did not want to live another second without having some sort of bond with this person.

And this person is Brett. Very inappropriately putting this photo here for laughs. Nah, this didn't happen overnight either.

Full Exposure

Feelings arose for both of us. I was enjoying everything a girl could possibly dream of in marriage…yet deep inside my heart, I longed to become a mommy.

Over the next few weeks and months, without even realizing what was happening, my view of life began to change.

amy jo and brandon relationship trust

I was quickly growing more and more discontented and suddenly I found myself doubting God. Our first anniversary came and went and still no pregnancy. Now I knew something was definitely wrong, and I started praying and searching for a specialist. We were seen almost immediately, and with each new test my heart broke a little more.

amy jo and brandon relationship trust

Night after night, I cried myself to sleep and felt like all my dreams and desires were shattered. Each night, Brandon held me close and let me cry until I had no more tears. He prayed with me and assured me that God had a plan and knew what He was doing. It seemed that He was withholding something so precious from me for no reason at all. I remember late one night weeping and sharing with Brandon the deep heartache I was feeling. While he held me tight, I poured out my heart to him and shared that I was losing faith and had even started doubting God.

What he so tenderly shared over the next hour has literally changed everything for me! Brandon encouraged me to be honest with God and ask for His grace to trust again. As I began asking God to help me see Him again and to give me grace to trust, He started changing my heart. As I searched for verses and meditated on who God is, my perspective changed. The following weeks God started allowing me to see how He had guided and provided throughout this entire journey.

Even greater still, God has allowed me to see a glimpse of Him. I still cry often, and inside my heart feel the pain of infertility, yet in the midst of the hurt, I have a peace. God has shown me His love in deeper ways than I can fathom. God is changing my heart and perspective. He is helping me to focus on the gifts He has already given me, and I am seeing in a whole new way treasures that I have taken for granted.

They gave us the privilege of seeing Him do miracles by taking everything to God in prayer.