Anna travis and james langton relationship

Anna Travis - Book Series In Order

anna travis and james langton relationship

The relationship—both intimate and professional—between Anna Travis and Det. Chief Supt. James Langton is a driving force in every book. Image of Blood Line: An Anna Travis Novel (Anna Travis Series) Those readers, however, may better understand Anna's relationship with her boss, Detective Chief Superintendent James Langton, who is? isn't? was? might. Langton says that Anna Travis needs more experience before she can get . because of her relationship with her boss, her mentor, her ex-lover James Langton.

He said he would be a perfect candidate to put down what a real killer felt as he'd committed murders. In the end, he began to give me tips about my own previous published works and how he would have written something different. I found his ego and his extraordinary obsessions fueled my imagination for Blind Fury. The relationship—both intimate and professional—between Anna Travis and Det. James Langton is a driving force in every book.

anna travis and james langton relationship

Was it something you envisioned from the start? Bringing the characters of Anna Travis and James Langton together was never plotted to be a continuing theme. However, the more I wrote about them, the more I enjoyed exploring these two complex people. It helps to have running alongside the novels the U.

It makes for even more enjoyment in writing their continued stories. What similarities and differences do you see between them, and why did you choose to write about another female police detective?

Anna Travis is really a young Jane Tennison, but with very marked differences. She has to win over the respect of her male counterparts and takes a risk with a high risk suspect.

anna travis and james langton relationship

In the second book, she is now a Detective Inspector and she is still working with her partner, James Langton. The TV show was called Above Suspicion, after her first novel. Series One This series was based on her first novel and it sees DC Anna Travis, who is still a trainee at this point, getting her first murder case.

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It is a cold case from eight years ago, with a new victim being found. With the new victim, Anna is able to find new evidence but the case is still very confusing because the type of victim has changed. Kelly Reilly was cast as Anna Travis and the series was broadcast in 3 parts over consecutive nights. The show was very successful and was picked up for a second series.

Reilly reprised her role as Anna Travis and La Plante did the adaptations for the show herself. In the series, Travis discovers there is a copycat killer on the loose who is copying the famous Black Dahlia case from California.

A Formidable Female Detective: PW Talks with Lynda La Plante

The case begins with the discovery of a young girls body, which has been brutally mutilated. The second series was equally as successful and was broadcast in two parts. Deadly Intent The third series was based on her fourth book, Deadly Intent. In this book, the team is called in to investigate the murder of a former police officer.

anna travis and james langton relationship

The third series was still very well received by the networks but there was a dip in the ratings and it was beaten by some shows in BBC 1. The show was renewed for a fourth season based on Silent Scream, and then it was cancelled.

A Formidable Female Detective: PW Talks with Lynda La Plante

Backlash Backlash was the 8th novel in the Anna Travis series and was released in It was an instant hit and her fans are eagerly awaiting the next installment see below In this novel, James Langton is haunted by an unsolved case from 13 years ago in which a 13 year old girl disappeared from a street in London.

The catch was that the street was very busy at the time, and it was in daytime, but no one saw anything. The case comes up for review but Langton is off sick and he asks Travis to have a look into it for him. She has more success and manages to get a suspect into custody, but is he who he says he is? In this book, Travis and Langton are re-opening an old case that was thought to be a suicide. A London night club owner is thought to have shot himself in the head, but new evidence emerges that it was actually a murder.

During the course of the investigation, Travis is asked to join Langton for FBI training and she is assigned a new crime scene investigator, who shines some light on the failings of the original investigation. Who is Lynda La Plante?

She is the author of the Anna Travis novels, but she is best known for being the creator of the Prime Suspect TV series, which has been on TV for a number of years.

anna travis and james langton relationship

The TV show itself has recently been made in America and it is very successful. However, she did not start off as a writer. Her background is actually in acting and she attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. She went onto appear in a number of Shakespeare plays, under the name Lynda Marchal.

anna travis and james langton relationship

Then her career took her towards kids shows before she decided that she wanted to be a scriptwriter.