Arjun kapoor and sridevi relationship marketing

Sridevi Death: Arjun Kapoor's Gesture In Discussion

arjun kapoor and sridevi relationship marketing

Arjun Kapoor's somewhat sour relationship with his step mother Sridevi is no big secret but what's the deal between him and his step sisters. Arjun Kapoor is a man with a golden heart. When Sridevi passed away in Dubai after drowning in a bathtub. Arjun Kapoor was beside his dad. The picture in question features Arjun Kapoor and Anshula along with more importantly, Janhvi and Khushi Kapoor — Sridevi's daughters.

Hell, she made Sunny Deol and Rajnikant look like sidekicks in the film". The same year also saw the release of the Yash Chopra romantic saga Chandniwith Sridevi playing the title role.

The film emerged as one of the biggest blockbusters of Every street corner sold the salwar-kameez and dupatta that gave the heroine a refreshingly understated look, rarely seen on the Indian screen", [98] Sridevi's dance number "Mere Hathon Mein Nau Nau Choodiyan" proved also popular with audiences, [99] and she also lent her voice to the film's popular title-track.

Sridevi right with Madhuri Dixither contemporary of the s Yash Chopra again cast Sridevi in his film Lamhe. The Times of India included it in its list of 'Top 10 Films of Yash Chopra' describing it as a tale of "love transcending the boundaries of time and space" [] while Rediff called it "Quite easily one of his most definitive films, Chopra surpassed his own findings of romance with the insightful, lovely Lamhe".

The actress played a double role again as an Afghan warrior Benazir and her daughter Mehendi. Shot mostly in Mazar-i-SharifAfghanistan, [] it did good business with BBC reporting that "it ran to packed houses for 10 weeks in Kabul ".

Directed by Mahesh Bhattthe actress played a singer falsely accused of drugs smuggling in Hong Kong.

arjun kapoor and sridevi relationship marketing

Bollyspice stated in its 'Sridevi Retrospective' that "Despite very good performances from the rest of the cast, Gumrah was really Sridevi's film. She managed to exemplify female emotion and robustness to a great degree that you remember the film largely for her significant contribution towards it". The character, described by Times of India as "rude, dominant and very competitive" [] brought her yet another Filmfare nomination.

arjun kapoor and sridevi relationship marketing

She acted in her comeback film in Malayalam in Bharatan's Devaraagama love story in which she starred opposite Aravind Swamy. The last major film Sridevi starred in before she took a break from the industry was Judaaireleased in Along with Anil Kapoor and Urmila Matondkarthe actress played a greedy housewife going to extreme lengths for money.

Talking about her swan song, critic Subhash K. Jha wrote that Sridevi "left us with the most stunning hurrah in Judaai. A terrible film that I've watched countless times to see her play the money-minded harridan who 'sells' her husband to Urmila Matondkar.

Brief return and television debut[ edit ] After a six-year hiatus, Sridevi briefly returned to the small screen in the Sahara sitcom Malini Iyer — She performed a medley of some of her musical numbers at the 52nd Filmfare Awards In the episode, she and her husband Boney Kapoor were guests, along with actor-director Prabhu Devaactress Ayesha Takia and the musical duo Sajid-Wajid, all of whom had come to promote their film Wanted.

Sridevi has also developed a passion for painting. In Marchher paintings were sold by an international art auction house with the money raised being donated. Full comeback, final works and posthumous film appearances[ edit ] After an eight-year absence from film, Sridevi starred in English Vinglisha comedy-drama from debutante director Gauri Shinde. The film and Sridevi's performance received positive response. The Times of India called it "easily one of the best films of " and Sridevi's performance "a masterclass for actors.

Jha said Sridevi "makes the contemporary actresses, even the coolest ones, look like jokes If you watch only two films every year make sure you see English Vinglish twice! Her performance is a triumph", added the critic Anupama Chopra. It's the sort of performance younger actresses [ Sridevi said that as a mother and an artiste, she empathized with her character's rage, and found it hard to be in a normal state during the filming.

Rai 's film Zero in a cameo. Her taste in clothes was varied and ranged from stylish casual to opulently majestic. She made her debut as a fashion model in The neurosurgeon operated on the wrong side of her brain destroying her vital tissues of vision and recent memory. In the s she was reported to have married actor Mithun Chakrabortywhom she met on the sets of Jaag Utha Insan The couple had two daughters, Janhvi born inwho is herself an actress, and Khushi born in CNN-IBN correspondent Rajeev Masand says; "I have never known anyone who was so painfully shy, so quiet off screen, who just transformed into a force of nature when the cameras came on.

The truth is she was shy. Having begun to act when she was just 12, she did not complete formal education or get much of a chance to interact with kids of her own age. Consequently, she developed a strong dislike for crowds and noise. She decided to spend a couple of days in Dubai to shop for her eldest daughter Janhvi Kapoor's 21st birthday, after the wedding. However he had already planned a surprise visit to his wife, with whom he spoke on the morning of 24 February, when she told him that "Papa that's how Sridevi addressed BoneyI'm missing you.

She and Kapoor briefly met and chatted for half an-hour or so. Afterwards they decided to have dinner. After 15—20 minutes, around He opened the door and found the actress completely immersed and unresponsive in the bathtub. The public opinion expressed through social media, newspapers and news channels is much harsher and much clearer. There are clear demarcations about 'who is where?

When the success-failure ratio changes, it'll come to talent deserving more opportunities. You may argue that for star kids, the opportunity to enter a door is easy. But after that, you are on your merit, boss.

I am getting work because there's an audience watching me. I worked with my father in my 5th film and not the first or the second. Alia Bhatt hasn't gone down that road as yet. She's working because of her talent. She got the opportunity of a second film and today we have a really gifted actor amongst us.

What's your defence on the criticism that your performances come across as wooden? I haven't seen the word 'wooden' used to describe my performances.

For my first film, Ishaqzaade, a leading newspaper carried a review, and because they had to trim the review down, they forgot to review my performance. The journalist later apologized saying that he had written praise about me but the paper cut it off. Atul Kasbekar As someone who has seen all your films, I do think you lack a certain intensity that your peers, say a Ranveer Singh, bring in their characters.

But, I always hear that my characters have always been overtly-intense and that I should ease up and play characters that are more fun. So I have never dealt with the intense aspect of criticism being an issue.

I've heard I am inconsistent and there's room to improve. And I am always open to that because I want to improve as an actor. I got great love for my work in 2 States because of the character I played.

I chose to play it a certain way. I didn't want to play him loud or larger-than-life. I wanted to play him in a non-Delhi way, rather than playing the typical Delhi way of Khao, Peeyo, Jiyo. I made those choices which the audience appreciated. Do you feel the need to over-compensate because of your lineage? Not as an actor but in terms of my social interactions, yes, I had to mellow down my humour and make my demeanour more 'likeable'.

When you are dealing with people on a public platform, you have to understand that people are coming to meet you for certain reasons and not for your bluntness.

Arjun Kapoor sums up his life after Sridevi's death in a single tweet

They want to get to know you and you need to open up to that fact. I realized I needed to get rid of the whole 'Mai aisa hi hu, take it or leave it'. I had to become more sociable. Has your brooding, in-my-own-shell persona sabotaged your personal relationships?

I definitely haven't made a lot of friends and I am okay with that. I never was a people-pleaser. I always ended up being my own self. When I first became an actor, I had the worst personal crisis a human could go through. My film was to release in 45 days and my mother passed away.

I was too wound-up and I didn't realize what was happening. Everything was hitting me, but nothing was seeping in. I had barely processed things around me when I was made to face the media. So, in my personal life, I have had enough from people who say that I should stop being so uptight. I can be more malleable and have more fun. And I do like having fun, but it's with my own set of people. Now I have decided that I'll have fun with everybody and that has panned out better for me.

Star World But what do you trace this wound-up self back to? It's known that you've had a difficult childhood. Earlier, I used to feel that it is nobody's business to know the real me, the way my friends and family do.

So I set demarcations. Then I realised that you cannot have demarcations and expect people to like you. You need to showcase yourself. That's why I became more malleable and said to myself that I need to carry my personality to work. I definitely feel that my personality, for better or for worse, has gotten enough attention. Some people have seen a different side to me because of certain things that I ended up doing on a public platform.

Nobody knew that I am actually that funny or that I have a wit that appeals to people. You have now gotten quite a bit of acclaim of being a successful actor and your mother, who you were very close to, is not here to witness it.

Spouse special: Boney Kapoor speaks about Sridevi |

How do you reconcile with that fact? I've kept her room as it is. Every day, when I would come home, I would go to her room and talk to her. And now, when I come back, I just stand there, quietly, before going to my room. So reconciling is not a word I can even use, let alone apply. How do I reconcile with the fact that she's not here to see that I have created an independent identity for myself, that I run a house, that I've grown up to become everything she wanted me to become? For all the sacrifices she has made for me, there is something as payback which sits here right now as I speak to you.

I would have liked her to see that. I wish I was in a position where I could tell her that I have managed to make you proud, Ma. There's no respite from the death of a mother. I always tell people that you are allowed to take your parents for granted to a certain degree but don't underestimate the power of having them around. They are your backbone.

Despite 'ineradicable hurt', Arjun is Boney's pillar of strength after Sridevi death

You think it's there but imagine one day it cracks -- you are bound to fall. I have lived my life balancing without a backbone for the last 5 years.

My mother's room is still there and it has enough significance to remind me that she's still there, watching out for me. When I received my first paycheque, I did exactly what would have made her happy. She wanted me to buy a car with my own money. Which car did you buy? I bought a Mercedes which, at that point, I couldn't really afford. But they always tell me that you spend a little bit more on these things because it makes you work harder.

When it comes to things like property and cars, you should spend a little more so that they are always at the back of your mind. You don't become choosy and you don't say no to work. Then you have the surety ki EMI toh bhar loonga. In every family there is one big bank account and then the parents take care of the daily expenditures. So the child is protected and nurtured. In my case, and I don't mean this in a derogatory way, but when I say I am self-made, I don't joke about it.

I know it might sound frivolous to people who've made a name for themselves in far more difficult circumstances, but there hasn't been a single day where I had to rely on anybody from outside to take care of my house.

I take a lot of pride in that. My mother had taken the financial onus upon herself. I've tried to take that legacy forward. It just happened that Ishaqzaade did well. It would have been impossible for me if I had not made it. That roll of the dice paid off because the film did well. So you've wrestled through these times all by yourself?

My sister, Anshula, has stood by me like a rock. She has gone through far worse. She's younger than me. I still had 11 years with my father living in the house. I had my mother living with me for 25 years but she only got Imagine a child who has been through a life where the father couldn't be physically around all the time after the age of 5.

And the mother who was there physically all the time and then after 20 years, she wasn't there. Imagine the psychological scarring of that child. She's still more mature, very well-educated, honest and more sincere than me. As the elder sibling, one would expect things to be the other way round. After Mum passed away, my only thought was how will I take care of her? I was prepared to take care of myself, how I would take care of Anshula?

It's like having a child when you're least prepared. She has been my child in the sense; she's somebody who I am the most protective about. She completed her graduation in the US and passed with flying colours.

This was during my film release. She came back to be with me when she could've gotten a great job abroad. Till today, she doesn't accept that she did it for me. She ended up working with Google in Delhi when she could've gotten the same job in America. But then she realized that she doesn't want to continue because my life was all over the place. I obviously needed her but I couldn't tell her then. She sensed that and now she's my only strength. She runs the house and my life. She takes care of my medication and my food.

These are things that seem they could be taken for granted. But when you don't have a single parent around and your younger sister is doing that for you, whereas she should be building her own life, I think that is the greatest human sacrifice of all. I am getting love, adulation, and money in return for my sacrifices, but her sacrifices cannot be quantified.

She has put herself second on all levels. She's the unsung hero of my career.

arjun kapoor and sridevi relationship marketing

Your father separated from your mother when you were 11 and your sister, Anshula, even younger. Your formative years were largely without him around. What did that do to your idea of marriage? I was very conflicted about it. I was convinced that I would never get married.

But I have mellowed down. When you turn 32, you don't like the feeling that you'll just be by yourself for the rest of your life. At the end of the day, you need a partner. That vacancy exists and I would like to complete that emptiness with a live-in relationship. I would like to know somebody intimately enough to decide whether I can commit to her for the rest of our lives.

Do you think forging another relationship could help you cope with the loss of your mother? I think that would fill the void of a partner, one you need for your everyday 'nothings'. When you want to come back home and just do and speak about nothing. The person who's comfortable with you sitting in your boxers or even running around naked.