Asia and us relationship

asia and us relationship

For more than four decades U.S. engagement in Asia was based on two pillars: a Should America attempt to conduct its relations with the region as in the past. During the Cold War, Thailand was one of America's closest Asian allies. There is a broad consensus that U.S.-Thai relations need to find a. In this Brookings Northeast Asia Commentary, William Breer observes that We sell arms consistent with the terms of the Taiwan Relations Act and U.S. policy.

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InStrobel moved to Bangkok to take the position of general advisor, where he died January 15, Sayre —all but for Pitkin former Harvard law professors. Authority and responsibility were delegated to him. He was permitted a considerable degree of freedom in his work.

asia and us relationship

It was in his capacity as a lawyer, a jurist, an advocate, and a policy counselor that the American adviser contributed significantly to the successful conclusion of the treaty negotiations with the West. The principal bilateral arrangement is the Treaty of Amity and Economic Relationswhich facilitates U. Other important agreements address civil uses of atomic energy, sales of agricultural commodities, investment guarantees, and military and economic assistance.

Proposed FTA —present [ edit ] Main article: United States—Thailand Free Trade Agreement In June the United States and Thailand initiated negotiations on a free trade agreement which, when concluded, will reduce and eliminate barriers to trade and investment between the two countries. These negotiations were placed on hold following the dissolution of the Thai parliament in February and the subsequent coup in September.

The new military government issued compulsory licenses for several anti-HIV drugs, effectively ending the FTA negotiations. The enthusiasm for this initiative has been apparent from the beginning. Many of the Thai leaders who were interviewed or joined the dialogue have a strong personal connection to the United States.

asia and us relationship

Several have studied in the U. Many expressed their opinion that this study was long overdue, and that similar analysis should be conducted more regularly to help Thai-U.

asia and us relationship

These American friends of Thailand have generally been concerned about the growing political distance and have many ideas for building on the lessons of these challenging recent years. Not all of our interviewees were so enthusiastic. Some questioned the timing of the program, arguing that we should wait until after an election in Thailand. We heard a play-by-play account of lines crossed and perceived U. Our final report on the study and the outcomes of the bilateral dialogue is available here.

asia and us relationship

These are some of the most valuable findings: Thailand welcomes renewed U. During the dialogue, most U. Economic linkages have dramatically raised the stakes in relations with China, which is now the leading trade partner of every ASEAN country.

The Future of Thai-U.S. Relations

Need for better ways to promote U. Thai leaders broadly accept the importance of U. But there was strong push-back from across the political spectrum against the way this has been done since The dialogue produced several suggestions for U.

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Digital technology and social media are the most promising areas for future economic and security cooperation. This is challenging given that the U. In the digital technology sector, however, there are plenty of opportunities for new partnerships. Thailand has enormous potential to accelerate growth and increase productivity through online applications and digital technology.

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In the past 18 months, more than 11 million Thais have become new internet users, mostly over smart phones, one of the fastest rates of mobile internet penetration in the world.

The dialogue produced a set of actionable recommendations on cybersecurity cooperation and the risks of constraining data flows. Need for a new generation of leaders to invest in the Thai-U. One striking finding was the dwindling number of scholars, military officers, diplomats, and students focused on Thai-U.

In Thailand, we could not find a major Thai university with a U.

asia and us relationship

Several Thai leaders argued for the revitalization of the American Studies Association, which was once a leading actor in supporting scholars and officials interested in U. Likewise, finding a Thailand expert in Washington is becoming more difficult with each passing year, as many of the old guard from the Vietnam War era are long retired.