Authentic love and relationship

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authentic love and relationship

Dec 6, She wanted that vulnerable and authentic love, but wasn't saying that. Giordana Toccaceli is an International Dating, Relationship and. Jan 7, Loving authentically is the antidote to bad faith relationship traps. Authentic love must be founded on reciprocal recognition of two freedoms;. Recognizing Authentic Love. Our relationship is stronger because we recognize, accept, and support our whole identity. October 9, by John Moore Leave a.

We're in bad faith if we act like we don't have a choice.

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While anyone can be guilty of it, Beauvoir says that women have been more susceptible to bad faith than men because they've been oppressed. Her call to end women's oppression is one of the reasons why The Second Sex was one of the pillars of the feminist movement. Ideas that tempt us towards bad faith loving include: Believing that love will complete us: Looking to our lover to provide meaning and justification of our lives is a problem when it's an excuse to avoid being an agent in our own lives because it's existing on our lover's terms.

It is an escape from the responsibility of choosing for ourselves. Believing that love is everything: Love can be so dazzling that we risk losing ourselves in the euphoria of it. Yet, if we let ourselves become slaves to our passions, we'll eventually stagnate in boredom and hollowness. Believing that love is destiny: However, as the relationship with my future wife continued and I witnessed her authenticity, I began recognizing the power of self-love and that others would love me for me.

She always projects her authentic self and recognizes what makes her axles churn. This recognition is definitely fluid as life would be boring if new recognitions were not discovered to continue the axle-churning. This is vitally important for everyone, and how authenticity is revealed. Through my wife, I recognized the power of self-love and the effect it has on others. Through our experiences, we understand that our journey will consist of valley and peaks, but recognize that our love will always bind us no matter the challenge.

My wife and I are being our authentic selves because we know reciprocal, authentic love is present. We can do this because of our authentic love for one another. I get the feeling from Carrie that I can't do anything right.

Although I'm very successful at work, Carrie never appreciates that. She never was that way before we were married. I don't know why she's changed. Maybe we should get a divorce like she's been threatening to do. She's been divorced three times before -- this will make it four in a row.


Carrie got angry and said, "What's my childhood got to do with this? I had the best childhood in the world. My mother and father gave me everything, but now both are dead.

My daddy was the perfect man. Carrie was still demanding to be indulged by her husband, insisting he play the role of her doting father. Too many years of her self-righteousness interfered with improving her marriage with Bob; she is now looking for a fifth husband. The Love-As-a-Commitment-Anxiety Masquerade For many people, love in these uncertain times becomes associated with disaster.

The wonderful feeling of loving someone and being loved by that one special person becomes connected to the belief that the relationship is bound to fail; that love is simply a way-station on the road to a breakup or a divorce. Recently, Michelle and Carl, a young couple in their mids who had never been married before, came to see us because they were on the verge of breaking up. They had been living together in an agreed-upon monogamous relationship for the past year.

Things were going so smoothly that they had decided to marry. However, three weeks before the date for their marriage, their relationship turned into hell on earth, Michelle told us.

At that time, Michelle found a scribbled phone number of an old girlfriend of Carl's on a piece of paper that had "accidentally" fallen in a crack in the couch. Michelle was furious, and when she confronted Carl with this "evidence," he acknowledged he had seen this ex-girlfriend recently and gone to bed with her.

It was like my last night out as a bachelor. Such men and women unconsciously create a breakup before they marry to prevent them from getting even more seriously hurt after the wedding.

authentic love and relationship

That happened to Carl, whose upbringing explained why: As a result, he had associated getting married with getting divorced. Remembering the excruciating pain he experienced from his parents' breakup, he had unconsciously vowed that this would never happen to him when he grew up. What better way to avoid the pain of divorce than not to get married! So Carl unconsciously created a scene where he "misplaced" his ex-girlfriend's phone number where Michelle could find it.

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But instead of protecting himself against experiencing the "pain" of committed love, he was creating a kind of unhappiness that would haunt him the rest of his life. Michelle could not get over her mistrust of Carl, and their marriage ended before it began. We've seen this type of commitment anxiety take place after a marriage occurs as well as before.

It is as if a person like Carl were two people instead of one: Their fear has triumphed over their love. The Love-ls-an-lmplied-Bargain Masquerade The belief that love means doing nice things for one's partner in expectation of an instant acknowledgment and return of the favor is another major misconception.

Our counseling walls seem to echo with the common complaint a client will level at his or her spouse: You looked so great and smelled so good, all I wanted to do was make love to you when we came home.

authentic love and relationship

But no, you said, 'I'm too tired, not tonight, dear. Not even thanking me!

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And rejecting my hugs and kisses! How many times have I gone out of my way for you without your telling me you appreciate it? I wasn't rejecting you -- I really was very exhausted from all the housework I did that day, and you should have had the consideration to respect my feelings instead of getting angry with me.

For love is not a commodity to be exchanged for another commodity of "equal" value. Love is not a business balance sheet where the bottom line is in red ink if you value the relationship only by what you get rather than freely give. John is still busy today resentment-collecting, while his now-ex-wife Jeannine insists that for her love is a freely-given gift -- not a demand.

Recipes for disaster Every one of our clients who made these or similar complaints had married for love, to the best of their understanding of what love meant.

However, they had trapped themselves into believing that the masquerades of love they had practiced once they were married were the real thing, and holding onto those beliefs led to divorce rather than greater love. Every one of the examples quoted above is a recipe for disaster in a marriage.