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There is a backstory to Beatrice and Benedick's relationship, prose; and her final soliloquy in this scene constitutes the last 10 lines of a. Compare Benedick and Beatrice's relationship to Hero and Claudio's. With other characters like Hero, we fail to see any growth, and. Much Ado About Nothing is a comedy by William Shakespeare thought to have been written in At the end, Benedick and Beatrice join forces to set things right, and the others tries to dissuade his friend but Don Pedro encourages the marriage. . Don Pedro's last line can be understood to mean, "Pay attention to your.

Don John uses this situation to get revenge on his brother Don Pedro by telling young Claudio that Don Pedro is wooing Hero for himself. A furious Claudio confronts Don Pedro, but the misunderstanding is quickly resolved and Claudio wins Hero's hand in marriage. Meanwhile, Benedick disguises himself and dances with Beatrice. Beatrice proceeds to tell this "mystery man" that Benedick is "the prince's jester, a very dull fool.

Don Pedro and his men, bored at the prospect of waiting a week for the wedding, harbour a plan to match-make between Benedick and Beatrice. They arrange for Benedick to overhear a conversation in which they declare that Beatrice is madly in love with him but afraid to tell him; that their pride is the main impediment to their courtship. Meanwhile, Hero and her maid Ursula ensure Beatrice overhears them discuss Benedick's undying love for her.

The tricks have the desired effect: Meanwhile, Don Pedro's brother Don John, the "bastard prince", plots to stop the wedding, embarrass his brother and wreak misery on Leonato and Claudio. He informs Don Pedro and Claudio that Hero is unfaithful, and arranges for them to see John's associate Borachio enter her bedchamber where he has an amorous liaison actually with Margaret, Hero's chambermaid.

Claudio and Don Pedro are taken in, and Claudio vows to humiliate Hero publicly. Her humiliated father Leonato expresses the wish that she would die. The presiding friar intervenes, believing Hero to be innocent. He suggests the family must fake Hero's death in order to extract the truth and Claudio's remorse.

Prompted by the day's harrowing events, Benedick and Beatrice confess their love for each other. Beatrice then asks Benedick to slay Claudio as proof of his devotion, since he has slandered her kinswoman.

Benedick is horrified and at first denies her request. Leonato and his brother Antonio blame Claudio for Hero's apparent death and challenge him to a duel. Benedick then does the same.

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Benedick is following the commands of Beatrice and is one of the few who believe Hero. Luckily, on the night of Don John's treachery, the local Watch apprehended Borachio and his ally Conrade. Despite the comic ineptness of the Watch headed by constable Dogberrya master of malapropismsthey have overheard the duo discussing their evil plans.

The Watch arrest the villains and eventually obtain a confession, informing Leonato of Hero's innocence. Though Don John has fled the city, a force is sent to capture him.

Claudio, stricken with remorse at Hero's supposed death, agrees to her father's demand that he marry Antonio's daughter, "almost the copy of my child that's dead" [3] and carry on the family name.

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At the wedding, the bride is revealed to be Hero, still living. Beatrice and Benedick, prompted by their friends' interference, finally and publicly confess their love for each other. As the play draws to a close, a messenger arrives with news of Don John's capture — but Benedick proposes to postpone his punishment to another day so that the couples can enjoy their new-found happiness.

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Don Pedro is lonely because he hasn't found love. Thus Benedick gives him the advice "Get thee a wife.

The earliest printed text states that Much Ado About Nothing was "sundry times publicly acted" prior to and it is likely that the play made its debut in the autumn or winter of — The play was published in quarto in by the stationers Andrew Wise and William Aspley. This was the only edition prior to the First Folio in Analysis and criticism[ edit ] Style[ edit ] The play is one of the few in the Shakespeare canon where the majority of the text is written in prose.

Sicily was ruled by Aragon at the time the play was set. Act II, Scene v: Benedick and Beatrice quickly became the main interest of the play, to the point where they are today considered the leading roles, even though their relationship is given equal or lesser weight in the script than Claudio and Hero's situation.

While this was reflected and emphasized in certain plays of the period, it was also challenged. It seems that comic drama could be a means of calming such anxieties. Ironically, we can see through the play's popularity that this only increased people's interest in such behavior. Benedick wittily gives voice to male anxieties about women's "sharp tongues and proneness to sexual lightness". This stereotype is turned on its head in Balthazar's song "Sigh No More," which presents men as the deceitful and inconstant sex that women must suffer.

Infidelity[ edit ] A theme in Shakespeare is cuckoldry or the infidelity of a wife. Several of the characters seem to be obsessed by the idea that a man has no way to know if his wife is faithful and therefore women can take full advantage of that fact.

Don John plays upon Claudio's pride and fear of cuckoldry, which leads to the disastrous first wedding. Many of the males easily believe that Hero is impure and even her father readily condemns her with very little proof. This motif runs through the play, often in references to horns, a symbol of cuckoldry.

In the story the friendships were getting weaker because of the romances. One of the friendships that got weaker because of the romances was Benedick's with the Prince and Claudio. This friendship weakened because of his romance with Beatrice. At first he said no because he was friends with Claudio. But, in the end romance became stronger and and said he would.

Another romance that over powered friendship was Claudio's and Hero's. Even though he said all of that rude stuff about her, he stilled married her. Then his friendship with Don John ended because of the trick he played on eveyone. Those are reasons why romances are stronger than friendships.

J's response 16th of May I think that the relationships were stronger. I think that because all the people are turning on each other. But the people that are in love with each other keep their relationships till the end of the story. An example that romance was stronger than freindship in "Much Ado About Nothin" is that at the end Claudio still married Hero, and they found out that Don Jonh try to lie because he doesn't like Claudio.

Also you can see that Claudio choose Hero which is the one he loves over Don Jonh a friend. TF 16th of May In Much Ado About Nothing i think that relationships are stronger than friendships when Hero was slandered her cousin Beatrice told Benedick to kill his best friend Claudio and he agreed.

Claudio went againsst what his friends wanted him to do and asked Hero for her hand in marriage. Benedick challenged his best friend to a challenge just to show that he loved Beatrice. Beatrice says that no man is good enough for her but then she falls in love with Benedick by telling her that he loved her. Love is stronger than friendship because even though Hero is Slandered by Claudio they still are in love.

JB's response 16th of May I believe that the relationships are stronger than the friendships. I believe that because Benedick showed that he would choose Beatrice over his friends. When Beatrice told him to challenge Claudio he said okay.

If the friendships had been stronger, Benedick would have refused no matter what because he is friends with Claudio. If the friendships were stronger, the friends would act like friends, and not lie to each other. Like Don John did to Claudio to ruin his relationship with Hero. If they were all really friends, they would be happy for whoever he is with. That is why i think relationships are stronger than frienships.

When don john tells his brother Hero is sleeping around, Claudio sides with his friend instead of romance. Another example why friendship is stronger then romance is when the prince woos Hero. Even though Don John is not a true friend to Claudio, Claudio still takes his word. That explains why friendship is stronger then romance msot of the times. There are times when romance over powers friendship. Romances vs Friendships 16th of May I beleive Romances and Friends ships are the same in power up to a point.

IF you have known a friend a long time you are very loyal to each other. Than again a romance is equally just as powerful. Benedict had to make a hard decision. He had to choose between his best friend and the woman he loves. He chose the woman over his friend. You can always have fun with a friend but it is different with a pratner.

You both have different ideas about what is fun and what is not fun. One reason why I think that is because Benedick was going to kill Claudio for Beatrice. I think friendships are stronger than the romantic relationships because there are a couple of instances where there was people getting hurt or going to get hurt in the romantic relationships. In the romantic relationship between Claudio and Hero, Hero ends up getting hurt at the wedding.

Claudio got deceived and thought Hero was unfaithful to him. Hero was also forced to fake her death after the wedding, by her father, Leanato. Also, in the relationship between Benedict and Beatrice, Beatrice wants Benedict to kill Claudio to ensure that he really loves her.

Don Pedro helps out Claudio in the beginning of the story because he is a good friend. He disguises himself as Claudio to get Hero to love him, and he is successful. Friendships are stronger than romantic relationships though because of some of the bad things that happened in this play due to the romantic relationships. There are romantic relationships and friendsships.

There is a constant battle between these two relationships to be dominant. There are many friendships in Much Ado About Nothing.

The friendships are solid and true. Each friendship in the play contains caring and compassionate members. The friendships are not deceptive or jealous.

There are also romantic relationships in the play.

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Unlike the friendsships the romantic relationships struggle throughout the play. The romantic relationships in this play were selfish and angry. The members in the relationships are unforgiving and quick to judge. One example of this is how claudio was very judgemental of Hero. He was very quick to judge her character. This shows how the romantic relationships were weak in this play. The friendships in this play are easly the stronger relationship.

They are more understanding and trustworthy. Therefore my view of the stronger relationship is the friendships. Both 7th of May Both relationships are stronger, but at different times. A time when friendship is stronger is when Claudio and Don Pedro think that Don John is their friend and they believe him over Hero's truth.

Love or Friendship, Which is stronger? But among the happiness there were also lies and betrayal a foot. And with all the chaos of it all there was a happy ending. But if i were to say which of the relationships were stronger, i wound say that freindships held stronger. The reason that i believe this is because Claudio was so quick to accuse Hero of being unfaithful that he didn't even ask her about it in private, instead he just jumped the gun and left her at the alter in front of everybody.

Which dosen't sound like to great of a relationship. And the only sign of the of a weakend strength in friendship was when Benedict chalenged Claudio, but that was in all the confusion and frenzy of the "death of Hero. Bros before Hoes 7th of May I find that the friendships in this play are stronger than the romantic relationships in the play. The relationships are based off of a few days of knowing each other.

Whereas the friendships are based off of being through war, and more, together. There is a much stronger bond within the friendships, as opposed to relationships. Like as for Benedick who choose his love for Beatrice to go against his friend Claudio and the Prince.

As Benedick's romance is stronger than his fiendship he had with Claudio and the Prince. Which for he had a longer friendship with Claudio and The Prince before he even knew he had a romance with Beatrice. As for Claudio and The Prince their friendship never changed from the begining to the end.

Even for Claudio that has fallen in love at first sight. Believing that romance could be stronger than friendship. The partner could make you forget about your friendships that you had. Even though friendship is could have been longer than the romance, however, romance is something that you want to keep forever.

Though even friendship would always be there there is only one special romance. As for Benedick choosing his love for Beatrice after just finding out he agreed to go against his friends to make his Beatrice happy.


In the play, both romantic relations and friendships play a big part. In my opinion, the friendships occur to be more stronger in the play. One reason why the friendships are stronger in "Much Ado About Nothing" is because Beatrice stuck by Hero's side after Claudio accused her of cheating.

In the book Beatrice states,"No, truly not, although until last night I have this twelvemonth been her bedfellow" linepg.

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She also states,"O, on my soul, my cousin is belied" linepg. This shows that Beatrice believed that Hero didn't cheat after Claudio had claimed that he had seen her cheatinhg. Also, without the friendships, there woundn't be any romantic relations. Friendship vs Romantic relationships 7th of May The book Much Ado About Nothing is a shakespearian play about a group of people and their relationships, whether good or bad, with eachother.

The romantic relationships play a major roll in the events that happen in the play. The friendships, or lack there of also definetly cause the situations that occur throughout the story. Without emotion people or characters do not take action. Romantic relationships play a big roll because if Claudio had not fallen in love with Hero most of the events in the story would not have happened. Another example would be if Benedict and Beatrice did not express their love for eachother.

Beatrice would have never asked Benedict to duel Claudio, hence losing a even that takes place in the play. Friendships also play a major roll in how the story plays out. For example, if don John had had friendships with some of the characters such as Claudi, he would have not caused all the problems he did. Without Don John causing the problems that he did, 75 percent of the story would not exist.

No action and reaction by any of the characters, it is cause and effect: Just as it is in real life. What someone does to us or how someone makes us feel causes us to react in a certain way, whether it be good or bad. I think this because in mostly ever scene, someone confesses their love.

Yeah, there is friendship but not so much. For example, it says "In my my eye she is the sweetest lady that ever i loooked on" Act1 Sc. Not knowing one another so well, Claudio and Hero get married. Anotehr reason why this is strongly a romantic relationships is because,Benedick and Beatrice can't stand one another and they end up together.

When Hero and Claudio don't get married, Claudio marries the niece of Leonato. Now if I can recall it takes awhile to cope a lose. If you love someone go after them. At least give them a second chance. In conclusion this tells you why I think the play has a strong roamntic relationship than a friendship. I believe this becuase there was only one romantic relationship that was actual romance. This was between Beatrice and Benedick.

Even though they would make fun of eac other they really loved each other. Hero and Claudio said that they were in love but when told that he could marry Leonato' niece he jumped at the chance, even though he had just heard that Hero had just "died". Friendship was stronger because everything that the Prince did in the stroywas to help his friends. He was the reason that Claudio and Hero were able to marry. He was also the cause of the marriage of Beatrice and Benedick.

Even though that he challenged Claudio, Benedic and Claudio were still friends at the end of the story. They both have there own strong characteristics. It's a very debatable question becasuse throughout the book there are love hate relationships. I think that friendship is the stronger relationship. The reason why I think frienship is the stronger relationship is because there are more friendships in the book than romantic ones.

There are some romatic relationships but I just feel like the friendship ones are stronger. One friendship in the book is Beatrice and Hero.