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bosson and himeko relationship quiz

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Despite her weird sense of taste, she is also very good at cooking. She holds great faith in Bossun, as she, like Switch is willing to do anything Bossun says, and has shown feelings for Bossun, as shown by her jealousy when he went on a group date and being embarrassed, when on a fake date with him, In 'Himekoi' chapter it is fully seen that she does have a crush on Bossun and nearly confessing it but fail just like in the last chapter of 'Trouble travel'.

She has a great love for cute things, as seen when she acted motherly for Bossun when he was a child due to Mr. She has shown great interest to have Bossun and Tsubaki improve their brotherly relationship, which she shares with Switch, and the Student Council, with the exception of Tsubaki. In the last chapter, she graduated and finally made her true feelings to Bossun known, but without receiving any clear reciprocation from him on her confession.

She is last seen as an adult with slightly longer hair. Keith SilversteinAlex Cazarez young English The 'brains' of the team in contrast to Bossun's intuition and Himeko's brawn in charge of intelligence-gathering and, in contrast to the more excitable other Sket Dan members, largely concerned with "honest, data-substantiated fact".

He originally was very different from his current self, his huge change is due to the death of his little brother, which he blames himself for.

Originally, he was far more normal, but had an inferiority complex about his little brother Switch, who had talents that far surpassed his, despite being very proud of him. This complex was further emphasized when their childhood friend Sawa acted like she was more interested in his little brother, when in reality they had mutual feelings.

When Sawa was being stalked, he originally was going to protect her, but felt useless in front of his younger brother and let him take his place. He went for a walk and met a friend of Sawa and told her Sawa was going out with Switch. Then he spotted the stalker, but found out that he was only an admirer.

Kazuyoshi realized that Sawa's friend was the true culprit who planned to hurt Sawa. By the time he arrived, his little brother had been murdered after protecting Sawa. After his brother's death, he takes on his appearance and name because he feels responsible for his death, and stops speaking shortly after until Bossun comes to his aid. Kazuyoshi never speaks aloud his trauma causing a severe form of selective mutism and instead uses his laptop to communicate using the "Speech Synthesis Software" his brother developed to communicate in between constant bouts of forum trolling and dating-simulation play throughs.

Switch is the proprietor of a vast school-wide intelligence network consisting largely of perverts and outcasts, and thus in possession of almost unlimited information on everyone in the vicinity of the school; the ensuing potential for blackmail makes him a bad person to cross. Surprisingly popular with the ladies, he expresses interest in very little outside of his Sket Dan duties - except, curiously, for frequent ' Science vs.

Beyond computer skills, Switch has shown frequent and unexplained access to high-tech gear such as computerized training equipment and minute homing devices.

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He hates Otakudespite being one. He is completely loyal to Bossun: In the last chapter, he delivers the graduation speech on behalf of his graduating class - coming to terms with his past by finally letting go off his laptop and speaking in public with his actual voice again.

He is last seen as an adult, highly implied to be dating Momoka. Student council members[ edit ] The rivals of the Sket-dan, who uphold school rules and handle administrative duties, like the creation and funding of clubs. Later steps down from president when he graduated and pass the torch to Tsubaki as of chapter A very cool, charismatic, laid-back individual, who seemingly does nothing as President.

He entrusts most responsibilities to the Vice President, Sasuke Tsubaki. He is well-known for his intelligence. His IQ is around Due to his high IQ, he is the best at riddles in school. His ability to read and understand people is used to manipulate them to do what he wants, such as motivating Bossun into competing with him seriously. This same ability is why he has the complete loyalty of Student Council members, Sasuke and Daisy.

His performance in the Gachinko Vivage Battle's "Pixie Garden" match with Bossun shows that he is a good strategist, who learns quickly, and is adept at lying. Despite his ruthlessness, and professions that he is very cunning, he's against cheating to win.

He has a tendency to forget things he's said, such as the bet he pretended to make with Bossun to get him fired up. He is very lazy, known to sleep in the counsel's classroom. He is very protective of his sister and will become enraged if any guy gets close to her, which is shown in his misunderstanding of her relationship with Tsubaki. He has a unique laughter "kakaka". Takahiro Sakurai drama CD[1] [2] Hiro Shimono anime The Vice President of the Student Council, who takes his responsibilities very seriously, even over zealously, willing to punch a hole in a wall and injure himself to get his point across.

He believes that the Sket-dan is useless and should be abolished, leading to conflicts with Bossun. The two consider each other rivals and his desire to defeat Bossun and the Sket-dan motivate him to do things he wouldn't otherwise do.

Himeko wears the basics of the Kaimei school uniform a white shirt with a white sailor collar, a red collar ribbon and a blue skirt with the addition of a black choker and high heels.

Later on, she replaces them with pink sneakers. Prior to the events which led to her becoming known as "Onihime," her hair was black and fashioned in a similar hairstyle to Bossun's. As the "Onihime," she had longer blonde hair parted away from her forehead and tied back in a ponytail.

Personality Despite being naturally aggressive and a little cranky, Himeko tries to maintain as positive as Bossun, even if sometimes she doesn't succeed. Anyway, she has a good sense of humor before losing her patience. Hime tends to be violent when something goes wrong and, indeed, in many cases the violence is her first choice to fix the problems.

Anyway, Himeko has a good heart and, like her companions of Sket-dan, and she is determined to do whatever it takes to help other people. It also appears that takes more seriously the everyday affairs or at least more than Bossun and Switch.

Hime Onizuka

She is impulsive, always acting before thinking, which is shown in Enigman's quiz game. This is because she feels that she owes him much. Himeko feels a special affection for the little and "cute" things, and sometimes her maternal instinct comes out easily.

By being originally from Osaka, Hime uses some different words or phrases to other characters, although this is only noticeable in a few jokes or situations. Looking for a way to get revenge, they follow Himeko, Switch and Bossun, and they eavesdrop on the Sket Dan's conversation about Himeko's field hockey stick being her trusty partner in battle.

bosson and himeko relationship quiz

The girls decide to tell the information to their boss, Momoka. Chiaki tells the Sket Dan that there's a rumor the Onihime is causing trouble again. But it wasn't Himeko, since she's not the person she used to be. On her way to home she's confronted again by the trio. Unfortunately for her, she mistook her Cyclone for Switch's Reality Maji's cynical stick, making her vulnerable. Inui and her gals knock Himeko out by covering her mouth with tissues laced with anesthesia.

When she awakens, she met their gang, Momoka, who claims to be the legendary Onihime. When Himeko's phone rings, Momoka picks it up and chat with Bossun. With Bossun concentration mode and Switch's intel skills, they find Himeko in the park moments later.

After Switch unties her, Himeko easily defeats Momoka with sheer intimidation using her Cyclone to smash the ground. Momoka and her gang realize Himeko is the real Onihime and submit to Himeko. It turns out that Momoka had always been a big fan of the Onihime legend, and now she and her group have begun idol-worshiping Himeko, as they call Himeko with "Nee-san".

If they succeed, the Sket Dan and Momoka's group has the right to stay at school. Despite that Masaya destroys all of the Sket Dan props, Himeko and Momoka manage to create a heartfelt performance, a puppet show about a demon girl who wanted to create friends but end up hurting them.

They have to face off with the Student Council. She faces off against Michiru Shinba in a cooking battle in the first round but lost.

Despite her cooking is good, Shinba's cooking wows the judges because his cooking was freshly cook. Her comrades still praise her cooking, causing her to cry a bit. Due to all but one of the band's members becoming sick prior to the festival, the band never performed.

Himeko with Bossun and Switch formed a new band called " The Sketchbook ".

Yūsuke Fujisaki

On their way there Himeko gets nausea and Chuuma sensei offers her medicine from his medic box. However, his medic box isn't just contained nausea medicine but also contains some medicines he invented.

One of the medicine can exchange two humans soul and it hasn't tested yet so Chuuma asks Bossun and Tsubaki to test it. Unfortunately the medicine gets mixed and the three of them drank wrong medicine. It was supposed to be Bossun and Tsubaki who exchange body but Himeko drank the wrong medicine causing her to exchange body with Bossun.

Chuuma promises the three he will soon invented the antidote soon after they arrive.

bosson and himeko relationship quiz

Chuuma, however, drinks a medicine that makes the consumer feels useless and couldn't make the antidote. Bossun and Himeko get panic because they will stay like that in a whole three days.

bosson and himeko relationship quiz

Due to their body exchange, they never been apart but Himeko feels lonely when Bossun as Himeko takes photo session with Himeko's friends.

Seeing this chance, Saaya that doesn't know Bossun and Himeko exchanged bodies asks Himeko to come along with her to talk about something. Later in a less crowded place Saaya asks what does Bossun think about Himeko which shocked Himeko. The confused Himeko then tries to answer 'just like Bossun' and after the talk, they separates.

In the night, the two can't sleep well in the opposite gender room so they decide to sleep together in Chuuma's room. Himeko then tells Bossun about her conversation with Saaya which surprised Bossun. He says to Himeko that he never thinks about his feelings toward Himeko before, until now.

After that long night, they spend the rest of the trip with having fun. Back at school, they finally can drink the antidote, but it turns out that they again, drank the wrong medicine.

However, when Remi manages to break Shin's car, the trip is cancelled and the Sket Dan end up traveling to Osaka instead, as per an invitation from Himeko's old friend Sumire.

However, when Himeko discovers that Sumire is being extorted by an ex-boyfriend, she secretly goes to confront him and ends up kidnapped. As soon as Bossun and Switch realize this, they figure out Himeko's location and go to rescue her. Things get serious when her kidnappers turn out to be a gang who ambush Bossun and Switch and knock them unconscious before tying them up.

Though Bossun is able to free themselves, Switch is knocked out and still unconscious and it's up to Bossun to rescue Himeko on his own. Using his slingshot and concentration mode, he takes out the gang members one by one until coming face-to-face with their leader, Tsunewho has Himeko captive.

Tsune manages to rid Bossun of his remaining ammo, and the latter ends up shooting a takoyaki ball as a result. Using Tsune's momentary distraction, Bossun punches him in the face. After he unties Himeko, she suddenly hugs him with relief and he finds himself at a loss as to how to respond - hesitating to return the hug.

At the end of Golden Week, Sumire comments to Switch on the relationship between Bossun and Himeko before seeing the trio off. Ryusei has his son, Yuuki Ichimaruparticipate in Bossun's festival. If Yuuki is happy with the culture festival, Ryusei will allow Kaimei High School to continue to host the culture festivals in the future. If Bossun fails, Bossun will get expel. Bossun is able to utilize an extraordinary level of perception when he equips his goggles and mentally recalls relevant facts to the problem at hand.

His perceptiveness is so keen that he can even make out distant sounds in the background of a phone call. This level of concentration also makes him an excellent shot with the pachinko ball slingshot he uses as a weapon.

After using this ability, he often ends up taking deep breaths like a diver resurfacing. He is, comically, an extraordinary artist - both in 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional form, as evidenced by his stints making origami and figurines.

His fellow club members have joked that his artistic talent is a strange one for a manga protagonist. His relationship with Himeko is complicated - they aren't lovers, but undeniably more than friends.