Britt ekland and peter sellers relationship

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britt ekland and peter sellers relationship

Peter Sellers and Britt Ekland's whirlwind love affair - from marrying two weeks During their short marriage Ekland and Seller socialised with. In the lottery of Hollywood life, Victoria Sellers has always been dealt the wild card. Today, the year-old daughter of Britt Ekland and the late Peter However, it was a stormy marriage and Sellers and Ekland were very. A newly discovered letter written by Peter Sellers has shed new light on his troubled four-year marriage to the actress Britt Ekland who was

britt ekland and peter sellers relationship

Pictures of the couple at Sellers' house in Surrey showed the couple glowing with love. Yet within four years the marriage was over. Ekland on her wedding day Image: Hulton Archive Sellers had wed Britt on February 19,at Guildford registry office, it was to be his second marriage of four.

But it was to be a tough start to married life when Sellers suffered a series of heart attacks and was nursed by his loving wife. He and Britt had a daughter Victoria and starred together in two films. Seller was friends with the photographer with whom he shared a love of women, photography, fine wine and fast cars; both were also prone to bouts of depression. At the marital home in Image: Moviepix Read More How married Princess Margaret's affair with 'toy boy' 18 years her junior threatened to damage the whole royal family They spent many weekends together with their wives and went on several holidays on board Sellers's yacht Bobo in Sardinia.

But from the start Sellers had been tormented by fears he would lose his beautiful bride - within a month of their whirlwind marriage. A previously unseen letter which emerged in showed how the comic genius was besotted with the future Bond Girl - and terrified that she would dump him.

The Pink Panther star, who died in aged 54, had poured out his heart when he wrote to his new bride while she was away filming. He began typing the letter at home alone in California at 2.

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Ten days later they were married at a Guildford Register Office. More than 1, people lined the streets outside to catch a glimpse of Sellers, 38, and Ekland, 22, who had newly signed up by 20th Century Fox.

britt ekland and peter sellers relationship

Only weeks later the doubts for Sellers began to surface in the letter which he began at 2. It took 90 minutes to complete. He wrote of breaking out in "cold sweats" as he imagined her flirting with several actors from the film The Great Escape, which he had just watched for the first time.

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I love you so desperately, and think you are so absolutely wonderful in every way, that I find it very difficult to understand why you married me.

You who are just the most lovely thing in the whole world. What do you see in me? I'm not special in any way. I will get you in a super bikini next week.

britt ekland and peter sellers relationship

He would be watching a movie with Brigitte Bardot in it doing a love scene and suddenly he would imagine it was Britt in bed with another man. Britt, Brigitte, blonde, almost the same. Does she think he was madly in love or just mad?

britt ekland and peter sellers relationship

He had mental problems and he should have been on therapy. I had no experience of that sort of life but I learnt very quickly.

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He made sure I stayed with him. It felt like that. How could she have been that naive? I should have waited and continued my career.

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We are good friends. I really love him. You might be hurt but ultimately if they are good people a friendship stays. Jim was never unfaithful, Lou was, and at the time I thought that was unforgivable. Now I think there are worse things.

I told him because I was very much in love with him that if he was unfaithful that would be the end of our relationship and it was. I was young and I thought it was very exciting, someone you had a crush on, a movie star who turned out to be real. They ate and drank and skied and went to the south of France and drove beautiful cars. I am like an old-fashioned bachelor. I never expected my life to go this far. When I was young I thought I would be engaged, have the ring, get married, and then have a wedding ring, everything proper.

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Lou was a record producer, Rod a singer, and Jim the drummer. It was just a coincidence.

britt ekland and peter sellers relationship

They are much too vain and self-absorbed and I never did get involved with another one.