Buffy and spike relationship season 7

Season 7: The Breakdown of Buffy Summers: angearia

buffy and spike relationship season 7

Mar 23, In season 7 there were several references to spike and Buffy being It's definitely a messy complicated relationship but to me that doesn't. Jul 20, By Season 7, all of the Scoobies have figured out how they can help the group — Buffy leads, Willow magicks, Spike fights, Anya has useful. The Relationship Between Spike & Buffy In Season 7. Opinion by adwbuffy posted over a year ago. You got you're soul for what. It was what you wanted right ?.

Season 7: The Breakdown of Buffy Summers

Buffy gets a job at the rebuilt Sunnydale Highwhere she meets the new principal, Robin Wooda vampire hunter and the son of deceased Slayer, Nikki Woodwho was killed by Spike in New York City many years ago.

Buffy also reunites with Willow, who still is working through her emotional rampage in the previous season, and Spike, who earned his soul back but is temporarily driven mad by regret.

Willow begins to heal emotionally from Tara 's death and finds solace with a Potential Slayer named Kennedy. They immediately start dating before Kennedy can fully understand Willow. Their relationship is strained when Willow drains a significant portion of her life force to reopen a portal for Buffy, but they soon reconcile.

Andrew is captured by the Scoobies, who show resentment toward him, but he becomes a committed ally after The First takes Jonathan's form and tries to convince him to kill all the Potentials in the house. Andrew refuses, insisting he's good now, later admitting his guilt about how cruel his betrayal of Jonathan was and disclosing that he does not believe he will survive the forthcoming battle.

Anya and Xander break up for good after a demon named Halfrek gets her to kill a group of frat boys. Anya requests that her latest vengeance be reversed. Halfrek is killed and Anya is turned human once more. Spike is driven mad by The First, and soon it also gains control of him for a time.

buffy and spike relationship season 7

The First also reveals that Spike killed Robin Wood's mother, sparking a vendetta. Robin makes an attempt on Spike's life. Ironically, this attack frees Spike from his insanity and, regaining his clarity, Spike beats Robin. Buffy finds the injured Robin in his garage and angrily shuns him for attacking Spike.

Buffy finds out that Giles was part of the scheme, and becomes angry at him, but they soon make peace. Willow helps track the Potentials in Sunnydale and a number of them, brought by Gilestake refuge in Buffy's house.

Dawn at first believes herself to be a Potential, but becomes disappointed when she finds that is not the case. Xander cheers her up saying she's anything but ordinary. The now human Anya also returns to the Scooby Gang, and while she and Xander still love each other, they don't get back together.

buffy and spike relationship season 7

Later, a fully reformed Faithhaving been broken out of prison by Wesley to save Angel, returns to Sunnydale to help fight The First. During Faith's return, the Scoobies and the Potentials begin to question Buffy's leadership skills.

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Everything goes seemingly well, but when Buffy leads the Potentials to attack Caleb and the Bringers, several girls are killed and Xander loses an eye during the fight. The Scoobies and the Potentials eventually mutiny against her, electing a reluctant Faith as their new leader. Spike, however, stays loyal to Buffy and informs her that he has learned of an ancient weaponknown as the Scythe, that was designed only for the Slayer.

While Buffy fights Caleb and finds the Scythe, Faith leads the Potentials on a mission in the sewers, only to find they've been tricked as a time bomb explodes. Following the explosion, several Turok-Han attack the survivors.

buffy and spike relationship season 7

It is also pretty clear that both Buffy and Spike are actually using, taking advantage of, each other. Spike, who is having romantic feelings towards Buffy, is well aware of her depression and emotional state, and knows what she has been going through in fact, he knows more about this than her friends do. Though he also knows that his feelings for her are not mutual, he still gets together with her when he gets the chance if I'm not mistaking, their first sexual encounter takes place in the sixth season episode "Smashed".

Compare his behavior with Xander in season 2's "Bewitched, bothered and bewildered" - when his attempt to cast a love spell on Cordelia with the help of Amy backfires, resulting in every woman in Sunnydale being attracted to him, Buffy, also under the influence of the spell, tries to seduce him and offers to have sex with him.

Xander, despite having had his own crush on Buffy since the first time he saw her, still declines because he wants to protect and respect her, and knows that her behavior is not what she really wants. In the sixth season, Buffy also takes advantage of Spike.

Do buffy and spike get together (date) in season 7 of buffy the vampire slayer?

She is well aware of his feelings about her, and though she never actually states that she returns them, she uses his feelings for her own benefit by making herself feel better through their sexual encounters.

By the end of the sixth season, Buffy breaks up with Spike because she has come to the conclusion that she in fact is using him. In this scene she refers to him as William his human nameinstead of Spike; for the first time showing him respect as an actual person instead of just an "animal".

In the seventh season, Spike and Buffy are not together. Though things have changed, during Buffy and the others' battle with Dark Willow after the tragedy of Tara's murder, Spike leaves town leaves the country, even to get his human soul back. Buffy and Spike do not have sex in the seventh season, though from around the mid season onward, they are showing signs of something else other than lust, though not necessarily love; more like respect and actual friendship, and understanding of each other.