Building your business with social media and relationship marketing

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building your business with social media and relationship marketing

Basically, the main focus of relationship marketing is customer retention, keeping Relationship management, relationship building, social media marketing, is President and CEO of Chicago based marketing company Forward Progress. Content is king, but relationship marketing holds the power to connect Having a viral social media share in the social world we live in is like having The social web is now streamlined through the building of relationships But if you're only out to build relationships to make your business succeed, you won't go very far. Beginnings. Fall;31(4) Building your business with social media and relationship marketing. Bemis PA(1). Author information: (1)National Nurses in.

This might make it easier for you to remember to treat them how you want to be treated. Use this logic to help you sympathize with the customer, and then provide them solutions. This will result in a much better outcome, and can help you grow your relationship with that customer. This can make handling a difficult customer situation, a little easier.

Here are a few items to add to your checklist. Understand why the customer is unhappy, and what they want. Listening is truly the quickest way to turn around a negative customer experience.

This works really well when you also restate their problem. If the problem was a misunderstanding on their end, figure out a solution to help them, rather than point fingers.

No one likes waiting around for their issues to be resolved one unmanaged complaint can turn into a handful of angry customers. Even after a resolution is made, be sure to ask right then and there if there's anything else you can do. Or, if permitting, respond a few days after the fact, as a follow-up. So, when training your team, use a storytelling strategy.

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This will enable them to see a scenario play out. You may not realize the power of storytelling and mindset, but the truth is, you can change a mindset through storytelling.

Stories can help influence and change the way your team thinks and acts. To make your story a true educational tool, you should try to weave in a few elements. A simple framework Be able to thread common daily elements Ensure the story is relevant to your company Involve employees when applicable Example: The manage of Beans Coffee Shop is telling a story to a new employee. She then explains the story of a customer named Katy who came in to grab a cup of coffee.

The manager then explains that the best and easiest solution to this is to give Katy an apology and a new coffee, at the least. To go above and beyond, he gave Katy a free treat to go with her coffee and even offered a refund. And to top that off, Robert also gave Katy a coupon for a free coffee during her next visit. The manager says, as you can see, a mistake was made, but because Robert apologized and went above and beyond, Katy is still a regular customer.

building your business with social media and relationship marketing

Robert seeded a relationship with Katy, and because of that Katy has since brought in new customers for us because she has a funny anecdote to remember. Imagine you only have one channel An easy way to get into the mindset of relationship marketing is to imagine that you can no longer talk to new customers at all.

Building your business with social media and relationship marketing.

All you have to grow and maintain your business is by working with existing customers. No other channels are allowed - ZERO. How do you make customers love you so they bring their friends? Make your customers love you. Practical strategies and ideas you can use Providing good customer service is important for every business. The first step in fixing this situation is to apologize. Secondly, make a new coffee. That's basic customer service; seeing the problem, apologizing and fixing.

Robert, however, took things above and beyond what Katy expected. Remember relationship marketing is really just about helping the customer. So listen to their concerns, what they like, and what they want to be changed. Be Generous and Opportunistic Be opportunistic about when to give away things - discounts, freebies, etc.

Building your business with social media and relationship marketing.

Ideally, avoiding bad interactions is the goal, but human and machine error can happen. That can mean a sign of new updates by the cash register, or a monthly email sent out.

building your business with social media and relationship marketing

If you do want customers to know about every single update, it would make more sense to send those as an email. And again use signage around the store to spark interest. Think of where can you go above and beyond. A good rule of thumb is, the easier it is for the customer to complete, the better.

Here are some other ways you can add that personal touch: As a result, you see how the trust begins to form instantly 5. Share your human side So I know what you are thinking: When it comes to business and especially social media: However, if you choose to hide your mistakes, your customers on social media will be the first ones to let you know all about it.

In fact, this honesty will actually help to grow your relationship with your customers in the long run. Make Feedback your friend If you truly want to grow the relationship with your customers on social media: Now one quick thing to note here is that I am not referring to abusive or troll type comments.

Those need to be handled on a case by case basis. This refers instead to those comments from customers who are frustrated with what your business has to offer. This allows you to then identify the key pain points your customers have, and by listening to their feedback, you have a chance to turn their experience around.

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They then responded with: Send us a DM with your confirmation code to get you a credit for the non-working TV. Balance content types Have you ever tried eating the same meal every single day for a month?

building your business with social media and relationship marketing

Chances are you will soon get bored of the flavours and taste. The same concept applies to your content on social media. If you only post one type of content, your customers only have a single method of engaging with your business.

In order to appeal to a wider variety of customers, you want to ensure you mix up your content types to ensure you reach customers who have different preferences for how they like to consume their content. Here are some ideas to help you out: However, these types of posts can actually help to bring in new customers as well as engage your existing customers on a popular topic if timed correctly using the right context.

By using some clever word play with the hashtag VoteRump they were able to boost their engagement. You can even use a contest to learn more about what your customers think of your product or service by asking them for feedback for a chance to win.

With so many different ideas for social contests, here are a few you can try out today: Why should you win insert product or service Enter your email address to win sweepstakes Fill in the blank to win: