Cagalli and athrun relationship test

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cagalli and athrun relationship test

Athrun and Cagalli, after following the advice of Lacus, end up in a couple's . to test out the latest development from the Technological Institute." You two probably have one of the healthiest relationships I've ever seen. Truths are revealed and relationships will change. Kira/Cagalli. Disclaimer: I Athrun had fallen in love with Cagalli, and Lacus with Kira. There was "Miss Atha, the tests all confirm that you are pregnant." She was now in a. Cagalli Yula Athha (カガリ・ユラ・アスハ, Kagari Yura Asuha?) a convoluted and complicated relationship with, is clearly jealous of Cagalli's closeness to Kira . Both end up being marooned on the same island, with Cagalli finding Athrun first.

Granted Athrun did not agree with everything his father said, but he had to be the good son and follow his wishes. He joined the ZAFT military because of his father and now is learning about politics but he was also a well known military matters and field of law.

cagalli and athrun relationship test

Athrun had also taken the time to become a medical doctor. So he was a medical doctor with a degree in law. He didn't have much to do, I guess.

Athrun sighed as he remembered his best friend, they had met at an early age. They went to the same prep school until the war broke out. Kira was in Orb, but Orb also got involved in war which was the deciding call.

Orb has been the biggest influence in the political sense. It was strange that a neutral country was the one calling all of the shots. But they were the ones that accepted both Naturals and Coordinators. No one really knew if you were one or the other, which made life easier for everyone in that nation. Could it be like that every where else, or would it just be a long lost dream that only a select few can hold onto?

Would he finally go to one of these gatherings? She had lost her boyfriend during the long war and met Dearka by accident but was it really an accident? He ended up making her learn to love again, weren't they engaged? Athrun didn't remember for sure, Dearka stayed in the ZAFT military but how he was able to hold onto a relationship with Miriallia was a sure test of distance and time. They were a prime example that anything could happen and work out.

More like an arranged marriage through politics, Yzak's mother was part of the high council and so was hers. They were the circle of four bachelors; it now only left Kira as one. Athrun didn't want to be engaged to Lacus, but if she were to find love with someone else they could call it off, but that is if they got lucky enough to find someone for her.

Athrun sighed; he didn't want his life to be cut short at the age of twenty two. Athrun got up from his desk when he heard someone knocking at his door. He stood up and walked over to his door to be greeted by Kira Yamato and Lacus! Athrun looked at them and rubbed the back of his head, just when he had hoped that he could end the engagement here it was. Athrun began preparing some coffee for his two friends, which caught him by surprise. Lacus and Kira looked at him in confusion.

Does Lacus still have feelings for Athrun?

Athrun just sat there in his own thoughts, the one girl he had been avoiding all of these years was doing the same thing to him too. It almost insulted him that she would do that to him, I mean who does she think she is? Didn't she know who he was? This was ridiculous that a girl would want to avoid him, I mean he did have an over excited Lacus Clyne look a like chasing him around all of the time but that was a story for another time, Meer Campbell.

Also his cousin's current girlfriend Lunamaria Hawke and her younger sister, Meyrin Hawke use to follow him around like lost puppies. Waltfeld brings Kira and Cagalli to his headquarters. Though they want to leave, he wants to thank them. Waltfeld's girlfriend Aisha takes Cagalli away to be cleaned up. Andrew has a conversation with Kira until Aisha brings in Cagalli in an elegant dress, much to the Cagalli's dismay. A humorous exchange between Kira and Cagalli is had after the formers states something about her being a girl.

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Both adults find their verbal battle a little humorous. Andrew then reveals he knows Kira is with the Earth Alliance Forces. He points a gun at Kira and Cagalli and asks how the war will end, if it will be after all enemies are dead.

He also says he does not know why Kira, a Coordinator, is fighting his own kind, but as long as he pilots the GAT-X Strikethey are enemies. Andrew then lets them go, since Kira has previously saved his life. In this encounter with Andrew, Cagalli learns Kira is a Coordinator. In a battle between the ZAFT forces, lead by Andrew, and the Archangel with the aid of the Desert Dawn, seeing that they are outmatched in terms of numbers, Cagalli commandeers and pilots exceptionally the spare FX Skygrasper.

She is shot down but lands safely and the ZAFT forces retreat. After the battle, the Archangel leaves Africa, heading for Orb. Cagalli and Ledonir accompany them. While traveling on the Indian Ocean, she comforts Kira, who is upset about the deaths of people he failed to protect, and Andrew, the first person he killed who he knew personally.

Flay Allsterwhom Kira seems to have a convoluted and complicated relationship with, is clearly jealous of Cagalli's closeness to Kira. She finds a ZAFT transport ship and engages it in battle but is shot down, but not before shooting down the transport that just happened to be carrying Athrun Zala and his mobile suit.

Both end up being marooned on the same island, with Cagalli finding Athrun first. After being shooting at him resulting to an armed conflict between the two and having to deal with the awkward position of confirming that she was, in fact, a girl, she is taken by Athrun as a prisoner. She has her wrists and ankles bound and had to watch from the sand below as Athrun throws her only weapon away, her gun. While trying to get to Athrun's mobile suit in her tied up stage, Cagalli accidentally ends up almost drowning in a small but deep puddle made by the rain where Athrun rescues her.

An exchange of humorous banters is had between them that results in Athrun setting her free because she seemed like she couldn't be any serious threat to him. While waiting for retrieval, the two talk.

Does Lacus still have feelings for Athrun? - Minitokyo

Their viewpoints about the war clash, but they listen to each other with Athrun being the one to give up first knowing that it would get them nowhere. He falls asleep on her, giving Cagalli an opening to steal his gun that she eventually throws away, resulting to it misfiring with the bullet grazing Athrun's side.

This eventually leads to a mutual truce between them and they exchange names.

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They later rescued by their respective forces. Neither tells anyone about what happened on the island. In episode 25, the Archangel with Cagalli on board, reaches Orb, though for political reasons the country claims the ship was driven off.

She is clearly upset with Orb's secret weapons development on Heliopolis and blames her father.

cagalli and athrun relationship test

She tries to help Kira by reuniting him with his family, but he refuses to see them. Cagalli's concern over Kira culminates in her embracing him just before he leaves Orb with the Archangel, telling him not to die and to come back to see her again.

These actions clearly distress her father and his parents. Athrun regains consciousness on the Orb transport ship, where Cagalli points a gun at him and demands to know what happened to Kira. Gundam 00 and Gundam Wing both share the idea of the main characters being the aggressors, not the defenders. AND we know people under the employ of Durandal tried to kill Lacus again.

Archangel characters never really bother to make a solid argument on why the Destiny Plan can't work That's because it doesn't actually matter. Whether or not the Destiny Plan could stop war or not isn't the argument. The argument is freedom vs. The Destiny Plan could work exactly as advertised, and the main characters would still stand against it.

cagalli and athrun relationship test

Well you'd have to reinvent the meaning of the word "terrorism" to not involve fear in any way, shape or form. And to involve saving lives. HOW exactly does this conflict have nothing to do with them?

Even Gladys says it was likely more.

cagalli and athrun relationship test

Second saved the lives of the Minerva and Amagi's men. Fifth stopped Durandal from nuking the world with Requiem and Genesis. We are living in a world today where lemonade is made from artificial flavors and furniture polish is made from real lemons.