Cancer and capricorn relationship 2012

What Happens When a Capricorn Man and a Cancer Woman Break Up? | LoveToKnow

cancer and capricorn relationship 2012

Love match compatibility between Cancer and Capricorn zodiac signs. Read about the Cancer love relationship with Capricorn zodiac sign. Cancer Capricorn Compatibility - Cancer Man & Capricorn Woman, Cancer Female & Capricorn Male Love Match. What are the chances of success of a Capricorn - Cancer love match? Get revealing insights into Capricorn - Cancer emotional, mental and sexual compatibility.

Capricorn and Cancer Love Compatibility |

Earth Signs focus on possessions, Water Signs on emotion and intuition, but also on beauty and nostalgia. The Cancer-Capricorn love mates like to surround themselves with beautiful things — a stately home, gorgeous artwork, expensive cars. Their desire to be economically stable and their love of finery ensures that this couple will work hard toward this and other shared goals. This mutual love for fine things keeps them out of arguments about one partner trying to live ostentatiously or beyond their means.

Cancer and Capricorn are Cardinal Signs.

cancer and capricorn relationship 2012

Both are initiatory, active and ardent. Though this can be a catalyst for some dynamite conflicts, it can provide Capricorn with an emotional pillar, as Cancer is entirely dedicated to the relationship. Their differing emotional dispositions complement each other well — Capricorn excels in getting the nitty-gritty business done, and Cancer always steps in when emotional counseling is needed. She is attracted to men who are successful, romantic and funny.

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Flings do not appeal to her because she is into long-term commitments. Marriage may come in late for this driven gal who desires to provide the best for her family. She guards her heart fiercely and will only open it to a man who earns her trust.

cancer and capricorn relationship 2012

Once committed, this lady will be extremely devoted and affectionate to her partner and will expect the same from him. Cancer woman longs to walk down the aisle and raise a family.

Breakups and Capricorn

Crab is very moody so it is important for the man to be understanding and sensitive to her emotional needs. She falls for a man who is romantic, faithful, family-oriented and supportive.

Capricorn man treats his career and love life seriously. Goat likes to analyze and strategize and will only make a move after a plan has been hatched. He is not the type to fool around and will patiently search for the lady who can capture his heart. This man is romantic and finds fulfillment when involved in a long-term relationship. The pain caused by the betrayal of a trusted mate goes very deep.

Like an elephant, a Cancer never forgets a hurt or slight If the Cancer woman ended the relationship through deceitful behavior, the cardinal earth Capricorn man won't react much better; despite his cool exterior, Capricorn's emotions are strong. This sign does not quickly forgive either, keeping a ledger of accounts owed and balances due for many years.

Heated scenes are likely either way. If one partner forsakes or betrays the other, the aggrieved party may seek revenge in kind. At worst, breakups between these feisty cardinal signs can be traumatic and drawn out.

Cancer man capricorn woman - Cancer man and capricorn woman love compatibility

Better Endings At best, they may simply develop in different directions and over time find they can no longer stay together. For example, he may need to live in the city near the centre of power, while she may crave a peaceful life in the country.

Capricorn's primary needs are focused on work workaholism might contribute to their problemswhile Cancer requires a safe and nurturing home environment, preferably near water. Recognising the need to move on is challenging for these two but once they do, things get a lot easier.

They might continue together in a long-distance relationship, or they might end the romantic phase of the relationship but remain close, particularly if there are children involved.