Capricorn woman and aquarius man love relationship

Aquarius Man And Capricorn Woman Love Compatibility |

capricorn woman and aquarius man love relationship

For the Aquarius man and the Capricorn woman, any relationship is going to be a battle Aquarius man Capricorn woman compatibility isn't just about sex. The Aquarius man isn't impressed by money and status, but the way in which the Capricorn lady sets her goals and side of love, and find her advances. Capricorn woman, when in love and deep faith, simply overlook the downsides in the relationship or in the person she's in love with and supports her man in.

Saturn is a planet of self-improvement, self-discipline, making your way through life through the school of hard knocks, and altogether resolving to plans long term under the guidance of some tough love. To Capricorn, this is serious business — life is to be hard won, taken in small steps against enormous odds.

Having these similarities expressed through such markedly different lenses creates both common ground and stark potential for misunderstanding for Aquarius and Capricorn pairings. Quite the opposite — Capricorns boast some of the smartest minds in the zodiac, but their outlooks are far more pragmatic. Why all these lofty ideas and loose concepts in Aquarian thinking, they wonder? Capricorn embraces changes slowly, while Aquarius is a free radical. They find vibrant new solutions, technological advances or out of the box ways of doing things that bring sweeping changes that the Capricorn finds baffling.

Matches between the Aquarius woman and Capricorn man The Aquarius woman is a lover of the offbeat, the extraordinary and the path less travelled, and while the Capricorn man can come across as stuffy and super serious, her keen sense of humour means she likely finds that kind of posturing endearing and just a bit hilarious — but best not tell him that!

Capricorn Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility - The Blackbook

The Capricorn man manages his career and money welland although Aquarius women tend to have higher ideals than that, more focused with altruism than material success, knowing he has his life in order is undeniably attractive.

He works hard, keeps his head down and makes his way to what he wants slowly but surely. It can make her hard to pin down, and for the Capricorn male, who likes to know where he stands with people, this can easily be misconstrued as disinterest.

Friends and family members will agonise over this mutual obliviousness, but when it runs its course, it promises decent rewards.

The Aquarius woman will sometimes find the Capricorn man a moody stick in the mud, but his grumpy periods are never anything to be truly worried about. In truth, time apart is good for both of these star signs — Capricorn man to work on his slowly and steadily winning the race, and the Aquarius woman to dance about to refuel on the ideas, inspiration and excitement that keep her fulfilled.

A slow burn romance lets both signs feel safe The Capricorn man is steady and dependable The passionate side of the Capricorn man can make for some physical intensity The Capricorn man is traditional, and will court the Aquarius woman accordingly The bad points: Make no mistake, however it manifests — the Capricorn woman is accomplished, and she gets what she wants. The Capricorn woman will either be intrigued by his unique appearance or have to get over it for the relationship to progress — these are status-minded ladies, not for pride or power as such, but more as tangible, recognisable signs of progress in the game of life.

capricorn woman and aquarius man love relationship

Neither sign is particularly gifted with the Romantic Gene, but for some reason when they get together, they start to feel like they should be. Each will appreciate the attempt to include romanticism on the menu of an otherwise pretty strict diet.

Capricorn & Aquarius Sun: Love Compatibility

Air signs like Aquarius are meant to be detached, cool, logical and even distant in their relations with people and feelings. Aquarius is a very loyal sign, although only around half the time. Loyalty will have to pass for passion with the Aquarius.

Aquarius Man Capricorn Woman Compatibility

The Capricorn woman and Aquarius man can be splendid friends. They collaborate well together. They have an equal degree of commitment, intelligence, and scope of understanding.

They both think The Big Picture. They like working with large-scale models.

capricorn woman and aquarius man love relationship

They have leadership styles unique to them, and they enjoy being productive. They will be more challenged if they try to build a friendship on leisure, as neither is particularly leisure-oriented.

They may very well make the perfect team.

capricorn woman and aquarius man love relationship

The Aquarius man and Capricorn woman is a great combination for marriage. If they are attracted to one another, it is on a serious wavelength of productivity and commitment.

Aquarius and Capricorn - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life

They respect one another for their intelligence and integrity. They learn to rely on one another for results.

capricorn woman and aquarius man love relationship

They tend to focus on the overall result rather than the details, which is something they have in common as well. Even though the water-bearer is quite gregarious, he still keeps most friends at an arm's length as he is aware of his vulnerable, sensitive side hidden to all but the closest loved ones.

Capricorn women are the opposite and are most often pretty introverted. Unlike the Aquarius man, she won't just accept anyone who is interesting as a friend. She has values and expectations that potential companions must meet so it can seem near impossible to get close to her. Her straightforward nature can be pretty abrasive at times, and even condescending when in a particularly poor mood. On a more positive note, if you do make her list as a friend then you can expect a level of loyalty few others can ever hope to match.

In intimate relationships, the level of conflicts can increase significantly. One issue is the extreme differences in sexual appetite. The Capricorn woman is pretty voracious when it comes to sexual matters, and the Aquarius man is not.

His lack of consistent passion paired with her anywhere, anytime approach to sex is a recipe for disaster and dissatisfaction. Once the water-bearer is in a loving, long-term relationship, his emotional side is revealed. This can create problems for the Capricorn woman who was used to someone as emotionally distant as her.

capricorn woman and aquarius man love relationship

Emotions lurk behind every one of your conflicts, learning to discuss them is the first step. Despite both signs being commitment-shy, you can take a breather if the relationship has made it this far.

Aquarius and Capricorn Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Once the Aquarius man and Capricorn woman commit, they don't go back on their word and are loyal until the end. At the very least, communication will never be an issue for the pair as they will speak their minds when something is amiss. Working Together Capricorn women and Aquarius men should not suffer too badly when working together in the same environment. The sea-goat is extremely ambitious and will tussle with any challengers that come her way.

The Aquarius man has very little ambitious drive, but works hard as long as he feels his job is meaningful.