Cato and glimmer relationship marketing

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cato and glimmer relationship marketing

Explore Hannah Tuinman's board "Cato and Clove A.K.A CLATO hunger games" on Pinterest. The Careers glimmer,clove,cato, and marvel. Marvel is a JERK. I always looked as Cato and Clove's relationship the same way I looked at Peeta and Katniss'. If only Cato and i prefer cato and clove to cato and glimmer tbh. As both Glimmer and Cato come from wealthy families this is one of those ends with a grilling about my relationship with Peeta: How did it happen? .. Heavensbee, the man in charge of marketing at Cato's company.

Josh Hutcherson blew me away, and Jen… just, watching her take on this role was like everything I hoped it would be.

The Hunger Games - Cato & Clove or Cato & Glimmer? Showing of 75

Any standouts between the minor characters? I have to admit, my latest post is an apology letter to Alexander Ludwig. And he showed me up. I was so blown away by him! I had no idea he had that in him. I doubted him too, but he brought it.

He made you fear him, and then feel sorry for him with just a few short scenes. Amandla was crazy adorable. I actually think I liked Willow more. Willow crushed my heart into a thousand tiny pieces. She could not have been more perfect for Prim! You know who was also pretty damn good, even though they gave her very little to do?

I remember her from Deadwood, Trixie the whore with a heart. Kristen Bell was on that too! Hopefully we will, Mrs. Everdeen does have more to do in that book. Tracker Jacker by T.

How about the tracker jacker hallucination turning into her family back story? I think so… I liked the metaphor of the house blowing up. I think it really hit the point that it triggers your fear center and can really mess with your memories, which is so crucial to setting up Mockingjay. I was kind of hoping it would be more of an ultra-disturbing acid trip, filled with bright colors and confusing imagery.

Oh man, but it was so disorienting, the way the camera would jitter. I liked it too, it felt less blockbuster-y. How dare you bring up Blair Witch! Bad shaky cam, my friend! Did it bother you that whenever Katniss and Peeta kissed, we got an emo shot of Gale?

Because it kind of killed me. I totally pictured them doing that!!! Yep, but it kind of also sets up even more heartbreak for Catching Fire. Katniss is such a heartbreaker! Was the change okay? I think that going the dog mutt route was a wise decision. About the mutts, the change with the mutts was great. It at least sets it apart from Twilight. I am sure Aunt Effie has plenty of people she wants you to engage in small talk with," I reply.

I grab his arm and march him back to the main reception room. I know how much he hates mingling. Peeta follows smirking behind me.

As I expected Effie is on him immediately demanding to know where he has been and that Claudius Templesmith has been waiting to talk to him.

He gives me an angry glare as he is dragged off and I smirk back at him. However I don't get to savour my victory for long as Glimmer is on Peeta and I in a flash. She pulls me into a tight hug and declares, "Look who has finally arrived! Katniss and her new boyfriend! Her loud greeting has alerted many people to our arrival and I am conscious of a lot of people watching us.

Instinctively I snuggle into Peeta's side to try and hide away from their stares.

cato and glimmer relationship marketing

Your flower displays are magnificent. Fantastic choice of colour," Peeta replies trying to distract her. It works as Glimmer gets excited about the compliment and turns her attention away from me.

Cato and Glimmer?!!!

Hearing that from an artist is so rewarding! Peeta nods his head and engages her in a conversation about her inspiration behind the decorations. I stand tucked in beside him trying to look like a loving girlfriend. He wraps his arms around her waist and it is clear by the look on his face that he believes he is the luckiest guy alive. Glimmer leans back into his embrace instinctively and I envy how easy it is for them. They don't need to plan their affection for each other. They are simply in love.

We chat for a few moments more with Glimmer making more over the top comments about my relationship with Peeta and causing more people to look in our direction to study Peeta and me. Finally Aunt Effie saves us by coming over and redirecting Glimmer and Cato over to a group of her friends.

She gives me another challengingly look to show me that she isn't convinced yet. I give her a forced smile and try not to let her comment rattle me. She has no way of knowing the truth. However seeing Cato and Glimmer together has shown me how natural it should be. I don't know how to compete with that. It is only now that I realise how hard this will be for me to pull off.

Peeta senses my tension and gives me a reassuring squeeze. I try to believe him and relax but just as I do my next test comes up. My parents come to greet us. The give both Peeta and I a warm hug and inquire about our journey. My palms begin to get sweaty. So far I have avoided having Peeta and my parents in the same room even though my parents have been begging to take us both out for dinner. I am nervous because my family know me the best and are the most likely to see past the lie.

Prim doesn't arrive until tomorrow so, for at least tonight, it will only be my parents I have to convince. We exchange pleasantries and catch up before Dad decides to bring up the topic I know they are both dying to discuss. I have just had different priorities the last few years. I could have got a boyfriend if I really wanted one. Peeta then looks down at me, with on the outside must look like a loving look. Only I know it is fake.

I try my best to return the look. I must be reasonably successful because my mom clutches her hand to her chest and sighs happily.

She looks like she is genuinely happy for me and is relieved that she finally gets to see me like this.

cato and glimmer relationship marketing

It hits me again how much I hate lying to them about this. I was just too embarrassed to reveal the truth the first time. You forgot the eggs and then grilled it instead of baking it. Poor Prim ate it all the same as she didn't want to hurt your feelings!

To my annoyance everyone else laughs. I tried really hard with that cake.

cato and glimmer relationship marketing

It was the thought that counted any way. I smile up at him and he bends down to place a quick kiss on my lips. I try not to look too startled by the fact he has just kissed me for the first time and instead pretend that this action is an everyday occurrence.

I already know you are good enough for my daughter," my dad chips in. I only want to make her happy," Peeta replies. Please don't start now," Dad says. Don't go breaking my daughter's heart. Fake relationship or not that is never easy to hear. Peeta seems unfazed and looks at me tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. There's no way I am getting on the wrong side of that!

He handles people so well. I see my dad give me an approving look and I try not to look ashamed as the guilt for lying to him washes over me. I don't think I have ever lied to him before. Glimmer's loud greeting of us has drawn a lot of attention from the other party guests.

After my parents leave we are swarmed by family members and Dad's work colleagues all asking us about the state of our relationship. Peeta is well known amongst my family as our 2 families are quite close. Everyone echoes his mother's sentiments about how nice it would be for our two families to be finally joined together. All this attention makes me feel uncomfortable. I have never been good at small talk or liked having all the attention on me.

Let's Talk Cato & Glimmer

I let Peeta do most of the talking. He repeats the same answers again and again as the conveyer belt of well wishers continues. The whole time we hardly break apart. He is always touching me; his hand on the small of my back, a gentle kiss on the top of my head, brushing strands of hair off my face.

cato and glimmer relationship marketing

I can tell by the looks we are being given that he is very convincing. The women look at me in awe at me sweet and doting boyfriend. It helps that Peeta is so charming and instantly gets on with everyone. He jokes about his life as an artist or how he doesn't understand brides' obsessions with wedding favours and seat covers. Within an hour he has charmed nearly everyone in the room and we have unwillingly become the centre of attention.

cato and glimmer relationship marketing

This does not go unnoticed by Glimmer. Her over the top greeting was supposed to unnerve us and cause us to slip up. However we didn't fall into her trap and instead she has taken all the focus off her and placed it on us. She gives us evil glares throughout as yet more people come up to congratulate us.

Eventually she can't take it anymore and I overhear her ranting about how I always steal her thunder. First when I broke my arm on her 8th birthday, then got my job at Panem Forestry Commission the day she graduated high school and finally this. She stamps her feet and storms out upset. Cato is left to run after her and calm her down. I think about going to apologise to her. I don't want all this attention and she is more than welcome to it. It was never my attention to steal her thunder.

But then I remember that she was the one that made a big deal about our arrival and I lose sympathy. Cato eventually manages to coax her back, snivelling about being upstaged.

However Aunt Effie ensures to make a big fuss of her and some of the guests go back to congratulating her. With this her earlier jealousies evaporate. Although I have got rid of Glimmer's angry stares, they have been replaced by Gale's steely gaze.

Unfortunately Gale is Cato's best friend. He is Cato's right hand man at the weapon company Cato's family own and as a result the pair of them are as thick as thieves. With no brothers the role of best man has fallen to Gale. I assume someone told him I was coming with Peeta but by the looks he is giving us I can tell he isn't thrilled at seeing us together. He spends most of the evening with his wife receiving his own congratulations about the forthcoming twins and placing a hand on Leevy's growing bump.

Though he still spends a lot of time watching Peeta and I. I am actually flummoxed as to where this came from. Unlike, say, District 6, where I think it was quite plausible to conclude, as many fans did, that it was the Medicine district, based on their apparently widespread morphling addiction problem. Katniss is a horrible cook. Post-MJ, Peeta does all the cooking as well as baking around the house, because he knows that if he let Katniss try, she might just burn the house down.

Though he is comforted by the idea that at least they have two houses between them. Is it plausible that Peeta is a better cook than Katniss?

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But baking is a specific skill set, which Peeta has been practicing since childhood. She fooled plenty of people throughout the books, including Peeta himself. Chickens are too expensive, but I could make do with a wild turkey. By Manuelida Desrossy 3. Cato and Clove were romantically involved.

But was it really a romantic one? Or were they just good hunting partners?