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It is semi-autobiographical, capturing some of Hemingway's own relationship with . Post Office by Charles Bukowski | 12 Books To Read While Getting Sober starring Humphrey Bogart as Charlie Allnutt and Katharine Hepburn as Rose Sayer. .. Vintage Movie Trivia Quiz Book by PaperbackHoarder on Etsy, $ the Senate foreign relations com- mittee. (See VIET High-rise apartments are sug-. ;ested for an area on cil: Charles Sayre, Jr., pres- ident; Fred 2— Alumni Fun—Quiz. 4—NBC .. Allnutt and Mrs. Bruce. Richmond. Allnutt buries Samuel Sayer and takes Rose back to the African Queen, where they . In the film the German captain attempts to hang Rose and Charlie. .. have them in the most important/appropriate cities in terms of bilateral relations. .. C. S. Forester appeared as a contestant on the TV quiz program You Bet Your Life.

This was rather novel for the time, especially for a Technicolor picture which utilized large unwieldy cameras. The cast and crew endured sickness, and spartan living conditions during their time on location. In one scene, Hepburn was playing an organ but had a bucket nearby because she was often sick between takes.

Bogart later bragged that he and Huston were the only ones to escape illness, which he credited to not drinking any water on location, but instead fortifying themselves from the large supply of whiskey they had brought along. For instance, the scenes in which Bogart and Hepburn are seen in the water were all shot in studio tanks at Isleworth StudiosMiddlesex.

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These scenes were considered too dangerous to shoot in Africa. All of the foreground plates for the process shots were also done in studio.

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The reeds sequence was thus shot on location in Africa Uganda and Congo and London studios. Most of the action takes place aboard a boat — the African Queen of the title — and scenes on board the boat were filmed using a large raft with a mockup of the boat on top.

Sections of the boat set could be removed to make room for the large Technicolor camera. This proved hazardous on one occasion when the boat's boiler — a heavy copper replica — almost fell on Hepburn. It was not bolted down because it also had to be moved to accommodate the camera. The small steam-boat used in the film to depict the African Queen was built inin Britain, for service in Africa.

At one time it was owned by actor Fess Parker. The British refloated the Graf Goetzen in and placed her in service on Lake Tanganyika in as the passenger ferry MV Liembaand she remains in active service there as of I believe the movie is almost flawless, due to the genius of the two leads to inhabit their characters and to transmit their passion to the viewers, something the book only partially manages through unconvincing psychological speculations and a heavy dose a patriotic fervor.

Yet the book has its merits, and I would recommend giving it a try, even for those who, like me, have seen the movie about a dozen times. There could be no monotony on the river, with its snags and mud bars, its bends and its backwaters, its eddies and its swirls. Perhaps those few days of active happiness were sufficient recompense to Rose for thirty-three years of passive misery. C S Forester is clearly better at writing nautical adventures than at exploring character motivations, and the highpoint of the book is the perilous journey on the Ulanga river, depicted in vivid detail, especially when it comes to riding the white water cataracts and the gruelling traverse of the delta labyrinth.

An added bonus for me was to discover some technical engineering passages I actually work in pumps, turbines, compressors repairs and the details on improvised repairs on the African Queen: Under the urgings of necessity, and with the stimulus given him by Rose's confiding faith in his ability, Allnutt devised all sorts of ways of dealing with that boiler tube; it might be almost be said that he reinvented some of his processess.

A significant difference between the book and the movie can be found in the conclusion, with Hollywood going for a safe, conventional tryumph of love and courage, and Forester preferring a more subtle, ambiguous resolution. Actually, the book ending compensates for the overt nationalistic claims in earlier passages If English explorers had turned back at the sight of apparent impossibilities the British Empire would not be nearly its present size. Customer reviews: THE AFRICAN QUEEN (Large Print Edition)

I was tempted to laugh when the author not only turned introvert, shy Rose into a white water master pilot overnight, but later compared her to Napoleon and Nelson in her efforts to strike a blow at the German foes.

Yet both Allnutt and Rose end up as fallible, credible and dissillusioned people, with even their passion probably insufficient to steer them into a safe harbour.

And I liked them better for it than in the above mentioned Hollywood cliche. Forester himself chooses to qualify his shaky psychological speculations towards he end of the story, accepting both the inscrutable in human motivations and the hollowness of the patriotic fever: