Chihiro and haku relationship poems

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chihiro and haku relationship poems

Anime/Manga: Spirited Away fanfiction archive with over stories. Nine years haven't meet each other again, but somehow Chihiro and Haku are still connected. . An original poem about spirited away from the perspective of Haku . May 2, On romantic relationships between two characters, Miyazaki said: "I've become skeptical of Chihiro and Haku had a mutual respect for each other and continued to In Howl's Moving Castle, all of the quotes did the talking. I do have a real soft spot for Whisper of the Heart, but Spirited Away (Chihiro/ Haku) was my first Ghibli film, so it holds a super special place too.

Sequel to "Spirited Away II: Return to the Spirit Realm. Just when Chihiro thinks that nothing in her life will ever change, an unexpected visitor, an unexpected turn of events, and an unexpected adventure tips her world upside down. In this world she really was just a hunk of coal, or a slice of meat. Yubaba had been right all those years ago. But, returning home couldn't be the only answer. Chihiro felt wedged between worlds. One, a world of danger, and the other full of pain.

How was she to choose? Or did she even have a choice?

It didn't seem that way looking into his eyes now. But what can one do to finally reach the end of that string: Well, they must start a journey, even if the original end goal isn't winning the heart of that soulmate. For all one knows, they can end up with their happily ever after. Her brush with the spirit world still influences her life to today.

PT 2 by jxssimarie [A Sequel to Return To The Spirit World] Six long months after Chihiro's last visit to the 'spirit world', she is released from the psychiatric care unit she was placed in.

Now a first semester student in collegeall seems to be back to normal. That is until a stranger with a familiar charisma forces her way into her life. However, because the Spirit World is unsafe for Chihiro, Haku tells her to leave immediately. Chihiro wondered why Haku acted cold and harsh to her.

Their first meeting wasn't your normal meet-and-greet, but these two soon meet again when Chihiro wanders around in panic. Re-do of their First Meeting Chihiro begins to disappear and goes to hide. Haku finds her and feeds her a small pill that helps her become whole again.

Haku shows a kinder, softer side of himself in this meeting, which is his true nature.

chihiro and haku relationship poems

He even protects her from Yubaba, who is the witch and owner of the Bathhouse. This meeting was like a second chance, and Haku shows his real self to Chihiro. The next time Haku and Chihiro see each other again is when Yubaba summons Haku and asks him to help Chihiro.

Her family gets lost in the forests of the countryside and decides to make a pit stop to try and get their bearings. While her parents stuff their faces at a food stall, Chihiro continues on exploring. Thus, they are stuck within the realm of the spirits. Yubaba, the bathhouse owner, is also the only one capable of restoring her parents to their original forms.

Chihiro and Haku from Spirited Away: Friends or More? -

From then on, young Sen makes it a mission to remember everything. At the same time, an amorphous spirit known as No-Face has begun showering the employees with gold, but also ends up eating quite a few workers in return: Before she disappears entirely, Zeniba warns Sen that Haku has stolen something from her, a golden seal, and that it carries a deadly curse.

In order to retrieve it from the young boy, Sen feeds Haku part of the medicinal dumpling, which causes him to vomit the golden seal up as well as an ink-like worm which is the embodiment of a curse. On her way, she runs into No-Face, who tries to seduce her with the riches he offered others before her. Completely flabbergasted, it continues to offer her more and more until it goes into a rage.

chihiro and haku relationship poems

Figuring out that this spirit has already eaten about ten of her co-workers by this point, Sen feeds No-Face the rest of the medicinal dumpling, which causes him to vomit everything and everyone back into the bathhouse.

Zeniba actually turns out to be kind and compassionate—the exact opposite of her sister. Haku suddenly arrives and interrupts their conversation, urging Sen to return to the bathhouse.

Yubaba has blamed Sen for the destruction caused by No-Face, and because of that the old woman decided to put her parents up for slaughter. With this boost of confidence, and the support of every worker at the bathhouse, Sen faces her final challenge: Studying them carefully, she comes to the correct conclusion that none of them are her parents.