Consultative selling vs relationship and sales

Consultative selling is about creating clients versus customers

consultative selling vs relationship and sales

Have you wondered what differentiates a sales representative & a sales consultant in their approach? Learn about the consultative selling. Consultative sales is a selling method in which the salesperson spends time with to sell your solution but also if you want long term commercial relationship. Transactional selling focuses on the sale, where strategic selling focuses on needs and building a relationship that goes beyond the initial sale. Strategic sales focus on how your company's product or service can be a solution for your .

It is equally important for sales personnel to be fluent and have buy-in with all marketing activities. When an account executive can talk through a compelling white paper or the latest blog post to educate the prospect, it further elevates the conversation and increases the likelihood of a potential relationship.

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However, the way you listen is crucial to keeping open the possibility of a sale. Most sales professionals understand the value of open-ended questions in that type of conversation.

What Is The Difference Between Relationship Selling and Consultative Selling?

And without a complete understanding of what business problem the prospect is having, the salesperson essentially has to grasp at straws. Discovering the pain points of a business brings insight into which offerings might make the most sense to include in your proposal and allows you to better qualify the prospect.

Beyond that, people appreciate being listened to, and it positions you as more of a consultant than a salesperson. Qualify instead of convince Businesses that try to be something for everyone often end up struggling the most.

consultative selling vs relationship and sales

An important component of consultative selling, content marketing helps to sort warm and cold leads because warm leads are more likely to download multiple pieces of content while cold leads will initiate fewer touches with your brand.

It is a far better use of time to pitch 10 prospects and have four convert into a sale than have the same result after pitching prospects.

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Not only are the four prospects of the first group more likely to buy that service, they are also more likely to be satisfied by your company and become an advocate. The sales cycle -- the period that spans the initial interaction to the closing of the sale -- is usually longer as a result and the relationship normally continues after the sale. New Versus Recurring If your company just wants to sell a product and then bid that customer goodbye, a transactional sales approach may be a good fit.

consultative selling vs relationship and sales

To keep your customer coming back for more, a strategic approach is often more effective. With the strategic approach, your business cares about what happens beyond the sale.

consultative selling vs relationship and sales

The goal is to inspire loyalty so your customer won't want to work with anyone else and to prevent you from exerting all your energies on finding new customers. Price Versus Value A business that runs on a transactional sales model is much more concerned about price than value.

consultative selling vs relationship and sales

This type of business is more likely to undercut competitors' costs, discount prices or use special deals and offers to get prospects to commit to a purchase. Charlie has now clearly demonstrated his value and helped the business owner uncover things within his workflow or business that can be improved.

The business owner feels extremely confident in Charlie and his recommendation because he clearly is an expert and is impressed in how well Charlie understands his business before making any recommendation. Charlie ties his solution directly back to the problem and clearly demonstrates how it solves the business issues.

consultative selling vs relationship and sales

The sales consultant sets the next meeting to sign agreements and has a clearly defined closing call on the books. Connecting The Dots So can you see the difference between the traditional and consultative selling approach? Now that we have reviewed the approach of the Sales Rep. The consultative selling approach takes place of the Sales Rep. It has been proven in many industries that if you use consultative selling techniques you will make more money by being able to hold a higher profit margin, close a higher percentage of your deals and feel a greater sense of self-worth because you will help your clients to solve problems.

Now ask yourself… Do you want to be the Sales Rep. If you are tired of being the Sales Rep. It is not rocket-science, but a simple process tweak.