Craig horner and bridget regan relationship quizzes

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craig horner and bridget regan relationship quizzes

Mar 26, The phone clicks as Legend of the Seeker star Craig Horner comes on Fortunately, his leading lady Bridget Regan, who plays Kahlan, is a. Oct 31, I think that Craig (Horner, who plays Richard Cypher) and I are really staying true to who those people are in the book and their relationship. Mord Sith- "Sword of Truth/Legend of the Seeker" Bridget Regan, . CRAIG HORNER LEGEND OF THE SEEKER CAST 12 SMALL LAMINATED PRINTED.

Legend of the Seeker Star Bridget Regan Confesses

How faithful is the TV show to the books? You know, what I think is faithful are the characters. I think that Craig Horner, who plays Richard Cypher and I are really staying true to who those people are in the book and their relationship.

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A lot of things happen really early in Legend that will happen later in the book, and there are some things that don't even happen in the book that happen in the series. How is it filming down in New Zealand? It's perfect for the show. The crew and everyone who's working on it…there's been so much filming there since, you know, Lord of the Rings.

There've just been a lot of movies that have been filmed there.

craig horner and bridget regan relationship quizzes

Including the Sam Raimi produced Hercules and Xena. Herc and Xena were there too of course. I mean that's really where it started.

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So what you're saying is that Sam Raimi discovered New Zealand. He put it on the map. Peter Jackson was like "Great idea. In terms of the life experience of me going and moving to New Zealand for the show has really worked well in my favor in terms of the acting work because Kahlan has given up everything to fight this mission.

They play an assortment of wizards, woodsmen and confessors mysterious women with magical powers - but not witches in a classic fantasy tale of good against evil. Created by the producers of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess, the story is based on the The Sword of Truth novels by Terry Goodkind and has already earned a loyal following in America, where it began screening last November. So it doesn't hurt to have a few muddled accents in the mix, according to Regan.

It adds a little bit of 'Where is this? Where is this world?

craig horner and bridget regan relationship quizzes

Which is of slight concern to the cast, who were warned Kiwi audiences don't take well to local actors putting on a West Coast drawl. So maybe they won't like the show," she laughs. Credited with creating both Xena and Hercules with producing partner Sam Raimi director of the Spider-Man movieshe is the ultimate authority on sword-swinging fantasy.

A call to Tapert finds him navigating the traffic to Sylvia Park where his next ancient world series, Spartacus, is about to roll.

craig horner and bridget regan relationship quizzes

Legend of the Seeker represents a double return - to the world of fantasy television and a big New Zealand-based production.

The tone is more earnest and the special effects are many generations on.

craig horner and bridget regan relationship quizzes

The show does incredibly well on these online carriers which are very tough to monetarise - iTunes and all that, there is very little money there. So the ratings are still determined by how many people watch it when it's on the air.

'Legend of the Seeker' - a return to fantasy land - NZ Herald

Tapert says of its strong cast, about five came from Australia and two are Americans, while behind the camera, the show has been produced and frequently directed by local Mark Beesley, who Tapert credits with preventing Seeker taking the tongue-in-cheek approach, among other directors including former Hercules co-star Michael Hurst and Garth Maxwell. Tapert isn't afraid of the inevitable comparisons to his previous shows - or to the LOTR trilogy. It's a TV show, it's: It's just a phenomenon of how these things work.

But I am hoping I am wrong.