Criminal minds jj and hotch relationship

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criminal minds jj and hotch relationship

Jennifer "JJ" Jareau is a fictional character from the CBS crime drama Criminal Minds, portrayed by A. J. Cook. Contents. 1 Character background; 2 Storylines. Promotion to Pentagon and brief return; Return to the BAU; Relationships and . JJ later told Hotch she had found a temporary replacement for the duration of. Jennifer "JJ" Jareau is a Supervisory Special Agent who was the BAU's former However, they had known about the relationship from the beginning. When the team captures Ian Doyle and his son is abducted, JJ and Hotch realize that they. Criminal Minds Season 7 Gets Personal, Bringing Back JJ's Baby Daddy . Just give viewers the old Hotch and Prentiss relationship back and.

JJ unknowingly hallucinates Askari in the room with her. He taunts her and tells her that he wants to watch her kill herself. He also tells her that he will take her sleep, her smile, and her safety away, as well as change her so that her husband and son won't even recognise her.

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He explains that the memories will eventually take away everything she holds dear, but JJ snarls a harsh "No" to Askari before realizing it was all a hallucination.

They have two sons Henry and Michael. Prior to her courtship and marriage to Will, JJ displayed little interest in dating. She once went on a date with Spencer Reid to a Washington Redskins game, but little came of it romantically, although the two became very good friends.

It is revealed the following season that he and JJ had been seeing each other for the past year but kept it a secret as she wanted to keep her personal life away from the prying eyes of her colleagues, which Will initially misunderstood as her being ashamed of their relationship. He later asked her to marry him, and indicated that he was willing to give up his detective's shield in order to help take care of the baby and allow JJ to continue to do her job, though he was worried about her safety and the safety of their child.

Cook's real-life son Mekhai Andersen. When JJ returned from maternity leave, she and Will had exchanged rings with Henry's birthstonebut did not seem to be officially engaged, as she wore her ring on her right hand, not the left. In the season seven finale, JJ tearfully asked Will to propose to her again, and they married the following evening in a small ceremony in David Rossi's backyard. Characterization[ edit ] JJ is very loyal to her family and friends, as well as very protective.

She is also known to be a crack shot. This was demonstrated in many episodes such as " Nanny Dearest " by shooting a fleeing suspect in the head at a faraway distance. In " Revelations ", she killed numerous flesh eating dogs in a dark barn. In " Penelope ", she kills Garcia's attacker by shooting him directly between the eyes precisely as he turns around to find JJ behind him.

criminal minds jj and hotch relationship

Despite her petite frame, she is very athletic and has shown herself to be able to hold her own even if disarmed. In the season 7 finale, she manages to physically fight off a stronger and taller suspect who had tried to kill Will and took their son Henry hostage. She is best friends with Spencer and is the only one who calls him "Spence"Penelope, and Emily. When agents Derek Morgan and Dr.

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Spencer Reid ask her why, she tells them a chilling story about working as a summer camp counselor and discovering her boss's murdered body in his cabin. After telling the story, she admits she was joking, and says she doesn't know why she is afraid of the woods. His job is very important.

Gibson characterized Hotch as having "moments of levity", but continued: It's pretty bone dry. We all need a little levity, but I wouldn't necessarily look for him to break into song and dance. I think Hotch feels there's a lot at stake all the time. I think they all know he is dedicated to doing the job. I think he understands how to negotiate both his responsibilities to the team and his own responsibilities to the job and put aside some of the things that might be sources of conflict within the time.

When you spend that much time with people you're going to have conflict, and he's aware of that There's also a kind of detachment that has to be there for you to do this job acceptably, but at the same time there's a very engaged quality to the work where you have to dedicate yourself to the idea that you're putting yourself in these criminals' shoes, because that's how they're effective at doing it.

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criminal minds jj and hotch relationship

Please help to improve this section by introducing more precise citations. August Backstory[ edit ] Hotch first met his future wife Haley Brooks in high school. They married soon thereafter, and were initially happy together. Their father was a workaholic lawyer who survived cancerE and suffered a heart attack at 47, dying while Sean was still a child.

In "Natural Born Killer", Hotchner spoke to a serial killer, Vincent Perotta Patrick Kilpatrickand discussed the physical abuse he suffered as a child at the hands of his father.

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Perotta claimed that everyone who is abused as a child becomes a serial killer, with Hotchner correcting him by saying that "some people grow up to become serial killers". When Perotta caught the correction, he asked what the use of "some" meant.

Hotchner replied by saying "and some people grow up to catch them". From his explanation to Perotta earlier, it seems Hotchner and his mother were abused, but she did not do anything with the issue. Criminal Minds[ edit ] Thomas Gibson filming in In general, Hotchner is depicted as a hard-working, mostly humorless, no-nonsense agent who rarely smiles or acts out in anger; his aloof demeanor and composure tend to be mistaken for a complete lack of emotion.

He takes great care to avoid antagonizing witnesses, local law enforcement and suspects unless he believes provoking them will cause them to reveal information, occasionally chastising his team mates for needlessly flippant or hostile behavior.

With few exceptions, he takes the ethics of his profession very seriously, as evidenced by his angry reaction to Elle Greenaway's killing of a suspect, which he correctly believed was cold-blooded murder. Though lacking evidence, he very clearly stated he would arrest her if he had such.

He occasionally sympathizes with the subjects he pursues, although he universally condemns their behavior and never allows them to justify it. Following a two-week suspension in engineered by office rival Section Chief Erin Strauss after a case at a college campus in FlagstaffArizona that ended in disaster when both serial killer Nathan Tubbs and copycat killer Anna Begley diedhe requested a transfer to a different division, which pleased Haley, until Derek Morgan Shemar Moore convinced him to help the team with a case in Milwaukee.

He changed his mind about leaving the department, and when he returned home, he found that Haley had taken Jack and left him. E He was later served with divorce papers at work.

criminal minds jj and hotch relationship

E Hotch attempted to see Jack weekly, but was unable to spend time with him as often as he would like. E At the beginning of the show's fourth seasonit was shown that the car exploding at the end of season three was Hotch's SUV. Kate eventually died from her injuries, and Hotch suffered shrapnel wounds and a punctured eardrum which resulted in hyperacusiscausing temporary hearing problems. E Later in the season, the team worked one of Hotch's old cases: Hotch revealed to Rossi that he had maintained an interest in the case over the ten years since he had investigated it.

It was also shown that the Reaper, a power-hungry predator, had taken an interest in Hotch himself. Hastings and the other guy are dead. We had toyed with bringing an element of that back in the finale, but I think we're going to start fresh. The whole story line started with Cruz being made section chief, which we now know was to draw out these two terrorists. He said then that he had heard rumblings about their old case being reopened and I think this closed it nicely. Last time you did something like this with Prentiss and Doyle, some of the team, Reid Matthew Gray Gubler especially, felt betrayed by Prentiss' secret.

What's their reaction going to be like now? We're not going to play the betrayal aspect that we played with Prentiss — one, because we did that and I think we did it well with the Prentiss arc, but two, it was a matter of State secret. JJ was on a need-to-know assignment that she could never tell anyone about because since it would put them in jeopardy. It's more "We're happy to have her back.

How will this affect JJ when she returns to work? She's had a couple weeks off when we see her again. I think there's a relief you feel at the end of the th. There are no more secrets, no more lies. That chapter is closed. You feel that in the end when the team is altogether. We add these layers to our characters that we tap into when we need to, so there won't be a big aftermath episode, but there might be moments here and there later on that affects her. She comes back tired, but she does her job and she's fine.

Olympic stars to watch Paget had a pretty big part in this one.

criminal minds jj and hotch relationship

Do you have any plans for her to come back again yet? She's a breath of fresh air!

criminal minds jj and hotch relationship

We really wanted to focus on Prentiss and JJ's friendship, and I think we found a way to show how close they are. I don't when she'll come back again. We can't have her back all the time and Paget's doing her own great things. We're so happy for her. What do you have in store for the finale? We're just about to break that. The network always weighs in on to cliff-hang or not to cliff-hang.

I think it's fun to do a cliff-hanger.