D gray man allen and lenalee relationship questions

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d gray man allen and lenalee relationship questions

Nope, they didn't. But never lose faith fellow AllenxLenalee shipper, it might happen someday. Rachele: We own the answers but the questions and idea was from: http: / / www Allen: Kanda: 3. Gender? Allen: I'm male. Kanda: Male. 4. . Allen: I like the position our relationship is in and I like the Like if it's the baka usagi I'd chop him into tiny pieces but if it's Lenalee I'd be disgusted and. General World Topics · Information Technology · Art Lenalee's feelings are less clear, but Gray Ark's relationships chart lists Allen's feelings Actually, I'd say the manga contains more Allen/Lenalee content than the anime does, . Man got very jealous about the suggestion Road has a history with Nea.

I already said it wouldn't happen. I think we've already established we wouldn't cheat on each other. If your partner was late one hour for your date, what would you do? I would keep waiting. Wait didn't we already establish we don't go on dates? Which body part do you like the most on the other person?

Lenalee Lee

It's small and cute surprisingly. It's pretty cool looking and very useful. What emotions do your partner show that you find attractive? I'm just happy when he shows emotion. But I mostly like it when he actually shows he loves me, what with how rare it is and all.

What does the other person do that makes your heart race? When he's submissive to me and squirming beneath me, moaning. When does that happen? Well, I'll have to punish you later Moyashi. My answer to the question is when he's submissive. Would you lie to your partner?

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Are you prone to lying? I don't lie unless I'm gambling. I have a swordsman's honor. What do you guys do that makes you the most happy?

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Do you guys ever fight? What do you guys fight about? We even argue about the color of the sky. So how do you make up after words? Would you still like to be lovers in your next life? If there was such a thing as reincarnations. When do you feel that you are being loved?

When he shows emotions. All the time … surprisingly. When do you feel that your partner does not love you anymore? When he acts like a jack ass. So basically a lot of the time. When he yells at me that I'm a jack-ass bastard.

Granted, I am, but even so. How do you express your feelings? In any way I can. Use a flower to describe your partner. He's very prickly and guards his feelings fiercely. He's beautiful but if you touch him, his thorns will prick you. Are you hiding anything from the other person? Maybe some painful stuff from my past that I've simply neglected to mention.

But he should know everything Kanda: There shouldn't be anything. What sort of circumstances do you guys have? Is your relationship public or private?

Do you think your love for each other will last forever? Does anything really last forever? So who's seme and who's uke? I'm the uke except for when Kanda is drunk.

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I still can't believe I'm like that when I'm drunk. How did you guys decide who was seme? You don't want to know. Do you like your position right now? I like the position our relationship is in and I like the relationship we're sitting in!

Where did you first have xxx? He flipped out the next morning when he came home from his mission. What were your emotions at the time? I was a little reluctant because of where we were but eventually I gave into the feelings of utter bliss. What did your partner look like at the time? Like he was in pain but at the same time felt pleasure. What was the first thing you said to you partner the morning after?

How many times do you guys have xxx a week? At least 3 times. II don't think it's any of your business but its too late now. In an ideal situation, how many times would you like to have xxx per week?

I'm content as it is. I'm perfectly fine with our current circumstances. What do you think of xxx? Like Heaven and Hell at the same time. Where are you most sensitive? Where is your partner most sensitive? He's not kidding when he says his neck is sensitive. I swear there isn't a place on that boy that isn't sensitive. How would you describe your partner during xxx using 1 sentence? Like a demon on crack.

Like a mewing kitten avoiding his bath while digging his claws into you. In general, do you like xxx? Yes because its when Kanda shows the most emotion. For the most part where do you guys have xxx? Where would you like to have xxx? We already did it in Lavi's room. So, Komui's office would be an idea. How about Komui's office, in front of Komui.

An even better idea. Do you normally shower before or after xxx? Do you guys have any rules during xxx? What's the use in rules? Have you had xxx with anyone other than you're lover? What is the use in having someone's body if they do not love you? What would you do if your partner got forced into bed? Lavi might attempt it but I doubt he'd get far. That would only happen if they disabled his Crown Clown. Are you ever embarrassed before or after xxx? Only the first time.

After ukeing that baka usagi there is no point. Wait, so not only did you have sex with him, but you uked him? If a good friend said to you "I'm really lonely, so just for one night could you…" and then goes on to request xxx, how would you react? I'm too loyal to Kanda. I might kill them. It depends on who it is. Like if it's the baka usagi I'd chop him into tiny pieces but if it's Lenalee I'd be disgusted and refuse then walk away.

Do you think you are good at xxx? The only thing I need to be good at is submissiveness. Do you think your partner tries to be good at xxx? He doesn't even need to try. He doesn't need tobe good at it. He just need to be submissive. As we already established. What do you want your partner to say during xxx? What expressions does your partner make during xxx that you really like? I like that expression he makes when I kiss his stomach.

Do you ever want to have xxx with someone other than your partner? Do you have any interest in BDSM? I don't know what that is. If he knew what it was I'd probably have more interest in it. What would you do if your partner no longer needed your body? I'd lock myself in my room and starve to death.

You wouldn't be able to go a week like that. And, to answer your question, I guess I'd wonder what the hell was going on. What are your thoughts on rape? Rape isn't a good thing. It is here that she reveals she is an Exorcist. After a fierce battle, she, Allen, and Toma return to HQ to inform John's father about the events with his son.

Destruction of the Black Order attempt mini-arc Lenalee is seen asking Komui about "the big useless robot". She is serving coffee to the Science Division but she accidentally gives some to the robot which causes it to go crazy.

The robot Komlin 2 anesthetizes her with a syringe as it prepares her for "muscle grafting surgery" to improve her body. Later Allen finds her unconscious. She is carried by Allen and Reever before regaining consciousness. Once she regained consciousness, she activates her innocence and she easily dodges the attack from and destroys the robot to save Allen who was moments away from an unnecessary surgery of his own.

After that she greets Allen back with the other members.

d gray man allen and lenalee relationship questions

Allen remarks that Komui seemed stressed. Lenalee and Allen then reflect on how only they were able to enter the city, forced to leave their Finder behind, and that once they had entered they were unable to leave. Lenalee exposes her point of view which matches with her brother's: The town is rewinding everyday and they are trapped in it until they find the innocence that causes it.

This is when they realize the presence of Miranda. Miranda tries to jump out the window, but Allen stops her, he and Lenalee explaining the situation. When Miranda begs them for help, Allen and Lenalee ask her if she remembers anything, as Miranda is the only person in town who seems to be free of the rewinding effects. Allen then spots the 3 Akumas at the bar thanks to her cursed eye. He asks Lenalee to take Miranda to her home. She dodges the attacks while carrying Miranda while Allen fights the Akumas.

Lenalee tries futilely to calm her down, and it is only when Miranda nearly drops the key hanging from her neck that she does calm down. When Lenalee asks, Miranda tells her that the key goes to the clock, which she views to be her only friend. Lenalee asks her to calm down ans she asks her about the clockwork. She listens to Miranda's story and explains her who they are before Allen come back.

When the sun sets they witness the rewinding of the town. Lenalee and Allen then help Miranda with her new job, Lenalee and Allen talk about their childhood. Suddenly the money of the circus is stolen and Lenalee jumps to catch the thief. They are defeated and captured by Road Kamelot and her Akuma. Road dresses her as a doll while unconscious and keeps her next to her.

After Allen drags her in Miranda's dimension, she wakes up, by Miranda's Innocence. Lenalee later stops Allen when he tries to "save" the Akuma that Road ordered to self-destruct. Allen becomes enraged with her for doing this and she slaps him for his outburst. When Miranda stops her power, their wounds return. Bookman destroys most of them but one of them nearly hits Komui. Fortunately Lenalee wakes up just in time and destroys it.

Later in a coach, they are informed by Komui that Yeegar has been found dead. She is then tasked along with Allen and Lavi to go and find Cross Marian and escort him back to the headquarters.

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story. Millenium Swordsman arc anime only Lenalee Lee and Allen Walker were dispatched by the order to find Kanda in Rome, because he hadn't contacted the Order for three days and retrieve an Innocence fragment. Lenalee and Allen arrived. They find some bounty hunters in the town to retrieve Claudia Sardini, the daughter of the Sardini family. After that announcement, Lenalee and Allen climb the terrace of the mansion and talked with the father of Claudia, and explains that her daughter would tell her that,"every night someone would come to her room and report to me".

Allen refuses the favor, stating they weren't there to grant a favor but to find their comrade and retrieve an Innocence fragment. After that day, Lenalee and Allen were in the place where Vittorio was hiding, as Claudia was.

They were fighting with Akumas. They found some hunters attacking them and Allen said that it was pointless to attack, but they continuously fired at the Akumas.

d gray man allen and lenalee relationship questions

The Akumas conducted a counterattack,unfortunately, many people died. After that they found Vittorio, Kanda showed up, and told Allen,"he's Vittorio my prey, don't interfere" but, Allen didn't complain. She was moody and Allen realized she hadn't really spoken to him since she slapped him.

After finding out that Cross had come in contact with a "vampire", Allen and Lavi had been forced to hunt. She stays in the village with Bookman to wait for them. Before they leave, she threatens Allen and Lavi not to get bitten as she believed in the whole "vampire" story.

After their mission, they were eating in a restaurant where Allen was talking about General Yeegar and how kind he was when he was bringing a golem to him. By some chance, Lenalee's golem was contacted by the order and they were told to go where General Yeegar was.

Lenalee was watching Allen while listening and in-coincidentally, Allen dropped the cup on the table and it broke. While watching the cup break, they became worried and left the restaurant in a hurry. They arrived at the destination that the order mentioned where they found a finder beside a tree. Lenalee ran off and saw the general bound with chains. The Innocence fragments in Yeegar's possession along with the general's own Innocence were destroyed by the Noahs. Allen, at the time was shocked; he didn't expect something like that would happen.

The order got this news, and ordered all the exorcists to go to Barcelona to protect the Marshall.

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Lulu Bell's Attack Arc anime only Lenalee and others were looking for Marshall Cross for several days, on their way, they found a town, but it was a silent town and the water flowing in the canals are small. As they were observing, the decided to investigate. It was Lavi and Krowry were assigned to go to the lake, Lenalee and Allen together with Bookman are the one who will investigate in the town. As Lenalee and Allen was asking the townspeople, they heard that there's a fortune teller in their town.

Lenalee and Allen search to the house, and found it, as they knock the gate, an old man appear and yelled to the two, while Lenalee saw a girl standing far away inside.

That night, Lenalee was about to sleep, a knock from the door, Lenalee thought that it was Allen but a girl voiced heard. She was asking Lenalee to open the door, as well Lenalee did.