Daenerys and viserys relationship

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daenerys and viserys relationship

Sep 22, A one-shot regarding the relationship between Daenerys and Viserys M - English - Family/Angst - [Daenerys T./Dany, K. Drogo] Viserys T. While his relationship with his sister was initially warm, Viserys grew to resent Daenerys for the death of their mother during her birth, and began treating her. King Viserys Targaryen was the younger brother of the late Rhaegar Targaryen and the older brother of Daenerys Targaryen. Viserys and Daenerys are the.

For a seven year old boy still grieving for his father and brother, the radical changes to all he had ever known and expected would have been much to absorb. Worse was to come, however. In AC, as a fearsome storm howled across Dragonstone and shattered the remaining royal fleet, Rhaella gave birth to her third surviving child.

viserys x daenerys

In the span of a year, Viserys had lost his father, brother, sister-in-law, niece, nephew, and now mother. Viserys likely felt lost, alone, terrified, and angry. Every person who was supposed to protect him — his royal father, his gallant brother, his gentle mother, the Kingsguard — had died or, in the case of murderous Jaime Lannister, betrayed him.

He had not done anything wrong, but everything wrong seemed to be happening to him. His world was collapsing in on itself from forces far too complex and powerful for Viserys to understand; the would-be king was simply caught in the middle. The King Across the Water: Daenerys recalled the story, doubtless told to her by Viserys himself, of the daring escape from Dragonstone: By then only Dragonstone itself, the ancient seat of their House, had remained of the Seven Kingdoms that had once been theirs.

It would not remain for long. The garrison had prepared to sell them to the Usurper, but one night Ser Willem Darry and four loyal men had broken into the nursery and stolen them both, along with her wet nurse, and set sail under cover of darkness for the safety of the Braavosian coast. Indeed, Viserys might have recalled from his lessons the story of the Blackfyres, whose situation somewhat mirrored his own. Now, the great-great-great grandson of Daeron made the same journey.

The Blackfyres, however, had numerous advantages which the newly exiled Targaryens lacked. Some who had risen for the Black Dragon had followed his sons into exile as well, including the Stricklands and Toynes; the Blackfyre princes grew up not only skilled in arms, but fully conscious of their claimed inheritance, versed in the Blackfyre narrative by native and wellborn Westerosi. By contrast, Viserys had only Ser Willem Darry. Ser Willem was a good man and true to the Targaryen cause, but he was no Bittersteel.

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He needed someone who could guide him in thto the awesome responsibility before him, to teach him what it meant to be the rightful heir to the proud and storied House Targaryen, while simultaneously managing his counter-revolution in Westeros. Even more, Ser Willem signed on behalf of his king the marriage pact which betrothed Viserys to Arianne Martell. While we cannot know the extent to which Willem Darry actually negotiated the pact, his very participation in its signing suggests that he had taken on an effective role as regent for the minor king.

Though never trained to handle a political position, Willem Darry proved himself willing to take one on in service to the boy he saw as his rightful king. Viserys himself likely expected to rely heavily on Ser Willem — as a manager, teacher, perhaps even foster-father — but he was destined to be disappointed. At some point in their exile, Willem was struck down with an unnamed disease, which in its last stages confined him to his bed.

Increasingly sick, Ser Willem could not take on the task himself and how bitterly Ser Willem, the former master at arms, must have rued the sickness which prevented him from doing the one task he could assuredly perform.

Even this situation, however, was preferable to what happened next. After just a few years in the Braavosi household, Ser Willem Darry died, and once again, an adult protector had been ripped away from Viserys by cruel Fate, though this time there would be no adult to step into that role afterward.

Viserys was around 13, Daenerys around 5; both would spend roughly the next decade on their own in unforgiving Essos. The Beggar King The situation of the newly homeless Targaryens was dire. In Braavos, Ser Willem Darry had at least been able to establish something of a court in exile; with a highborn Westerosi adult at the head of the household, the pretender king could at least gain a basic understanding of his role, and appear as the legitimate heir to the Iron Throne.

True, their Targaryen name earned them some respect, especially in the first years of their wanderings; in a land where the dragonlords had once ruled supreme and which had strong mercantile ties to the Seven Kingdomsthese direct descendants of Valyria and former royals merited some homage.

Yet no one welcomed Viserys; he was lost in a land to which he had no natural connections and which seemed intent on not forming one with him. Even the Golden Company refused to help the pretender king. True, the free company had never been a supporter of the Targaryens — indeed, it had been founded by Bittersteel specifically to place a Blackfyre on the Iron Throne. Nevertheless, the Golden Company was the only specifically Westerosi presence in Essos, its members including knights and landless exiles who nursed claims real or spurious to lost lands in the Seven Kingdoms.

That lack of help did not mean men were not interested in him. Doran, Prince of Dorne, had not immediately declared for Viserys, as his brother Oberyn urged him to, when the Rebellion ended.

However, he consented to the secret betrothing of his daughter Arianne to Viserys, negotiated by Oberyn and Willem Darry in Braavos though, as Viserys never commented on it, it seems likely Viserys never knew — or did not remember — that he had been offered a Dornish bride and Dornish swords. Yet after the betrothal contract was signed, Doran made no attempt either to contact Viserys or to fulfill the terms of the treaty.

daenerys and viserys relationship

Prince Doran originally planned to foster hig daughter Arianne with the Archon of Tyrosh, but he abandoned his strategy without, of course, telling the would-be king at the heart of it what he had done when his wife, Mellario, protested.

Viserys himself believed in a far more nefarious interest in himself and his sister — namely, the interest of the murderous Usurper. To what extent Viserys was correct in his belief is up for interpretation. But were hired knives after Viserys?

Daenerys' brother Viserys Targaryen looks like a total gentleman in real life

They had wandered since then, from Braavos to Myr, from Myr to Tyrosh, and on to Qohor and Volantis and Lys, never staying long in any one place. Her brother would not allow it.

daenerys and viserys relationship

Wandering around Essos was normal for Daenerys, but for Viserys, home would always be the Red Keep, with its dragon skulls and his father on the Iron Throne: Sometimes his hands shook when he talked about it.

This romance is particularly unlikely to end well. Jon and Dany's relationship follows a fairly wells established tradition in GoTverse and we aren't referring to incest.

daenerys and viserys relationship

Let's begin with Jon's parents, who the season 7 finale confirmed, were indeed Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark: Love in this case, makes Rhaegar annul his marriage to Elia Martell of Dorne with whom he has two children and Lyanna set aside her betrothal to Robert Baratheon. It leads to the deaths of Lyanna's father and brother at the hands of Rhaegar's father — the Mad King Aerys.

It sends the realm into chaos, with thousands of good men killed in Robert's uprising. And it ends with the deaths of Rhaegar and Lyanna themselves.

Tyrion, who watches Jon and Dany with such obvious unease, has had his own share of doomed romances. First, it is his teenage bride Tysha, who Tywin Lannister denounces as a whore and gives to his men to gang-rape.

daenerys and viserys relationship

Tyrion's siblings Cersei and Jaime, meanwhile, are the longest-standing 'couple' among the pivotal characters of this universe. And apart from their three illegitimate children, the Cersei-Jaime relationship leaves a trail of devastation in its wake that we're all too aware of. Image via HBO Daenerys' wedding to Khal Drogo is brokered by her brother Viserys and the magister Illyrio and it is hardly a loving marriage in the beginning.

Dany and Drogo do fall in love, but their union only lasts a short time.

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After a festering wound nearly kills him, Dany pleads for Drogo's life to be saved by Mirri Maz Duur. The witch consents — granting Drogo a catatonic stupor in the name of "life". Dany is then forced to smother Drogo to death. Honour means a great deal to Jon, and when he makes love to Ygritte, it is a huge moral conflict for him.

The relationship, expectedly, ends badly: Khal Drogo and Daenerys. Image via HBO There are a host of other characters whom love serves none too well: Dany's mother Rhaella Targaryen loves a knight called Ser Bonifer Hasty, but is compelled to marry her older brother Aerys Targaryen instead.

Her sister Lysa, loves and beds their father's ward, Petry Baelish who in turn 'loves' Catelyn. However, she is married to Jon Arryn, and Littlefinger manipulates her into murdering her husband, blaming the Lannisters for it, and effectively triggering the War of the Five Kings. Tywin Lannister and his cousin Joanna are among the exceptions.

It's a love match: Joanna doesn't bring Tywin any lands or wealth when they marry; it is said she is the only one who can make Tywin smile. But you do know where the khalasar is headed don't you? So a group of old women can predict the future of your baby. All he cares about is you and the half-Targaryen, half-savage baby. Your child will never be worth more than our home, or my rightful throne. He smelled of wine.

The Usurper took what was ours and getting it back is what's most important. Khal Drogo is honored to have such an esteemed figure in his khalasar. So why don't I have ten thousand Dothraki screamers under my command? I will have my men! You'd best tell your husband that I'm not willing to wait much longer. You'd do well to tell Khal Drogo what I said. I won't be as forgiving next time. Somewhere outside, she heard her brother laugh.

She turned away from the light of the brazier that illuminated the area where she'd been struck. Trying to remember his language was making her even wearier than she already was so when she dropped her head down to rest against his chest, she slipped back into the Common Tongue.