Damien rice and lisa hannigan relationship

Damien Rice Opens Up About Split with Lisa Hannigan

damien rice and lisa hannigan relationship

Just over 10 years ago, in April , I saw Damien Rice headline a concert at His then bandmate Lisa Hannigan, and a special guest appearance from Hannigan also played a pivotal role in 9, but the relationship, both. laughs Lisa Hannigan, describing the end of her working relationship with Damien Rice. “It was slightly brutal, but absolutely for the best,” she. No, you weren't alone in hoping that Damien Rice and his mystical chanteuse sidekick Lisa Hannigan were a real-life couple. It just made it all.

The real answer is much more complicated. I got to a place where, in all honesty, I got a little bit arrogant and felt that I knew what I was doing, but really I was using that as a buffer to the world, because underneath I had no fucking idea what I was doing and I was kind of lost. I wasn't happy, but I was in a position where I was theoretically supposed to be happy.

And if I'm not happy in that situation, then I become a miserable, unappreciative git.

damien rice and lisa hannigan relationship

So I had all of that conflict going on inside. I would beat myself up, going 'there's something wrong with you, you don't appreciate anything, look at you, you're just spoilt'. Anything I'd write, I didn't like. Anything I'd record, I didn't like.

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I got to realise that it was mostly caused by me being afraid that I would let other people down, afraid that I wouldn't be good enough as a human being without the music. And it's still going - I can't wait to get back in the studio.

Damien Rice Opens Up About Split with Lisa Hannigan

Despite writing the best part of songs, only eight make it onto My Favourite Faded Fantasy. They are, he says, simply the ones he enjoys listening to most, irrespective of what his "friends and management" think. To give a sense of how critical a part she played in his recording history, consider that hers is the last voice the listener hears on his much-adored debut album, O, and the first they hear on its follow-up, 9.

It was missing my partner in the studio.

damien rice and lisa hannigan relationship

She was not afraid to be honest with me if she didn't like something. That was very healthy for me, whereas initially, for this, I was on my own without somebody to tell me, 'This is crap - do that again'.

Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan split | Hotpress

I was missing that and that's why I reached out to Rick [Rubin, the album's producer] - because Lisa wasn't around, I needed somebody who wasn't going to want to change me but be able to stand there in front of me and tell me 'not good enough'. Because I could let go and I was like 'ok, I'm doing this alone'. When I say asleep, I mean that I was asleep to the fact that I was standing in my own way.

He helped me get out of my way, and had he not done that, there may not be a record.

damien rice and lisa hannigan relationship

I remember sitting down with the band at the time and saying to them, 'Do you want to get paid or do you want to get a percentage of the sales? I ask him if he would ever change anything about the past. Intriguingly, it's just one of three concerts that Rice has pencilled into his diary for — the other shows take place in destinations less travelled for the singer-songwriter: Known as Dodi Ma back then, Juniper were tipped for the big time but the band split in before they could release a debut album.

Damien Rice: 'I opened every can of worms I could...'

Disillusioned, Rice went to Tuscany, while his bandmates picked themselves up, and under the new moniker of Bell X1, went on to enjoy a successful career. Rice's time in Italy was well spent, and he wrote the bulk of the songs that would appear on O, which was released in February The album was one of the great Irish cultural success stories of the decade.

damien rice and lisa hannigan relationship

It never topped the charts here — number 2 was its highest position — but it would go on to sell aroundcopies in Ireland alone. Much of its appeal was down to the raw emotion expressed in songs like The Blower's Daughter "I can't take my eyes off you" and Cannonball "there's still a little bit of your taste in my mouth"the understated arrangements revolving around acoustic guitar and cello and the vocals of Lisa Hannigan, Rice's then girlfriend.

Hannigan also played a pivotal role in 9, but the relationship, both personally and musically, would end in fractious circumstances during the album tour. A brutally emotive song from that album Accidental Babiesplus material on Hannigan's own subsequent solo offerings, appear to reference their break-up.

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In a revealing interview years later, Rice poured his heart out to Hot Press journalist Olaf Tyaransen about the pain he felt at the end of his relationship with Hannigan.

The same interview provided a clue about Rice's inactivity of late: I don't want that. I just want to be true.

damien rice and lisa hannigan relationship

I want to be