Do oliver queen and laurel have a relationship in arrow

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do oliver queen and laurel have a relationship in arrow

Comic book character. Mort Weisinger · George Papp Developed for television. Greg Berlanti In Arrow, Oliver does not take up the name of Green Arrow until season four. . (Jack Moore), with Samantha Clayton (Anna Hopkins), a college classmate whom Oliver had a one-night stand during his relationship with Laurel. Arrow's Laurel Lance should've been better served by her writers. When season one took off, Dinah Laurel Lance was the main love interest for Oliver Queen. Their relationship had a shit ton of baggage. While the writers have acknowledged the comics, they have decided to do their own thing which. Green Arrow's comic book Rebirth comes to an end by fully restoring his who have long lamented the death of the relationship in comics and other media. With Laurel Lance dead, her evil counterpart Black Siren on the run, Sara with Oliver Queen, classic Green Arrow/Black Canary shippers can now.

However, not everyone was happy about this turn of events. The writers, on the other hand, had apparently always had Barry and Iris all planned out. But that begs the question, why portray their relationship so poorly? However, they quickly realized they were in love with other people and decided to remain just friends. While this ship probably still has some supporters, over time it has been mostly forgotten. And even when it was popular, there were a lot of fans who despised the idea of Barry and Felicity being in a relationship.

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Some hated it because they shipped WestAllen, others because they shipped Olicity. After three failed attempts in the first season, the show introduced yet another contender, Mon-El, in season two.

do oliver queen and laurel have a relationship in arrow

The Daxamite crash landed on Earth and Kara decided to take him in like a little puppy to teach him how to be a hero like herself.

Her task proved to be challenging and she ended up having to clean up Mon-El's mess more often then not. As they started to fall in love, Mon-El's mischievous behavior was supposed to be endearing, but didn't quite come off that way. The fans felt that Mon-El wasn't really Kara's type and as it turns out he wasn't. The former Daxamite prince ended up changing everything about himself to please Kara. Their relationship was short-lived mostly due to the fact that Barry could not share his secret with her.

In the end, it turned out Linda's only purpose on the show was for Iris to see Barry with another woman and realize that she's always been in love with him yet never showed any signs of said love before. While they were dating, the couple spent most of their time arguing because Linda kept accusing Barry of not spending enough time with her. The fans didn't like Linda and they didn't like Barry when he was with her.

The straight arrow Barry started resembling the pre-shipwreck Oliver Queen and no one was digging the change. She spent most of the time making googly eyes at him and James was equally love-struck. However, nether of them was in a rush to confess their feelings.

do oliver queen and laurel have a relationship in arrow

But once all of those issues were kind of resolved the couple finally got together at the end of season one. Their chemistry wasn't the greatest though and at the beginning of season two the writers decided to split them up using Kara's superhero duties as an excuse.

It felt unnatural for the head-over-heals Kara to have a change of heart so suddenly. In case you're actually a supporter of this ship, we'd like you to come forward and explain to the rest of us why it's so great. They comfort each other over the shared feeling of wanting to make things right after losing someone tragically. After everything that's happened, I -- understand why we can't be together. He goes to see Tommy's grave for the first time and Laurel arrives.

She feels bad about having to end things with Oliver and that his best friend is between them, but Oliver assures her that it's okay. Laurel says they've been through too much together not to be a part of each other's lives. Standing at Tommy's grave holding hands, Laurel lets out her anger at vigilantism.

She tells Arrow never to visit her again and Oliver is crushed, on top of his broken heart. In spite of her words, he visits her again to convince her that he isn't a killer anymore.

Lance calls Laurel's hunt for Arrow a vendetta and Arrow in turn laments to Lance that Laurel doesn't believe in him anymore. Grief's got a way of shifting a person's beliefs.

But then you know all about that. You've lost people too, right?

Oliver Queen (Arrowverse)

Laurel begins drinking and taking pills to avoid dealing with it. He later asks her to dinner to keep her safe when Al-Owal goes after Sara's family. They have a good time and Oliver notes Laurel didn't drink, which turns out to be because she suddenly feels being with Oliver can take away the pain. Oliver rejects her, due to his returned feelings for Sara, Laurel not feeling well and likely since Laurel already put the kibosh on their relationship.

Oliver angrily asks Laurel to rescind herself from the case Laurel is angry, but it turns out to be more a reaction to feeling lost than a true desire to have a relationship with Oliver again. She talks to him about how everyone abandoned her or died, indicating that Tommy's death broke Laurel's iron will after everything she's gone through with her parents and Sara. They never address Laurel's struggle truly as Oliver has to go save Lance. Oliver is furious with her, but Laurel has no choice in her new job at the DA's office.

After her lead council falls ill, Laurel has to assume his place and brutally cross-examine Moira's relationship with Malcolm Merlyn in court. While Oliver isn't mad and more concerned for Laurel, she takes it harder than he does.

do oliver queen and laurel have a relationship in arrow

Laurel finds that Sebastian's "aunt", who is in a mental institution, is in fact his mother. At Laurel's visit with Maya Resnik she reveals that Sebastian actually murdered his own father.

When Laurel can't get support from the DA's office to prove his crimes, she reluctantly meets with the Arrow through Det. Lance and tells the Arrow all the details she's uncovered about Blood. Laurel and Oliver argue over her not asking for help Arrow needs Laurel's access to the paper trail and they break in to the city archives, narrowly escaping the police, but the files have already been removed.

Deathstroke threatens Blood, saying Blood's mother wasn't the issue — Laurel is — so Blood has Laurel arrested for illegal possession of drugs and Oliver picks her up at the station. This is the first that Oliver learns of Laurel's addiction to pills and she expects that he will lecture her about it. At Laurel's apartment Oliver tells her that she acts like she doesn't need support and Laurel retorts that she doesn't.

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The Arrow appears and fights the mask, who has the upper hand until Laurel shoots him multiple times. Oliver takes off the mask to reveal Daly, who has been sent as a pawn. Laurel starts questioning why she was sure it was Blood, while Oliver tells his team that he has had a blind spot regarding Laurel, but won't going forward.

Thea and Oliver try to get her to go home, but Laurel insults Thea and tells them she's being disbarred. Oliver asks Thea to call a taxi and leaves to deal with Bronze Tiger, but not before calling Sara to tell her that Laurel is doing really bad and needs Sara. Oliver goes straight there to see Laurel and check if she's okay and warmly greets her absentee mother, Dinah. Oliver makes sure his team checks out Laurel's blood work and they find she's been given snake poison.

Oliver decides to throw Sara a "welcome back from the dead" party at the Queen Mansion and calls Laurel, leaving a message saying she should come. Laurel hosts a family dinner and Sara brings Oliver along. Laurel's perplexed as to why he's there, and as her mother reveals she's in a new relationship, Laurel realises Sara and Oliver have reunited. I'm done taking the blame. And I'm done caring. Why don't you go have a drink? Get wasted, go - go to Verdant. I'll pay for it. I have loved you for half my life.

Laurel blames Oliver for ruining her and Sara's relationship and he concedes that. However, Oliver goes off on Laurel for not taking responsibility for her own life and her abuse problems. He feels like she doesn't care about anything or anyone but herself, although she doesn't take care of herself and he throws Tommy's death in her face. Oliver says some horrible things to Laurel, tells her that he's done with their relationship and walks away.

Laurel realises that her anguish mostly stems from how Sara's supposed death has affected her life for the past five years. Oliver and Sara make up and he thanks Laurel, saying it can't be easy on her to have to give them relationship-advice. But having started to turn her life around, Laurel is more focused on the big picture and says that she loves them both.

Laurel agrees and arrives at the courthouse to see Oliver there, kindly, teasingly asking if he's concerned for her safety and Oliver responds in kind, cementing that their relationship has healed again.

do oliver queen and laurel have a relationship in arrow

At that moment, Bertinelli comes in and is attacked, as Helena set him up to exact her revenge. Oliver covers Laurel and gets her out of the room, but has to inform Lance that his daughter's still in the building.

Laurel tries to talk Helena down, to no avail and Helena cuts a deal to trade Laurel for Helena's father. Sara, Oliver and Lance meet Helena and Laurel is saved. After Thea safely returns and names Slade Wilson as the culprit, Laurel's at home and is suddenly visited by Slade. She's horrified, but brave in the face of this monster, but Slade says he's not there to hurt her but to inform her — that Oliver's The Arrow.

She's also preoccupied by her father's recent imprisonment, but Sara is in an 'accident' and Laurel goes to the hospital to check up on her. After learning from the doctor that Sara has extensive battle scars, Laurel sees Oliver for the first time since learning the truth and is stunned.

Laurel about to tell Oliver that she knows She leaves the hospital and realises that Sara is The Canary, and that both of them are lying to her about being in a motorcycle accident. Laurel decides to set a meeting with The Arrow to tell Oliver that she knows it's him, but is called away as her father's been attacked at Iron Heights.

do oliver queen and laurel have a relationship in arrow

Laurel tells her Dad she knows The Arrow's identity, but Quentin doesn't want to know, because that guy is a person, too, who sacrifices a lot of himself to help everyone. Laurel changes her mind and when she happens upon a distraught Oliver, she envelops him in a hug and tells him how important he is to her.