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Diddy Kong — Donkey Kong's sidekick and Dixie Kong's boyfriend. Funky Kong — Donkey Swanky Kong — Relationship unknown. Baby Kong (Baby Kong. SO donkey kong and diddy kong have the same last name but what relation do they have? Cousins? Brothers? Uncle and nethew?!!. If I can remember correctly, Arin (Dixie Kong) dies, and Jon's prompted to switch in, but he's going to respawn between two bug enemies and.

The Super Nintendo wasn't capable of creating high-quality 3D models to use in gameplay, so Rare simply copied the models from a more powerful computer and turned them into sprites. This was one of the first shows to be fully composed of motion-captured 3D models, which made it resemble the video game.

Rool over the fate of Diddy Kong. Rool is threatening to drop Diddy off a cliff if Donkey Kong doesn't hand over the magical Crystal Coconut.

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Diddy has to relay his plan to defy King K. Rool to Donkey Kong with his rapping ability. There have been numerous cases of people accusing the costumed characters at Disneyland of either beating or molesting them. These cases tend not to last long, as the costumes are usually brought to the courtroom to prove that they are too stiff to accurately move around, let alone to be used to hit or grab someone.

Nintendo has been on the opposite end of these lawsuits, as actors who have portrayed Donkey Kong at events have sued the company on numerous occasions.

Michael Oconitrillo sued Nintendo in due to the fact that he suffered injuries from the heat inside his Donkey Kong costume.


He was instructed not to take it off until his job was done, which he felt jeopardized his safety. He claimed that the hot environment led to him having aortic dissection, which required heart surgery to fix. He believed that Donkey was a common expression for being stubborn in English and he thought Kong was a word that meant ape. Donkey Kong's name led to a huge lawsuit between Universal Studios and Nintendo. They would have at least had to rename him to something less litigious, like Mule Godzilla.

Nintendo won the case, thanks to the hard work of John Kirby, who represented them in court. Diddy partook in the first Land along with DK to settle a frivolous, fourth wall-breaking debate with Cranky, whereas Land 2 was more or less a retread of its big brother.

Diddy Kong Racing for the Nintendo 64 had an interesting development history. Shigeru Miyamoto and Nintendo later suggested attaching him to the project, and thanks to his inclusion, the game was given an appropriate degree of backing from Nintendo. He was also the only pre-established character present for this adventure, as he decided against bringing his fellow Kongs.

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Check out Diddy Kong Racing! Dogadon, who he took out single-handedly, and King Kut Out and K. Rool, both of whom required a collaborative effort from the five playable Kongs. Diddy was in that, too.

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At least it was sorta cool to see Diddy realized in animation and a trading card gameright…? And, per the legalities, Rare assumed ownership of their purely original properties, from Jetpac to Conker, meaning Diddy was legally barred from palling around with many of his cohorts. Mario, then, took it upon himself to induct Diddy into his social circle.

Prior to this, Donkey Kong Jr. Alas, the curse dooming Diddy Kong Racing successors remained strong. Diddy missed those vicious jungle beatings, but at least Paon put his willowy figure to good use. King of Swing also graced the colorful portable in It bore more resemblance mechanically to Clu Clu Land than any antecedent Donkey Kong title, but it preserved the lore Rare left behind.

It brought back the flair of the Nintendo 64 iteration whilst neutering it with superfluous, unintuitive DS-centric controls. But it was still an amusing ride, and it incorporated extra content to supplement the cardinal experience. This time, however, Diddy brought his girlfriend and her sister who was given a… questionable makeover by Nintendo along with him. Crushingly, however, Diddy and Fox McCloud never conversed about the triceratops they both happen to be acquainted with.

Two people could play cooperatively, though, meaning Diddy got to stretch his limbs if you had a friend to play with.

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He still visits the Mushroom Kingdom when welcomed, appearing most recently in Mario Sports Superstars and, in his Switch debut, Minecraft: But, regardless of any threats that loom across the ocean, our favorite monkey is prepared to staunchly defend his home. Thankfully, I befriended classmates who did, allowing me to cultivate familiarity with its flagship titles, including Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong Country 2.

Thereafter, two of my best friends in elementary school adored the then-new Diddy Kong Racing. Not a great way to officially start things, but I wrangled some fun out of it.