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Pelagia and Mandras - this is first love quite blinded by its own light. Pelagia and Corelli - their relationship doesn't take up as much of the book as people think. It's not a problem portraying women; after all, they're not a different species. It is the love story between Pelagia, the local doctor's daughter and Captain Antonio . everything is perfect he makes the lovers notice the problems that hey have. the relationship between Antonio and Pelagia is also affected by Dr. Iannis. We are experiencing technical difficulties. There the elderly Dr. Iannis and his beautiful daughter, Pelagia, enjoy an idyllic existence, and at the age of . Does her remaining at home denote passivity or ambivalence about their relationship?.

Despite the prejudice of society not allowing Carlo Guercio to live as freely as a homosexual as he would wish, his goodness triumphs as he is able to care for those he loves. This time the embed of his affection is Captain Corelli, for whom he eventually sacrifices his life. Corelli is basically good to whoever he comes into contact with.

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Corelli is also able to relate to all ages as he demonstrates through his kindness towards Lemoni. He plays with the child and is untiring in his attentions as she drags him out to see any piece of rusty metal that might be another Turkish mine. Despite being a captain of the enemy he is concerned for all the children of the island.

Corelli only punishes soldiers in relatively extreme ways because he is so angry that they can ignore the fundamental levels of civility and goodness. He is unable to be angry with Pelagia, even though in her confused state about what she feels for him, she tries to hurt and aggravate him in every way she can. Is this appellation entirely ironic? To what degree can Dr. Iannis be seen as the personification of Greece, Corelli as the spirit of Italy?

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Do they succeed as three-dimensional characters as well? Does de Bernieres confront these problems in the way he writes his own historical novel? What narrative techniques does he employ in telling his story? Why, then, does he offer this apology?

What do we learn from de Bernieres portrayal of the relationship between Carlo and Francesco?

Are myth and history significantly differentiated by de Bernieres? Did Pelagia believe that Corelli died during the war? If not, why does she not leave Cephallonia and try to find him? Does her remaining at home denote passivity or ambivalence about their relationship? Changes in social mores might not have manifested themselves as dramatically on Cephallonia during the postwar years as they did in more cosmopolitan areas, but they were in fact radical and profound. How does everyday life on Cephallonia reflect these changes?

What role, if any, did the earthquake play in changing the island, and in the shift in generations? Does de Bernieres imply that the changes are for the better, or for the worse? Or, perhaps, that in essence life has not changed very much at all? Does the happy ending conform with the plot and spirit of the entire novel, or does it represent a shift into a more fantastic, less realistic mode? Among the Cephallonians, what modern manifestations do we find of Apollo, Aphrodite, Penelope, Odysseus, Hercules, and other mythological figures?

What message about time and change does de Bernieres convey through these parallels? In this case the father is the character that introduces the challenges and at the same time shows support to his daughter and provides her and the reader with some useful help and information. Technically the captain is an enemy. Can you conceive the torment that would be inflicted upon you by others when they judge hat you have renounced the love of a patriotic Greek, in favour of an invader, an oppressor?

When we come to the conclusion that there is no hope and everything seems tragic, he makes everything not be as bad as it seems. This is possible because of the good relationship he has with his daughter.

A good example of this is when she falls in love with Richard Lomax, the American soldier, but finds herself in a love crisis due to her misguided marriage.

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When Penelope is hesitating between going out with Richard or not because she is sacred of getting involved her father tells her not to worry because it does not matter what happens as soon as she is happy with her decision.

From the first time we are introduced to him we know that he has a lot in common with her father and this attracts her to him. He is unwelcoming and cold to him when he arrives at the island because he is an Italian, therefore an enemy. This is a good example of an instant when Pelagia tries to imitate her father: Although Penelope grew with a mother, her mother was more like a sister to her due to her young age. This means that her father has the greatest influence on her life. Pelagia and Penelope are only children and they have been brought up to accomplish the role of a son as well as the one of a daughter.

For that reason they are oth quite wild and ahead of their time. As well as Lawrence Stern, Dr. Iannis dies during the book. We realise after their death the importance for their daughters. The Shell Seekers is left as the clearest memory of Lawrence Stern to her daughter that is why it has so much personal value for her. This is how Penelope describes it: