Dyls and chany our relationship is amazing

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dyls and chany our relationship is amazing

The Best Dubsmash Couple - Cute Relationship Goals By majuce. Download REACTING TO OUR OLD DUBSMASH . Relationship Goals Cute Couple Dubsmash Compilation Dyls & Chany #1 YouTube. By para kips. Relationship Goals Cute Couple Dubsmash Compilation Dyls & Chany #1 by Para Kips YOU NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT PRANK ON MY GIRLFRIEND. Although not every college submits a complete financial aid offer after they send out acceptance letters, most do. That puts a sharp Relationship Goals Cute Couple Dubsmash Compilation Dyls & Chany #1 YouTube.

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dyls and chany our relationship is amazing

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Check out the boot camp schedule here: Blonde - I get it done at the Salon. I am living in the United Kingdom. So you asked, and we answered. The guy I interviewed and dated always talked about Video Hoes so when he and I were discussing the concept for this video and he described his ideal body type, he was describing what he calls a video hoe. I was reiterating our conversation. What the fuck do I look like talking shit about big butts and small waists?

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I think those girls look good as hell and have no negative feelings about them. Being in a relationship with someone who doesn't find you attractive is unhealthy. If you don't find overweight chicks attractive, I don't give a shit.

Different strokes for different folks. Just letting you know. NSFW because I cuss a whole lot. Get use to it. Pardon my choppy editing on this video. There was just too much to cut out and my blubbering made things difficult.

Relationship Goals_ Cute Couple Dubsmash Compilation _ Dyls & Chany 2015

But you know, I keeps it real. I didn't want to totally cut out my melt down. I interviewed three dudes. You might remember him from the Boyfriend tag I did a few months back.

dyls and chany our relationship is amazing

A creeper named Clark. He's 30ish and a white fella. A black guy I sort of dated forever ago. Da'Vi is totally down to do a video interview answering any questions you might have on the subject of dating thickums. I'm planning the next video to be more about how to date I know it can be difficult because a lot of guys are either too big of pussies to admit they like their women thicka than a snicka OR they just haven't accepted the fact and they want to hide you.

I have many thoughts on the subject. Like I said in the video. Been done did that. Reach out if you'd like. I know many of you prefer to email me privately - ravingsbyrae gmail. E M A I L - ravingsbyrae gmail. I'm on a damn roll. Anyway, hope this video helps some of you out: As always, email me with any topic suggestions. In Todays video i'm answering that question! Give this video a thumbs up if you want a video talking about Dating someone who's older than you!

Why I Love Shy Girls! Follow me on other social media: We are a very down to earth couple, with one main goal This is a strange proposal video. When I was 14 years old, my 24 year old teacher asked me to be his queen.

This story time is disturbing, it is creepy, it is about a creepy guy who I thought was an innocent man trying to help me and my family learn an activity. This is meant to help anyone going through a similar situation and to remind everyone that we should always be aware and never make excuses for anyone. A proposal and a wedding is supposed to be fun and exciting and I only wanted to be proposed to once and the way it happened in this video is not exactly what I pictured.

But, everything that has happened in our lives has let us to where we are now and I couldn't be happier in my life.

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I hope you guys learn something from this video. My amazing friend Ryan! Today i wanted to share with you my favorite plus size jeans. I adore these jeans, theyre honestly the only jeans I buy! I hope you enjoyed. Dont forget to comment your favorite place to buy jeans, and to subscribe! Love you xoxo American eagle: This was a totally spur of the moment video that we decided to film before we went out to celebrate my man's 23rd birthday! I might even make my own tag, since I just kinda went off on a tangent at the end and didn't make the whole video about it!

This is something that has been a part of my life since I had that last 6' growth spurt around 12 years old: P We talk about our height difference at the end of the video. Who knows, maybe I'll make an actual taller than your boyfriend tag video soon! Love is all you need.

Mike and I started dating before college and have been together ever since! We'll be together 5 years this coming March! Mike needs the extra push from you guys, because he's convinced people won't want to watch it! Thanks for all your support, you lovely people you xx I just wanted to get up one video in between the S2C questions so I might be able to film a few more that I've gotten recently, but who knows!!

Pressed Powder in Petal Cheeks: UD Naked3 tutorial coming soon! Watch more body positivity videos here: Some links are affiliate links. Can a boy like me if I'm fat? I get a lot of requests for advice videos, so I thought it may be a good idea!

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Comment your advice questions below! Instagram learningtobefearless Twitter alexandraairene www. Bikini is from Adore Me! Get 50 free points to a gift card of your own from yours truly here: Get cash back on almost any store you shop at, plus a free gift card when you sign up. Not a sponsored video. Download the app here! He's making me skinny fat. I'm gaining weight in all the wrong places and losing weight in all the wrong places.

Yes I'm aware this actually all on me, but for some reason when I'm in a relationship my dietary and fitness self-discipline goes right out the window. So this week I decided to let a fitness app called 8fit rule my life for a day to see if it's something that might work for me. But check it out for yourselves and let me know what you think of it!

Show some love to my boyfriend but not too much. Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos! Sound FX by Audioblocks. From hilarious social segments to amazing how-to's and DIYs, BuzzFeed Yellow will entertain, educate, spark conversation about all the little things that matter in life. Just like BuzzFeedVideo, but more yellow. My break up story: I am in a vastly different place in my life and i am beyond happy and moved on.

dyls and chany our relationship is amazing

This video was during a vulnerable time for me, explaining what happened to me, to try and help others who might be dealing with the same situation. So I am on the fence about this. I hope to at least help out one person but I also know it is very personal and I ramble on a lot about the same things.