Ecuador and united states relationship

Ecuador - - US Relations

ecuador and united states relationship

Ecuador - US Relations. The United States recognized the independence from Spain of Colombia, of which present-day Ecuador then formed a. The inauguration of Lenin Moreno as Ecuador's new President on for the United States to reconstruct its relationship with Latin America's left. The U.S. is opening a new chapter in its relationship with Ecuador, said Vice The United States will also work with Ecuador to confront the.

Are these genuinely two nations at serious odds? The responses might surprise.

ecuador and united states relationship

The facts certainly will be complex and rooted in a deep regional history. Whatever your perspective, the drama most definitely will never be boring. No less an authority than the Hon. Nathalie Cely, Ecuadorian Ambassador to the USA, recently stated that there remains an open and friendly dialogue on these issues between the two countries.

Any, even brief, analysis of current Ecuador — USA relations must include a point of historical context from which to begin gaining a realistic perspective. While Ecuador certainly does not stand alone, sharing a historical fate with much of Latin America, it is no less victimized by a verifiable pattern of colonialism within its borders. When the Spanish Conquistadors laid claim to the land now known as Ecuador, they plundered the riches, leaving behind little except for an established European class-system and the seeds of the Catholic Church.

As the British Empire arose, it began attempting to exert influence in many of the Spanish colonial territories and Ecuador was no exception. The British approach, apart from the Catholicism, offered little difference and certainly no relief from the cycle of colonial oppression and plundering of the natural resources offered by the bountiful lands of Ecuador.

As Spanish colonialism gave way to the British version, so gave way the British influence to the rising tide of USA global supremacy.

Policy & History

Beginning with the Monroe Doctrine and pointedly strengthened and expanded by the Roosevelt Corollary, the USA eased the European colonial presence out of Latin America, only to replace it with a more subtle, some might argue more insidious, brand of USA colonialism.

During the USA period of colonialism in Latin America — a period some would argue still persists today — the plundering of the land and resources of Latin America not only remained a reality, but likely accelerated in pace. Like the previous colonial masters, the USA reaped the benefits, at an extremely cheap cost, of all that Latin America, including Ecuador, had to offer, without reinvesting much of the profits in local developments or creating local sustainable economies.

ecuador and united states relationship

This cycle of dependency brings us to the modern era and the state of Ecuador — USA relations. The economic crisis, banking system collapse and extreme currency devaluation of would put an end to this trend that had lasted for almost years. In the aftermath of the economic debacle ofbut pre-Correa, Ecuador was left little choice but to sacrifice its own domestic currency, the Sucre, and adopt the currency of its post-colonial master, the USA.

ecuador and united states relationship

Hard to imagine, but if Ecuador had suffered economically before, in the post economic crisis era, its economic future looked even more bleak, despite the all too fleeting comfort granted by the initial stability found in the adoption of the USD.

In fact, what the USD in many ways did was add insult to injury.

ecuador and united states relationship

While briefly stabilizing the economic collapse, the very lack of any solid economic base or national infrastructure, left Ecuador with few options to grow their way out of the economic morass.

Instead, it was like throwing an anchor to a drowning man.

Diplomatic Relations Between Ecuador And United States Under Pressure

It was at this juncture that President Correa stepped into the political limelight. Calling for polices of economic austerity, debt reduction, domestic production and consumption, as well as a radical diversification of the economy and its base of infrastructure, Correa offered a new hope that would spread to all residents of Ecuador.

An objective analysis makes it difficult to deny that the Ecuadorian people received a hearty helping of both. While going through the policies of President Correa goes beyond the scope of this brief report and, in fact, the more pertinent issues get covered in separate reports, it is important to quickly glance at some of the more aggressive policies and policy statements, which have framed Ecuador — USA relations, in recent years.

For staters, President Correa was not long in office, before he stated that ultimately, though many, many years down the road, he favored a return to a domestic currency and a move away from the USD. The course that Ecuador takes in the coming years will impact, and will be impacted by other challenges of leftist movements. Yet the concept popular in the U.

US Ecuador Relations - Living in Ecuador

We need only look briefly south to the rise of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and his Morena movement in Mexico and the consolidation of power by corrupt populist regimes in Nicaragua and Bolivia in the name of socialism.

In this complex ideological space, a positive and respectful U.

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It would also have the transformative effect of showing an ideologically genuine and principled left-of-center government can advance the well-being of its people without the inherent enmity of the United States. There are doubtlessly numerous actors within the Ecuadoran and the Latin American left who would seek to leverage relationship friendly U.

Expanding U.S.-Ecuador Relations

Yet the remarkably educated, civil, and democratic political culture of Ecuador, and the thoughtfulness and decency that Moreno has manifested as a person, suggest that if there is any place in the region that such a bold U. This argument for a cautious rapprochement with Ecuador will likely come as a surprise for those familiar with my harsh criticism of ALBA, and particularly the current criminal elite in Venezuela.

But there is no inconsistency. The enemy is those who subvert democratic processes and exploit the hopes and frustrations of a people to progressively rob them of their rights, liberty and prosperity.

U.S. Department of State

Although it might surprise many in Ecuador, and elsewhere in the region, the concept of buen vivirchampioned by the Alianza Pais movement, among others, is actually a prioritization of quality-of-life and spiritual values over raw materialism that many in the U. There are many within the Ecuadoran left who will use the election of President Moreno to continue their work against the influence of the U. In that complex struggle, there are no guarantees about where the Moreno government will end up.

ecuador and united states relationship

Yet it is in the strategic interest of the U. The views expressed in this article are strictly his own.