Edna and alcee arobin relationship with god

Edna's love for Leonce, Robert, and Arobin in The Awakening - SchoolWorkHelper

edna and alcee arobin relationship with god

A fashionable young man notorious for his relationships with married women. He courts Edna aggressively. His mixture of coyness and sincerity both repels and. Compare & Contrast the interactions of Edna and Alcee, Mr. Pontellier and Robert. When Alcee Arobin came in the picture, there was a connection there. . Free will to be a WOMAN and what being a woman looks like in God's eyes not. From this perspective, the novel ostensibly focuses on Edna's relationships with her husband, a would-be lover, Robert, and her actual lover, Alcee Arobin.

Several different forms of love were present, yet each including the final proved to be unsuccessful. Edna never felt comfortable in her relationship with Leonce.

edna and alcee arobin relationship with god

She had managed to assume the typical role of a female and never stray from her responsibilities that come with that. She had always done what was expected of her from her husband.

Edna’s love for Leonce, Robert, and Arobin in The Awakening

However, this did not initiate solely with her husbands wants. She had always followed through with doing exactly what she has been expected to do; including finding a husband in someone that she was not in love with.

He found more ownership in her, rather than equality in which she was longing for. She was never satisfying in the relationship that she had with him.

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The love that she had for him was merely present on the surface. It could best be described as a life that she was confined to living rather than the life that she had always yearned for. With the winds of change came a person that she found contrasting to her current life.

edna and alcee arobin relationship with god

This man was Alcee Arobin. His role in her life was not true love either. He merely introduced the taste of tangible love to a searching body.

edna and alcee arobin relationship with god

She grew accustomed to him. They became intimate and friendly by imperceptible degrees, and then by leaps. He sometimes talked in a way that astonished her at first and brought the crimson into her face; in a way that pleased her at last, appealing to the animalism that stirred impatiently within her There was no human being whom she wanted near her except Robert; and she even realized that the day would come when he, too, and the thought of him would melt out of her existence.

edna and alcee arobin relationship with god

She also runs the risk of becoming trapped like she was with Leonce. Resounding Influence 8 It is doubtful that the death of Edna would be devastating to Alcee by the relative nonchalant nature that he truly treats their relationship.

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From the offset, Alcee's trend is a string of relationships with married women and ultimately he must either bore of them or they turn him down as Edna will inadvertently do. When he says to Edna that he only lives when he is near her, she replies if he uses it on all his women, and he continues by saying, "I have said it before, but I don't think I ever came so near meaning it.

Most of his acts of affection are among company such as the flattering toast or in hopes of furthering the possibility of romance with her. Thus, his affection does not seem deeply enough entrenched to be permanently hampered by her death.

In addition, towards the end of their relationship, he senses her distracted thoughts and must realize the jig is up thus preparing to separate himself.