Edward and rosalie relationship

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edward and rosalie relationship

This is about Carlisle Cullen and his relationships and feelings about people. Carlisle is the second husband of Esme Cullen and the adoptive father of Emmett, Alice and Edward Cullen, as well as Jasper and Rosalie Hale. He is the adoptive father-in-law of Bella Cullen and the. I think Emmett and Rosalie's relationship is the real thing. He loves . I think that he was drawn to Rosalie, like Bella was to Edward. I mean it. The members of the Cullen "family" are trying to keep up the pretense that they are actually related. Edward, Alice, and Emmett took on the name Cullen when.

Having saved Royce for last, Rosalie donned a bridal gown for dramatic effect and found him locked in a windowless room with a thick, vault-like door guarded by two men. Killing the guards, Rosalie entered the room where she tortured Royce to death.

Though she killed seven men, she was very careful to not spill even the smallest drop of their blood, knowing that she wouldn't be able to resist and repulsed by the idea of having any part of them inside her. Emmett's features reminded her of Vera's young son Henry, and, because of this, Rosalie chose to rescue the dying man. Emmett accepted his new status quite well, and became Rosalie's mate. Edward had once told Bella that they were always together, and it was hard to be in a five mile radius of them.

The pair would marry often and sometimes lived separate from the rest of their adopted family so as to live as a newlywed couple. To secure both sides, the Cullens and the pack made a treaty: They moved away sometime after the agreement was made.

Carlisle Cullen's Relationships

During the long decades of her life, Rosalie developed a passion for collecting cars akin to her adopted brother Edward, and is a brilliant mechanic. She has attended several high schools and universities, and earned degrees in electrical engineering, business, and astrophysics, and has also studied medicine to help Carlisle keep up-to-date with the latest advances. When Edward and Bella begin a romantic relationship, Rosalie becomes jealous of her, because she is able to get Edward's attention after she came to believe that he wouldn't be fond of anyone on Earth.

Another reason is that she thinks Bella has made a mistake falling in love with a vampire. Because of these reasons, she ignores her at all costs, and even stays absent when Bella comes to meet her family.


Carlisle tells her that Bella has become a part of their family now, and it is their responsibility to protect each other. This statement causes Rosalie to reluctantly take the role. It's just that… this is not the life I would have chosen for myself. I wish there had been someone there to vote no for me.

Edward decides to leave Forks for Bella's safety, and they move away together. During their time away from Forks, Rosalie and Emmett get married once again. In the months that passed, Rosalie finds their new life fairly uncomfortable because of Edward's absence. Rosalie, not knowing the whole truth, informs Edward about the 'incident' in hopes that he will return home and life will go back to the way it was. However, Bella and Alice manage to arrive in time to prevent his suicide attempt.

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After this, the family returns to Forks, and Rosalie apologizes to Bella and Edward for her behavior. One day, after visiting her friend Vera and her son HenryRosalie became aware of the lack of love in her relationship with Royce when Vera's husband, a carpenter, kissed her, and it was filled with nothing but love.

Walking home, shaken by such thoughts, Rosalie stumbled across Royce and a group of his friends, all very drunk. Carlisle later found her, attracted by the smell of her blood, and changed her into a vampire, in the hope that she could become a romantic companion for Edward.

However, Edward loved her only as a sister, which deeply hurt her vanity, since she had never been rejected, her sisterly feelings for him notwithstanding. Though she was pleased with her superior vampire beauty, she was furious of what she had become and wanted revenge on Royce—she murdered him and his friends, wearing a stolen wedding dress. She tormented all of them to death while avoiding spilling their blood to avoid temptation—she was repulsed by the idea of having any part of them inside her.

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After this, she joined the Cullens, but only because she did not want to be alone. And then I saw her and I knew I was dead. I didn't even mind the pain.

edward and rosalie relationship

I fought to keep my eyes open - I didn't want to miss one second of the angel's face. Though he hung out with a crowd that drank, gambled and womanized, he loved his family and provided prosperity and games.

He worked on a railroad with his older brothers in Tennessee and as a hunter. He was never one to worry about things that were outside of his control and preferred to take things in stride and make jokes about them. History Edit InRosalie was hunting in Tennessee when she found Emmett being mauled by a bear outside of Gatlinburg.

edward and rosalie relationship

Because his physical features reminded her so much of little Henry —the son of her human best friend—she carried him over one hundred miles back to Carlisle, barely able to resist the appeal of his blood.

Emmett was barely alive when she saved him.

Edward and Rosalie's Call

He managed to open his eyes and was completely mesmerized by her beauty, and described the experience as "being saved by an angel who brought him to God". When they got back, Rosalie asked Carlisle to change Emmett into a vampire.

Carlisle had felt guilty for turning Rosalie without her consent, so this became his way of mending their relationship. Throughout the process of Emmett's painful transformation, Rosalie watched over him, and Emmett refused to remove his sight from her—he was already in love with her.

After his transformation, Rosalie and Carlisle explained to Emmett that he had become a vampire. Surprisingly, this did not upset him at all: He also said, "Hell's not so bad if you get to keep an angel with you. Rosalie loved the attention and Emmett loved to make her happy. However, Rosalie only considers Emmett as half of her happiness because she cannot conceive children.

She yearns to become human again, and Emmett knows that she would give up anything for the chance, even him. Twilight Edit Emmett and Rosalie in Twilight. Emmett isn't happy about Edward's new relationship with Bella Swanbut learns to accept it quickly, while Rosalieon the other hand, completely despises her and refuses to accept the fact that Edward is in love with a human and because she thinks that Edward can never love anyone.

He was created by Carlisle in a Chicago hospital inwhere he was dying of Spanish Influenza. Carlisle was working at the hospital for overnight, where he met Elizabeth Masen who demanded he'd do anything in his power to help Edward. She told him "Do what others are not able to do for him". Elizabeth died after an hour, and since there was not enough hands, and eyes, Carlisle decided to turn Edward into a Vampire, since he wanted a companion.

Edward at first left Carlisle, for his unusual way of life, however, Edward came back and has since then traveled with him around the U. Rosalie Hale Edit Rosalie is Carlisle's second adoptive child, and the third vampire that Carlisle made.

He found her dying in the streets of New York City, inafter he smelled the blood, and decided to change her into a vampire to save her life. Part of the reason he changed her was because he had hoped to make her Edward's mate, but they never showed any other affection than siblinghood.

Rosalie was resentful of his action, thinking he had taken away everything human about her, but decided to stay with his family so she wouldn't be alone. After some time, she came to respect Carlisle as a father and healer, especially after he helped her save Emmett, who was mauled by a bear before Carlisle changed him to save his life.

Rosalie found him being mauled to death by a bear inand carried him over miles back to Carlisle and asked him to turn him into a vampire. After Emmett was turned, they expected him to be angry at his change, but instead, he found comfort in it and became Rosalie's mate. The exact details of Emmett and Carlisle's relationship is unknown, but they are quite close, and Emmett is always willing to help him out in tight spots.

It can also be assumed that Emmett and Carlisle love each other as a father loves his youngest son. Her ability to foresee the future allowed her to see that she would meet Jasper and eventually join Carlisle's family. After she met Jasper, they found Carlisle and joined his family.