Evidence of a genuine and continuing relationship sample

Evidence of a genuine and continuing relationship

evidence of a genuine and continuing relationship sample

Evidence of a genuine and continuing relationship. There are four broad categories of evidence that you need to provide. • financial aspects of. I trust that we have been able to provide sufficiant evidence that we are in a genuine and continuing de facto relationship and i am able to fully. A statement to the effect that, in your judgement, we are in a real, loving, ongoing, genuine (you choose the words) relationship based on your.

In this time we shopped together for household item's made a garden in my backyard togetherone of the many things we love to do together, went fishing and catching crabs together, sightseeing visiting some of the local attraction's in my area ,We spent Christmas with my family at my brother XXXXXXX house, went camping with my sister XXXXXXXX and her family ,and also a short holiday at port maquarie. I would just like to state that we are very much in love with one another and our de facto relationship is genuine, and i have added a statutory declaration to support this.

We have attached further evidence of our relationship in the evidence folder; copies of letter's of support of 2 previous visitors visa's.

Proofing a genuine relationship for a K1 Fiance Visa

Evidence of travel together Evidence of socialising together Photos; showing our social life ,Our time in Australia and Thailand,and photos around our house. Evidence of joint bank account Periods of seperation My job in Australia does not allow me to travel to my partners country to live there for extended periods.

We have been in a de facto relationship for a total of 24 months and lived together for a total of 13 months. Our relationship in time of seperation has been maintained by daily telephone calls to each other and internet video calls, Evididence of this can be found in the document and evidence folder attached to her application.

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At all times we have both been commited to a shared life. Financial aspects We have opened a joint bank account together, and we both have access to this account at all times. We have been shopping together for household goods together T.

My wage allows me to live reasonably well in Australia with an excess of income over expenditure. Also attached is evidence of joint travel. We have been in a relationship for over 2 years now and we have knowledge of each other's personal circumstances background and family situation.

Australian De Facto Visa Tips To Prove Your Relationship - Getting Down Under

Joint membership of organisations or groups, documentary evidence of joint participation in sporting, cultural, social or other activities. Joint travel and plans for the future.

Proof of Genuine relationship: Fiancee K1 Visa + Spousal CR1 Visas

Whether the parties present themselves as a couple socially. Factor 4 - The nature of the commitment The nature of the partners commitment as requiring an assessment of the mutuality of their commitment to each other, having regard to but not limited to the four factors listed in the Regulations, namely: The duration of the relationship.

Australian De Facto Visa Tips To Prove Your Relationship

The length of time the parties have lived together. The degree of companionship and emotional support that the parties draw from each other.

evidence of a genuine and continuing relationship sample

Whether the parties see the relationship as for the long term. Examples of assessing the nature mutuality of the relationship in regard to the above components include an assessment of: The partners' knowledge of each other's personal circumstances this could include background and family situation and could be established at a possible interview.

If parties who are or until recently, were living separately claim that their separation is or was not permanent, officers need to consider their reasons for the temporary separation.

evidence of a genuine and continuing relationship sample

I have drilled down into this area of the application process and have developed many styles and structure of writing a support letter of a genuine relationship in lodging a valid, genuine and most importantly continuous partner visa application for Australia from the Philippines.

Please do not lodge a weak or unsubstantiated or badly evidenced partner visa application as the Minister has given a directive to refuse them immediately once a case officer peruses them initially after lodgement.

It is not a great way to start your application. The current Visa Application Charge is Aud. Thank you and Mabuhay!