Ezreal and lux relationship trust

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ezreal and lux relationship trust

So here's why I'm generally against the Lux x Ezreal ship, but why it's fine even if it's not perfect: ​ 1. but still be heterosexual AND in a romantic relationship, is actually rather refreshing .. Trust me, I used to act this way too. Explore Andres Bladehawk's board "Ezreal and Lux" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Couples, Drawings and Fan art. Short Descriptions; Ahri; Miss Fortune; Soraka; Syndra; Ezreal; Lux; Jinx; Janna Though her unique relationship with the Starlight is sometimes puzzling, Lulu can She acts as an advisor on Ahri's team, but despite her captain's trust, some .

Then you start to wonder: The same can be said about size, because plus-sized individuals are according to fictional universes always the best friend, but never the boyfriend and never the princess.

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Nevertheless, due to the toxic nature of the League playerbase, if anyone gets heat for being a pretty boy, it's our boi Ezreal. Jealousy runs rampant, especially among privileged folk who have never experienced bullying or exclusion quite to the extent that certain other people have So Ezreal is the de-facto target for being gay or being effeminate because apparently the worst things you can do other than miss half your CS in lane is be a sissy.

To make Ezreal instead like Sneaky - a pretty boy who can wear pretty things, and look better in high heels than the average ciswoman, but still be heterosexual AND in a romantic relationship, is actually rather refreshing.

It's a "take that" sort of scenario.

ezreal and lux relationship trust

I still ship Lucian-Ezreal though. That High Noon skin. At last he'd joined the League for good - only to learn that, instead of being a force for justice, it was filled to the brim with lies, deceit, horrible treachery.

He didn't know the exact shape of Merilyn's plan, only that it involved the death of Noxian forces. His mind raced and settled on Michael.

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A picture of him - perfectly clear - dressed in Dark Knight armor appeared in his mind. Followed by memories of Merilyn berating her son. If she wanted to rid the League of Noxians The knot of Summoners and Champions meandered off into the dark forest path.

Lux revolved in the water to face him and placed her head on his shoulder, shaking. The League itself, killing Champions? They worked so hard to recruit them! I can't believe the Demacians would do this! Why would - Garen -" she suppressed a sob, pressing her face hard into Ezreal's damp skin. This is an abomination! The Summoners swore to protect the champions to help ease tensions between different factions…we're supposed to be doing the right thing.

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This has got to be stopped. They shared one more kiss before leaving one another, under the watchful eye of the statue Garamond. The sweetness of her lips made Ezreal crave more. Lux's plan wasn't much of a plan, but Ezreal trusted it. After all, she was the general of the Demacian Legion. Having led thousands of troops in uniformed assaults, he had no doubt that directing him was much easier.

He only had to alert Michael and keep his ears open for more information.

ezreal and lux relationship trust

He hurried through the seemingly-deserted Support Quarters, stopping to marvel at the tree that spanned the lobby. Then he opened the door to his room and immediately flinched in surprise. Michael and Katarina were engaged in a deep, steamy lip-lock that made his kisses with Lux look like friendly smooches. Michael's fingers were tangled in Katarina's deep crimson hair; her body seemed to melt into his, her lithe form complementing his tall, gangly one perfectly.

As Ezreal watched, she nipped his ear. Ezreal cleared his throat awkwardly.

ezreal and lux relationship trust

The couple started in surprise. Michael flushed a deep red — almost purple.

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If I would've known, I'd've found somewhere else to stay. The color was high in her cheeks, and her hair was mussed.

Catch you later, Mike. Katarina winked at Ezreal, then slipped out of the room, closing the door with a soft thud. Star Guardian Jinx Much to the annoyance of her team, Jinx is an impulsive and sometimes cynical Star Guardian who loves a good glittery explosion.

ezreal and lux relationship trust

However, when the fighting starts, Jinx will throw herself into battle to protect others, especially her childhood friend Lux. Though her unique relationship with the Starlight is sometimes puzzling, Lulu can be counted on to support her team—and let them know that the light supports them, too.

She is the first to charge into battle with her twin pistols, often ignoring her own safety as long as she can take down every enemy in sight. Star Guardian Poppy Fierce and no-nonsense, Poppy is often the first Star Guardian on the battle lines, ready to put her duty before everything else. With her trusty hammer, Poppy sees the universe as black and white: Star Guardian Soraka A gentle soul with a mysterious origin among the stars, Soraka protects her team from behind the frontlines.

Despite her shy appearance, she carries immense healing power and an unprecedented command of the Starlight, more than any other Star Guardian her team has encountered. Star Guardian Syndra Feared and admired, Syndra is a formidable Guardian from an earlier era, whose history is cloaked in shadow. The hefty weight of destiny.

ezreal and lux relationship trust

The sparkly outfit he's used to it. Not that he minds, really Pajama Guardian Lulu Fuzzy onesies!