Financial bonds relationship marketing and customer

financial bonds relationship marketing and customer

Exercise on Relationship Marketing Four types of bonds can tie a customer to your The customer is tied primarily through financial incentives -- lower costs for. Relationship marketing basically represents a paradigm shift within marketing– . Level Financial Bond: At level I, the customer is tied to the firm primarily. Third, the financial bond is more successful in strengthening customer Keywords: relationship marketing, relational bonds, financial bond, social bond.


During interactions information sharing and rapport are necessary for providers the service as they also cement a social interpersonal bond.

Opportunities for social bonding also exist in business markets where the account relationship managers work very closely with the clients team.

This helps them build social bonds that transcend the commercial transactions. Customisation Bonds — Intimate knowledge of customers and their needs developed through a learning relationship is very useful in retaining valuable customers.

financial bonds relationship marketing and customer

Customer intimacy connotes that the customer is actively sharing informations and contributing in the marketer endeavour to customize the products services or any aspect of the marketing mix. Every member of the organization uses every opportunity of interaction to learn new things about the customer and add to the organizational knowledge of the customer.

The Three Bonds of a Relationship – Live Media

Structural Bonds — Structural bonds are created through systems joint investments and shared processes. Structural bonds are the strongest bonds and subsequently the most difficult to break. Companies like india have developed a structural bond with the customers using net banking their internet banking service.

financial bonds relationship marketing and customer

By allowing consumers to perform all transactions without leaving the comforts of their home has been able to build a relationship with the customers.

Emotional bonds are also known as social bonds. Insurance agents, physicians, great customer service agents and membership directors know that a social bond is necessary for a successful customer relationship.

Bonding For Consumer Relationship

Social bonds are often individual, not institutional, so be sure your social bonds are not only strong but are also made stronger by your brand relationship, not only an individual.

My favorite, and the most strategic of the three, are structural bonds.

financial bonds relationship marketing and customer

Amazon Prime, the ExxonMobil Speedpass and frequent buyer programs are good examples. Imagine switching your music, apps, photos and re-establishing new settings. A structural bond creates stickiness beyond price and relationships.

Explaining Bond Prices and Bond Yields

A Speedpass user buys more gas from ExxonMobil than a traditional credit card customer. An Amazon Prime member is more valuable than a nonmember. Greater share of wallet, deeper loyalty, less switching and greater top-of-mind awareness are just a few of the key benefits. What inextricable links do you have with your members?