Five of pentacles and eight wands relationship

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five of pentacles and eight wands relationship

How to Interpret 'Pentacle Cards' in a Relationship Reading Pentacles- Quite Interesting in Relationship The Pentacles can provide these much more-so than any Wand or Sword. . Five Reversed – A slow recovery for a distressed relationship. . Eight Reversed – You have developed a lazy attitude to your relationship. A couple of days ago I asked what his feelings for me are and got 8 of wands and to the question what will happen got the world so got some. In modern times, the 5 of Pentacles is the card of poverty and in financial readings, I read this card this way. However, for love related readings, I always give the 5 of Pentacles a positive meaning. Illustration: In a Tarot card reading, The Five of Pentacles in a spread can be.

The other cards around it also heavily influence the Five of Pentacles. Read more about placement and combinations that make this intense Tarot card come alive!

five of pentacles and eight wands relationship

Meaning in Past, Present and Future Positions If the Five of Pentacles appears in the past part of a Tarot card spread, it indicates that a hopeless period of your life was in the past. This is a good place to have this card.

You can learn about how losing your faith in the past may be the root cause of how you came to a current dilemma. You may also be able to better measure the hope that you have for life now against the hopelessness of your past.

When the Five of Pentacles appears in the present part of a Tarot card spread, this tells you that you are not looking at a great opportunity that is right in front of you.

Five (V) of Pentacles

Often this card appears in the present when a generous and loving man is letting you know that he would love to have you in his life and you are ignoring him as you follow a loser bad boy on a dead end fling. This card urges you to have faith and to see something in your life that is right in front of you that can lead to a much happier situation than the one in which you are currently embroiled.

This is a warning from the Tarot deck not to lose faith. The future will challenge you if the Five of Pentacles is placed in your future position. But you can make solid choices now to be on the other side of that stained glass window. The Five of Pentacles reminds us that life is a banquet and most poor fools are starving. Embrace the warm, joyous light that is on the other side of the window in the Five of Pentacles.

Knowing that times may be tough is no reason to give up, in fact, you can actually work to create the joyous light depicted in the card's stained glass window. This card lets you know that it is time to live your life instead of just trudging through it. Recognize that strategic review, regrouping and realignment are all necessary steps of forward progress.

Channel all your thoughts and energy into your spiritual development, for it is here you will find rest and relief. When your home, work or security is threatened — choose how to handle it. Work at your situation slowly and steadily, trying different things until you get a combination that holds together and despite the hardships, you will continue to progress towards your goal and your rewards will be as great as your belief in what you can achieve.

This card represents movement, but the activity in this phase is within a limited range, while there is pause to take stock of your physical world before committing. Which among the good choices is yours?

There is inherent restlessness in this state — a positive instability that will eventually necessitate change.

This is a time for repairing the nets so that you will be ready when the fish come. The self is adjusting to an increased demand on the soul, to give priority to others as well as self, primarily family and friends. What are your survival concerns? What changes are you having difficulty dealing with?

What have you chosen to give up or do without? What are you worried or anxious about? What inequalities or injustices are you trying to change? Four Swords in spread: A serious dispute, severance, or loss.

five of pentacles and eight wands relationship

A relationship could end because of a misunderstanding that is causing unhappiness. Next to Nine or Ten of Cups: Good Luck, inheritance or other monetary gain is indicated. Special Messages based on card position: You are your partner may be experiencing a period of ill-health…. Look to surrounding cards as there may be issues that could be sorted. Weighing up Pros and Cons. Two of Pentacles — A decision has to be made about your relationship. You will have to weigh up all the pros and cons to arrive at a balanced decision.

five of pentacles and eight wands relationship

Finances may influence your decision. You feel stressed and a bit overwhelmed by the demands around you. A relationship that keeps you on your toes. You may be struggling to find time for your partner or social life. You may be focusing on your fertility cycle or concerned about a possible pregnancy.

Twins could be implied. This card can refer to the ovaries. You might be juggling work and rearing a child. You or your partner may be going through periods of moodiness which could cause tension. Look to what is going on around you as there are bound to be external issues contributing to this. Financial worries could be putting a strain on your relationship. Trying to save for a house or wedding…. It is bound to work out if you can get through the current ups and downs.

Look to surrounding cards for confirmation. If you are juggling two relationships at one time it is bound to catch up with you. Your relationship may feel as if it is all over the place. You might not be sure where you stand with your partner. You might have chosen a career over love.

Time to get your priorities in order. Looking for money, status and prestige, but not love. Financial worries can put a terrible strain on relationships or bring it to its knees. All hard work and no play. A relationship that takes a great effort to maintain. The need to remember why you want to be with each other as life may have got in the way of love. The need to search for solid ground. Over-stretching financially for house purchase or wedding. One partner may be secretive about their finances….

No if you find it all too much hard work. No if there is any underhand behaviour. Look to surrounding cards. The Only Way is Up! Three of Pentacles — Great effort and commitment to each other is suggested by this card. A relationship built on strong foundations.

The Five of Pentacles Tarot Card

You may meet your partner at college or on a course. As a couple you may be seeking guidance or relationship counselling because you want it to work. This cards often appears for couples who are saving for a joint goal; marriage, house etc. Financially committing to each other, or being financially involved with your partner…. It is worthwhile letting this relationship evolve at its own pace.

A serious commitment is likely.

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Yes, to not getting complacent about your relationship. A relationship heading in the wrong direction Three Reversed — No effort is being made to keep this relationship alive.

Pentacles – Love and Romance Associations – Truly Teach Me Tarot

There may be commitment issues or a lack of interest. It may have appeared to be off to a good start in the beginning but now shows lack of strength or weak foundations. A relationship that does not appear to progress or develop.