Fushimi and yata relationship quizzes

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fushimi and yata relationship quizzes

or take thousands of fushimi saruhiko stories, quizzes, and other creations. Yata's P.O.V. A story about friends and the possible relationship in the future. The break in their relationship rose from Yata switching the main focus of his attention from Fushimi to the Red King when they joined HOMRA. As Yata grew. Fushimi is a creepy, underhanded douchebag, and Yata's an overly violent, chimerical asshole. The only really likable thing about either is their relationships to.

Its easy to tell that even though Fushimi betrayed Misaki willingly, he still cares about his friend enough to keep tabs on him and protect him right? Thats not entirely true Fushimi is that creepy stalker borderline yandere. He gets overly jealous when Misaki starts following Mikoto like a lost puppy and can't stop talking about their wonderful leader which leads Fushimi to betray HMRA and join the blues.

fushimi and yata relationship quizzes

He also claims to have left HMRA because he felt he didn't belong but thats just a cover for the real reason He wants Misaki to think of nothing but him every day. He wants Misaki to yearn to see him even if that means being hated by the red head. He cares about Misaki a lot but he cant find a way to express it clearly since Misaki's mind is filled with hatred for Fushimi; thats not to say he doesn't ever show it He does show it when Misaki is hurt or in danger; unfortunately those are the only times.

He's shocked when his Misaki comes to his rescue but he is also frightened since now his precious Misaki will be in danger too and he cant protect him but he somehow knew his yatagarasu would find him. Yata Misaki is a hotheaded yet caring guy.

He started out as best friends with Fushimi but their relationship turned sour when Misaki starts following their leader around like a lost puppy, which makes Fushimi overly jealous. This prompted a deliriously ill Saruhiko to stagger out of his room and push his only friend out of the house to protect him from his maniacal father.

Fushimi and Yata as bored teenagers. Following the incident, Yata persuaded Saruhiko to move in with him, which Saruhiko eventually agreed to, and for a time, things were peaceful, and quiet; both boys had built a world of their own where they became each other's support. One day, both were lounging out on the streets beside a lamppost, where Fushimi drank from a bottle of soda. He watched silently as Yata took a drink from his soda and then threw it towards a group of rough-looking men.

Worried, Fushimi then watched in surprise as one of them took a drink from the bottle of soda and then threw it back at them, only for it to melt despite the bottle being made of glass. The two teenagers then listened as they were offered to join the other group and hang out with them after school.

However, Fushimi eventually came to conclude that they were only wasting their time acting like punks and gangsters, despite having such special power. Fushimi would tell Yata the news while in a dark alley where he also explained his reasons for doing so.

To prove his point, he even burned and scratched out his insignia, which Yata referred to as "their pride". He then tells Yata to watch what he will become.

What makes Yata and Fushimi such a popular pairing

Once the ceremonial act was finished, Fushimi takes the sword to accept the Blue Aura; apparently, Fushimi had expected to lose his Red Aura but, much to his surprise, he discovers it is possible for one to wield two Auras.

Plot Edit Fushimi working together with Akiyama. In addition, they try to identify Totsuka's murderer among their list of criminals but are unsuccessful. During their time there, Fushimi receives a call telling him to go to a specific place, which he agrees to do.

Saruhiko Fushimi

It turns out that he is supposed to head to a warehouse near the harbor, supposedly the hideout of the gun dealer whose merchandise was used by Totsuka's murderer. Fushimi finds four of his former Red Clansmen there. He notes how one of them is not present, disappointing him. Nonetheless, he takes out the four men in an instant before calling Seri about his report, and to clean up after his mess. Seri accuses him of slacking off during the time she's there but he disagrees.

While working, he thinks about Totsuka and nearly tears up. Later, Seri is given authorization to lead an investigation team to Ashinaka High School. Shortly after, however, he is told that he will be coming as well. Fushimi is slightly appalled though he decides not to complain further to the Lieutenant. Instead, he asks of what the team shall do if they find Yashiro Isana and what to do if he resists.

Fushimi is told that Scepter 4 will take him into custody, regardless of the student's attempts. Once there, they head to the principal's office so Seri can discuss their investigation with him.

For most of the meeting, Fushimi simply stares out the window in utter boredom, until he eventually decides to take his leave in silence. Fushimi decides to stroll around the school's campus. He takes a path that leads him outside in the courtyards and makes a turn around a stone statue, completely unaware that Misaki Yata and Rikio Kamamoto were on the other side walking opposite of his direction.

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Fushimi does look back to see if anyone was behind him but does not notice the two. He eventually finds his way to the student council's office. Fushimi knocks on the door and sneaks behind Sakura Asamadrugging her with a piece of cloth that renders her unconscious.

fushimi and yata relationship quizzes

He goes inside and places her on a movable chair, which he eventually pushes away from him. Fushimi uses the school's computer and connects it to his cell phone, hacking into the database and revealing personal information of all the students.

He quickly looks through the list. He sees Yata and Kamamoto asking students about whether they've seen Yashiro Isana. Fushimi grins sinisterly at the sight of his former Clansmen.

He then heads outside to greet Yata, albeit in a mocking manner. However, this is only really the case when facing Yata. He does so in order to reflect his deceased father, copying a few of his mannerisms to make Yata hate him.

Other than Yata, Fushimi has not shown any signs of toying with other enemies he comes into contact with.

fushimi and yata relationship quizzes

Fushimi dislikes most of his work's duties and a handful of the people that he is forced to work with, preferring not to spend time socializing with coworkers. As such, he also prefers not to participate in most of his Clan's special events or social activities that are not strictly work-related.

However, he will cooperate if necessary with little actual argument, save for perhaps a few muttered complaints. At the same time, he will often disregard his associates and act on his own. While focused on an objective, Fushimi is willing to use some fairly ruthless methods to make his work go more quickly and smoothly, such as drugging an innocent civilian to use her biological computer access.

He will even attack former allies without hesitation in order to accomplish his goals. Although he displays a pessimistic character, lacking enthusiasm for most things, he still, deep in his heart respects his previous King, Mikoto Suoh, as he says his name with honorifics, which he seldom uses with others. However, it is noted in Side: RED and one of the short stories that he is also considerably afraid and intimidated by Mikoto. This fear was clearly evident when Mikoto broke out of the Scepter 4 Jail.

Fushimi raised his saber but couldn't use it against his former king and was instead shaking at the thought of facing Mikoto head on. Whenever Fushimi is alone with Munakata, it is noticeable how Munakata often speaks almost casually to him, even taking the time to tease him once in a while, much to his annoyance; he is most likely the Blue King's favorite because he doesn't hesitate to say what is on his mind, although he has a great amount of respect for him, and even though he won't admit it, he views Munakata as the father he never had.

Even with different clans and different paths in life, he still hasn't really given up on his best friend Yata Misaki. Referred to In the Radio Drama 'Izumo's Room' he indicated that if he had been in Yata's place he would have followed his best friend to Scepter 4.

Much of his taunting of Yata in the series is a childish attempt to regain Yata's attention. He cannot tolerate fading into the background of Yata's life and would rather have the negative attention given an enemy than none at all. In the drama cd, he attempted to help her get out from between two vending machines when he noticed that she was stuck, and in K: Days of Blue, he helped her and Tatara Totsuka escape a deluded strain who had his eyes on her after he found them visiting the strain horse Anna had befriended.