Fuu and mugen relationship tips

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fuu and mugen relationship tips

Hmmm, there was a time when I thought she was falling for Jin, but lol hmm.. but if u see the bestwebdirectory.info went their seperate ways.i bestwebdirectory.info u I really can't picture her with either of them, and I like the relationship they had. I think Fuu likes Jin or Mugen.. thats the best guess you'll ever get. we get a lot of hints that jin cares more for fuu than he lets on. is it love? yes, - episode 24, jin asks fuu what she will do after finding the sunflower samurai. this . Samurai Champloo is a series wherein no relationships are strictly canon. Fuu, Jin, and Mugen part down their separate roads. of continued connection through email, social media, movies, anime, and other media. There's quite a bit of subtext and hints toward the ending throughout the series.

What I hate the most is your stupid face. Go shave or something, for a change. Go wash your face. Go take a really long bath where it includes you dipping your whole head under water for three hours.

Even better, why don't you just stay beneath the water until your stench disappears. Not that it will. That's what I think when I see you, going to the bathhouse, walking around, gobbling as much food as you can than me, and just plain sitting on a corner being a loner.

Go clean yourself, you meanie. Clean yourself from those women filth.

「 Mugen/Fuu 」Savin' Me

Get rid of those disgusting fragrance of seduction. Get rid of the thoughts that come to your head about going in those women.

fuu and mugen relationship tips

Get rid of the thoughts of women you'd like to do in your head. Get rid of your stupid habits. I don't like it it at all. I hate you so much.

This is the last night we all have before I leave you two. Yet you do nothing but make love right beside my room. I'm leaving you both tomorrow forever. Don't you know that? I didn't tell you. Nor am I planning to. I try not to listen to the stupid moaning I'm sure Jin could also hear. Are they making out already?

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Heat crawls up my cheeks, not from embarrassment, but from a strange pang of small jealousy. I've never had sex before, nor have I ever kissed anyone. So what if I'm still a virgin at the age of fifteen? It means I'm trying to keep myself pure, you filthy wild man.

But I will never think about having sex with you. I'll only sin my promises to find the perfect man. A man that is a complete opposite of you. I hate you, you know that. I really, really hate you.

I growl and can do nothing but lie here on my bed, trying not to listen to you. Who'd want a stupid bully like you to live on this earth? I let you say cruel things to me, but nothing crueler comes back out of my own mouth. Because I know that when I say those dirtied sentences to you, not only will you secretly hurt, I will secretly regret my words, too.

Still, you are so cruel, did you know that? But I do nothing. Because you've become someone more than a bodyguard to me. That's what you've become. And I hate that I've accepted you as a friend. There is nothing about you that I like. There is nothing nice I can think of for you, omit the stupid damsel-in-distress saving crap.

Yet, you still tag along beside me with Jin. Have you accepted me as a human being, too? When I see you alone I think, 'this guy can take care of himself,' before I even knew who you were. Now thoughts became clear as to thinking that, 'this man shouldn't be alone too long. When I see you, Jin and I together, walking down the road to find my Sunflower Samurai, I think about how much fun we'd have together if we keep up this journey.

I think about how much I'm going to know you guys so well. That one night around the campfire where we told each other's secrets although you'd look like you wouldn't care if anybody spilled anyone's secret. You'd just kill them, right? And I try not to think about the end when all these will be gone. But it'll be tomorrow. I'm leaving you both of no words of farewell.

Without thinking, I jump off my bed and rub the weariness under my eyes. With these much hours I have left with you, what am I supposed to do or say? Barge in and join the other women with you? Say how much I hate that I don't hate you? But why do I like you? It can be seen when it zooms in on his face, and he sighs.

Fuu returns and yells that Mugen is gone again. This episode shows their bonding, how Mugen realizes the only woman who cares about him in his life is Fuu.

She also brought him back from death when the pantu came to take his soul. His thoughts of her are what made him live; he has unfinished business in life. Mugen and Fuu are for the first time shown getting along, laughing together and talking about food. Notice how this is after their huge episode last time.

He then goes to a brothel to relieve some sexual tension I mean, he refuses to have sex with Fuu because that would unravel his feelings, and disregard how he said she has no sex appeal, plus he just CANT. He never ends up having sex in this ep btw or any other episode for that matter. Jin meanwhile, had sex with Shino and possibly the two ugly brothel girls in this ep Ep They get into a huuuuge argument.

Fuu says that he just wants to travel with a cute girl, Mugen said he never even thought about her like that at all. She grabbed the same right hand, just saying. At the end of the episode after arguing with Fuu last timethey intend to all split up. He looks rather…upset too. Like, he feels guilty over it. He was always the one who asked about her relationship with the sunflower samurai.

He was always the one who was curious, more than Jin. They then show Jin. And the love song plays. Mugen gets very defensive when Fuu makes fun of him for not reading… But she actually wanted to teach him, even shooed Jin away so they could have quality time together.

Sadly, he got kidnapped by the hippy teacher lol. Fuu is then a prize in a graffiti contest between two twin brothers.

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When Mugen returns from a day of learning, Fuu brags how guys are fighting over her. Again he saved Fuu? Meanwhile, Jin is just…trying to keep the peace. Mugen is the one who wakes her up when she got knocked out. He is then the one to really go wild and attack the false Frances Xavier if you watch the scene. Jin was more like support. Mugen saves the day. Mugen and Fuu saw each other naked.

Jin is meanwhile, cleaning his sword that was not a dirty pun btw. But honestly, her crying over Jin at the end of this ep the only time she ever cried over Jin btw w as more goofy that her extremely emotional times over Mugen. And with Jin gone, why the hell would he stay with Fuu alone?! Plus, when Mugen wants something, he gets it. Jin meanwhile…gets attacked by Sara.

fuu and mugen relationship tips

This is the ep where Fuu confessed her feelings to Mugen through actions. Instead, the ogre guy did. Up to you to decide. If any of you watched the Japanese samurai movie Azumi, this is the exact lines Hyuga screams to Yae when he is bleeding on the ground dying.

Hyuga had feelings for Yae. Fuu again takes care of Mugen, bandaging him and such. At least Shino cried for him right? Umm…Mugen fought off zombies. However there is proof. While Jin dies on the field lmao along with everyone else, and everyone left is still getting killed, Mugen, the ninja and Fuu are the last three standing. Fuu nods and scoots away. Who knew such a goofy ep showed how he cared about her, wanted to protect her from getting killed by flying baseballs XD Once again, Mugen was the hero of this ep.

Really big proof again. Fuu and Jin instead share heart to hearts. But then he looks at the campfire as if with regret. After he said horrible things to her in the past about who the sunflower samurai was; he said he was gay, said he waas probably a guy who raped her and dumped etc, it turns out it was her father. Maybe Mugen was regretful for that.

Ahem…there was no honorific either, showing closeness more than rudeness: What do you intend to do after that? I ought to give that some thought. Connects to ep If I should kill Mugen, would you like me to still keep traveling with you? Her father was after all a ronin too. I think the reason she cried was because if Jin beat him, Mugen would die.

This is why she apologized to him, crying. She feels so terrible for choosing Mugen over Jin. Those are supposed to be the most important males in your life, after all. Little did he know. When he gets it, he shoves it over to Jin…I think again, showing distaste, believing she liked Jin more.

So why should he take her purse? At the end, the man who wants to kill Mugen, Umanousuke follows Fuu. When Mugen finds out she was taken hostage, he gets realllly pissed. Fuu loves Jin in his eyes. But then, Jin has a flashback of that scene where Fuu cried into his chest about Mugen. Fuu believed that Mugen would always leave her, and never bother to save her if there were no more strings attached.

Fuu always depended on Mugen to save her. Mugen grits his teeth.

fuu and mugen relationship tips

When someone tells him what to do, he does the opposite. The only person he listened to was Fuu reluctantly. Plus, Mugen must always defeat and opponent stronger than him. Jin smiles as he leaves. He totally ships them just as much as I do.

Mugen swims the entire distance, his hand bleeding out, exhausted. He has to save her. This is where he says he loves her. He gave up his sword. No home, no money, no nothing. His sword is his life, the only thing that kept him alive. He gave it up for Fuu alone. This is similar to how Jin gave up his samurai swords to the brothel for Shino. Notice how he never gave his up for Fuu, only for Shino. He wants her to survive. And he might die.

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Have some faith in me, will ya? Are you really gonna throw your life away for some girl?! For the first time, he has no cocky retort. He gets tortured for her etc etc. She continues to cry up the path on the cliff. Back to the Samurai Champloo actor interviews, Ayako Kawasumi dictated this very scene because she chose Mugen over Jin in ep 1: This really bothered Ginpei Sato lol Jin. When Mugen is fading from life for the second time, foreshadowed in ep 14…this time he finally gives up on life.

I thought you were death for a second. But for the first time, he says it calmly, no spite or anything. She always said his name even more than she said Jin. Jin never has any moment like this with Fuu, just like he never had a slow motion moment when he first met her. Jin is meanwhile, over there…chilling. Then, Mugen gets up and Jin and him will have their final duel.

She closes her eyes.