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She noticed clearly the momentary falter in Garen's smile, like he didn't quite And as luck would have it, Cass was in the market for a personal . Katarina was quick to drop her pen on the desk and snap the journal shut. 5. Teemo-Tristina: good friends 6. Rumble-Hiemerdinger: Hiemerdinger was supposed to be rumble's teacher 7. Garen-Katarina: hate/secretly. We know they're shipped together, a lot. In lore and out, but I'm not sure if they ever had an actual relationship. Several new champions have.

Gods damn it all. The table was brand new. Going to book club. Enjoying each other's company. Why would anyone want to have a relationship without sex?

There can't be anything wrong with you. Is there something wrong with Ashe? By this point, she'd carved a rather large piece out of her sister's kitchen table. And there was the gay thing. And now — what if I'm bad at it? What if I embarrass myself? What if Ashe has expectations and I don't live up to them? We all know what she thinks of Tryndamere…" "Hm," said Cass. She eyed her sister. It wasn't ideal, but… "Well, if you need help, I could always teach you- Katarina leapt up out of her chair, drew another knife as she backed away, and pointed both blades at her sister.

And it wouldn't even be cheating because we're related. She turned on her heel and headed for the door. Forget birthday presents or whatever, she needed to go spend her day stabbing things. Monday — Evening — Ashe's Apartment Katarina sat at Ashe's dinner table and stared at the… food… on it. Said "food" was a giant chunk of uncooked meat sitting in a pool of its own blood.

A Freljord specialty, Ashe assured her. Across the table from Katarina, Tryndamere had picked up his slab of raw meat with his bare hands and was digging in with gusto, as if it were corn on the cob.

And at the head of the table, Ashe was doing the same thing as her husband. Only she was doing it gracefully and with dignity. It was probably the cape.

Katarina pulled out a pair of knives and started to cut her dinner into very small pieces. Maybe if she stalled, dinner would be over before she ate anything. On the other hand, she thought, if she ate enough of the meat, she could claim she was too full to eat anything else when Ashe brought out the lutefisk.

Katarina retched a little just thinking about it. She was a certified Noxian badass. Certified Noxian badasses were not afraid of their food. They were also not afraid of food poisoning. Katarina was so busy obsessing over her misfortunes that she missed Ashe starting up a conversation. They both looked up and shared a Look.

Tryndamere cleared his throat. Hesitant, "What was that, dear? Now, would anyone like some lutefisk? The sexiest snake in the League checked the peephole, then barricaded said door with all the furniture she could move on short order, and then finally asked, "What do you want, dear? If you don't let me in and help me, I'm going to die. Kat thumped her forehead into Cass' door.


With a disgruntled sigh, Katarina dropped the knife she was holding. And then the short sword at her side. And then she unstrapped the bandoliers of knives from her thighs. And then the two swords on her back. And the belt of knives around her waist. And the four knives out of each boot. And the two she kept up her sleeves. And the one from its special holster in her jacket. She pulled out the knife from between her boobs and dropped that on the floor too.

Cassiopeia opened her front door. Cassiopeia winced as the weapon scratched her linoleum floor.

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Then, "Can't you just, I don't know, tell me how to be a lesbian? Cass rolled her eyes. Her sister's problem was ridiculous, an embarrassment to the family and to Cassiopeia — how could they be related!?

Also at the table, Riven Crownguard was sitting nervously, looking back and forth constantly. On her head was a huge floppy hat and she was wearing a ludicrously large pair of sunglasses borrowed from Lux.

She glanced over her shoulder, just in case there was someone there who hadn't been there one and a half seconds ago.

In the League, it could always happen. This was usually about the time she would start to doubt the efficiency of what she was doing also. It wasn't like she could have known before she took the job that it would have ended up like this, and that spying on Cassiopeia would have turned into babysitting Katarina. And now that she thought about it, it wasn't exactly like she could have refused the mission either; she'd never done it before, but it was probably treason… or was it?

She was used to taking assignments as they came and learned years ago that questioning it never got her anywhere, but she had plenty of free time now to question it in privacy.

She made a mental note to brush up on the minutiae of Demacian military ethics when she got home, but for now simply waited for Katarina to tire herself out. Which seemed, today, to be rather fast. She stuck the dagger in her hand into the dummy in front of her with a frustrated sounding grunt, and then stalked off the concrete in the direction of the house.

Usually she waited for Lux to be following her, but she didn't turn around today, and Lux jogged quickly to keep up. She watched Katarina carefully as they walked through the tall front doors of the mansion, noticing that again she was turning a small knife through her fingers almost subconsciously, and even though Lux was sure that the sharp edge of the blade had come into contact with the pads of her fingers several times, her skin remained unmarked.

Lux didn't dwell on it for too long when they were inside, sufficiently distracted by the air conditioning. She was only brought back to attention when another maid intercepted Katarina, handing her a pale envelope with a black wax seal that Lux thought might have been in the shape of a rose.

Katarina handled it like it was venomous, or about to explode, and she kept it clutched tightly in one of her hands as she led Lux back up the stairs and to her office. Lux followed slowly, not actually sure if Katarina wanted her to, and had her fears eased some when Katarina left the door to the office open for her.

Lux closed it quietly behind herself, going to stand in her customary spot in the corner, and Katarina finally pulled out the letter again. She frowned at the inoffensive paper, and as if she were resigning herself to a great deal of pain, reluctantly tore it open. Her frown didn't increase dramatically, and she sighed a lot, which made Lux think she already knew what the letter was going to say before she opened it.

When she'd finished reading over it twice, she folded it back up carefully and pulled open the same drawer at her feet as before, only instead of her journal she extracted a pad of paper that had Noxus' symbol lightly watermarked across its front. She only wrote a few sentences and signed it with flourish, pulling an envelope from somewhere inside the desk and sealing it with wax much like the letter she received, only with a red Du Couteau crest instead of the inky rose.

Lux had to admit that by now, she was pretty curious. She didn't recognize the rose as a crest belonging to any of the noble families living in Noxus, and it wasn't the symbol for Noxus itself, which made Lux think that it wasn't from High Command. If it was neither of those, however, then she was definitely at a loss for who else it could be. There was a knock at the door before she could consider it for much longer, and Katarina looked up, almost happy to have a distraction.

It was split, Lux realized, almost like the feathers of a bird; each one fit seamlessly together when not in motion, but as the man walked to the chair in front of Katarina's desk they separated with the movement, twirling in an interesting way over his back. He fell into the chair before Lux could stare for too long, and she heard him sigh in exasperation, as if he'd received the same letter as Katarina and came to her office to complain. The man -Lux still couldn't tell who it was- put a hand under his hood to rub his eyes, answering in a voice that was much quieter and much deeper than she would have imagined.

She slumped back into her chair, frowning at where her hands were folded on the desk. Katarina waved one of her hands like that erased his reason to apologize, whatever it was, and she mumbled quietly. Now that was a name Lux recognized. It was kept mostly hush-hush around Demacia because Talon was pretty interesting, as far as Noxian assassins went; he was suspected of multiple high-profile assassinations in and out of Noxus which might not have been all too amazing on its own, except that no one in Demacia knew for sure that it was him.

He had no signature, no tell-tale sign that someone like Katarina might have. There was also one other small detail.

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No one knew what he looked like. No one in Demacia, at least; Lux went over the slim file that was all the military had on him and that she'd been privy to only a handful of times in her mind, but she was absolutely certain that there was no face to pin with the words.

She'd been deployed to the Du Couteau house dozens of times, and their adopted brother had never been there before, so even Lux herself was at a loss. She stood a little straighter, watching the interaction between Talon and Katarina with a renewed interest. Outwardly, he wasn't as fascinating as she might have imagined. He was slumped deep in his chair, shoulders sagging in exhaustion, and nothing about him screamed 'deadly assassin' to her, at least.

He was thin, as Noxians went, perfectly suited to an assassin who worked solely at night. She wished he would take off the cowl that still covered his face, or at least move a little so that she wasn't only faced with the back of his hood, but Lux wasn't so lucky. Katarina didn't let the silence stretch for too long; it didn't look like she wanted to talk about whatever Talon was looking for, which Lux was mildly disappointed about, and she gestured to the opened letter in front of her.

She saw a few slim fingers linger over the wax seal, which she assumed was very important, and continued to pull the letter out of the envelope. He spent more time reading it than Katarina did, but Lux couldn't read his expression like hers. He replaced the letter when he was finished, tossing it back on the desk like now that he'd read it, it wasn't important anymore. But it was interesting. Much more so than Cassiopeia was, and Talon had only been there for all of ten minutes. There was a flicker across Katarina's face as her eyes fell on the letter again-not quite fear, but something very near it.

She waved her hand at the door dismissively. Whatever it is you do. Judging from Katarina's expression, Talon's less than polite departure didn't bother her, and she nodded at Lux immediately after. Garen walked quickly through the house, his steps heavy and dragging as he made a beeline for his Mother's office.

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The door was closed, as it always was, and he roughly pushed it open. His mother looked up from her desk, glasses on the edge of her nose and a frown on her brow. She has been ever so excited for your return. I think she-" "Mother. He remembered, quite clearly, that when Lux was young she had a gift. She loved to make pretty rainbows and light where there was none, but that was it.

She could never change her appearance, and she was never so subdued and demure and offhand about it. Garen's mother's mouth twitched in annoyance, but she answered his original question. I took her to the college while you were away. I thought she might be interested. The professors there were very impressed. She's a student now, you know. They say she'll be the best mage this generation has seen. He had to admit, it was an honor to be noticed so young by such a prestigious organization, but she was only eleven.

Does she even want to go? Lux had always been stubborn when it came to doing something she didn't like, and many times before Garen joined the Vanguard and left home she'd been pressured by her mother to do something or another that she didn't want to do, but she never reacted like this; she would fight until she got what she wanted.

Lux was smarter than most kids her age though, so her 'tantrums' were usually well thought out arguments that would quickly tire out their mother, and ended with Lux getting what she wanted. She never sat quietly and idly by while she was forced to do something she didn't want to. She spends all day at the college and the library. They say she's improved immensely.